Friday Favorites

Well, my hands didn’t freeze off at recess yesterday and when I got in my car after work, it was a balmy 51 degrees outside…which leads me to believe my dreams of being a two hour delayed, snow days on demand first year teacher are becoming less and less likely! The meteorologist from NBC4, Doug Kammerer, visited my school in December and he promised us huge snowstorms in February, so I guess I have a few more weeks of waiting!

One of my favorite moments this week was walking to the grocery store on a random evening for an ingredient I needed for dinner. This might sound strange, but I love the grocery store, and in the town I am from, you cannot walk anywhere except your neighbor’s house. Even when I lived in downtown Pittsburgh, I really did have to drive if I wanted to go to a grocery store or restaurant or other store. Now, there is a grocery store two blocks from my apartment. I love being able to walk places! I walk to lululemon to meet up with friends to run, I walk to the library, I stumble to Starbucks (because it’s right across the street)…I just really like the ability to walk places now. This coming from a girl who doesn’t like walking much. 😉 I prefer to run!

My week started out with one of my favorite guilty pleasures, The Bachelor. Are you watching this season?! My thoughts so far are that Lace is going to make it halfway through the season for dramatic effect and end up on Bachelor in Paradise, Olivia (the news reporter) is there for publicity and a better career, and Caila is super sweet!


My roommate invited some friends over and we had the best time talking about the show while we watched! We also enjoyed some wine and cheese…but this wasn’t your typical wine and cheese night. Carlin went to Italy with her family in the fall and bought a TON of wine while she was there and then a family friend sent her gourmet cheese this month. A decadent Monday night snack. 😉


A student brought me a pencil on Tuesday…a dark chocolate Hershey kiss for the point and Rolo’s as the pencil. I didn’t even know I liked Rolo’s, but Tuesday was a long day, so I found out quick that anything chocolate and caramel was my jam.


I was nominated for “The Red Bird” this week at work. As our mascot, the Cardinal is passed from teacher to teacher as they are recognized for their hard work. This week, one of my mentors nominated me and it made me so happy! My students think it’s a combination of weird and cool that I have this little trophy for the week. Ha! Sidenote –> there were two red birds that always used to tap at my Grandma’s kitchen window. After my Grandma passed away, there was a red bird who pecked incessantly at the driver’s side mirror on my car (I parked outside in the driveway every night). When I was hired at this school this past summer, my mom was so excited that I ended up at the school with a red bird as the mascot. Fate, right?

A friend from Pittsburgh sent me a Snapchat of the view from her office window…and I sent her the view from my classroom window. #sigh #whereisthesnow

On the topic of snow, you should know it’s Colby’s favorite. I’m convinced it’s because he was born in November, and therefore he is a snow baby. When he came home with us (3 years ago yesterday!!!) in mid-January, it was also snowy and cold. So he knows no different. He runs and frolics and has a grand ol’ time out there! Amigo, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with that fluffy white stuff and he literally wraps himself in a blanket the moment he runs back inside. Hahaha!


Amigo is also not a morning person. This was my mom’s best attempt at making her bed on Wednesday morning. 😉 You should know that HE knows he is supposed to sleep down at my mom’s feet, and he does, but as soon as she gets up for the day, he gets under the covers. Ha!

Favorite Christmas present –> my Ugg slippers. My brother got me a pair of Sperry slippers for Christmas last year and I was long overdue for a new pair. I wear slippers all.the.time. And apparently I really like name brand slippers, too. Ha! #allcomfyallthetime
Favorite moment –> going to bed at 10 PM one night.
Favorite day –> Wednesday night because I started reading two new books.
Favorite discovery –> I LOVE listening to audiobooks while I drive! Currently “hearing” all about Ivanka Trump’s life. I love it!
Favorite video –> Adele’s Carpool Karaoke (wait until she raps Nicki Minaj. I died. Hahaha)
Favorite Internet find –>


This picture just makes me LOL. 🙂 Get your act together and handle it!

Holla for a 3 day weekend! Happy, happy, my friends!


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Friday Favorites


16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I wish I lived somewhere I could walk everywhere. Oddly enough I could walk more places in Austin than I can here. I do run to the grocery store occasionally, when the stars align, but it’s not a walker friendly city.

    My dogs were/are morning dogs. Chester simply couldn’t hold it past 7 am (then 6, then 5, and so on), and while Lola can, she’s ready for breakfast and my husband always complains that she gets him up too early.

    They both liked snow better than rain, but they hate getting their feet wet & cold.

    Congrats on your award! And never, ever complain about lack of snow, because you will surely get some (and yes, feb is usually the worst month).

  2. When I move back to Boston, I’ll really miss being able to walk everywhere. I have a car, but I walk to work and the grocery store, run to NP, walk to any stores I want to shop at… It’s really nice to not need public transportation for anything (not that baltimore really has any).

    Also I was just talking to my coworker about how I’m a very “no BS” kind of person. I tell it like it is. I don’t like beating around the bush and I’m a pretty blunt person. It’s better that way haha

    Congrats on the award!

    • When are you moving?! That’s so exciting!! And my mentor is a very “no BS” kind of teacher even though we only teach second grade so I am taking after her in some respects haha! Thank you!

  3. That is so crazy about the red bird! It totally is fate. Congrats on the award!

    Rolos are sooo good. I love them. Our dogs are super spoiled and one of them always sleeps right in between us up by our heads. The other just randomly started wanting to sleep UNDER the blankets. Our family beagle used to always sleep under the blanket too, but I just think it’s weird that she’s 2, we’ve had her for a year and a half, and all of a sudden she’s an under the blanket sleeper.

    • Hahaha when Amigo sleeps with my brother, he said he wakes up and feels Amigo under the blanket next to him! So weird! And I know Dairy Queen has a Rolo Blizzard of some kind so now that I know I like Rolo’s, I also need ice cream 😉 #girlmath

    • The grocery store is one of my happy places hahaha! I’m glad you agree. Does anyone enjoy rain?! If I’m out for a run and it starts raining, I don’t really get bothered…but any other time it’s just cold and wet and blah! Perfect for being cozy at home though!

  4. I think Amigo is my spirit animal! We feel the same way about the cold! My dog hates mornings also and it cracks me up how grumpy he can be!

    Congratulations on your award! Very well deserved, I’m sure! Have a great 3 day weekend!!

  5. Honestly, I’m just ready for you to move down to Texas and teach. We would have so much fun with the Bachelor, Moscow mules, and running everywhere. Especially Starbs and Lulu. Enjoy your 3 day weekend!!! 🙂

  6. Don’t complain about the warm weather! It’s getting cold here and snowy and I hate it. I’ll trade ya. That must be weird going from where we live to being able to walk everywhere but I feel like I’d love it. Also Rolo’s are the best! And it’s definitely fate with the red bird. Love that!

    • It is SO weird. And I still offer to drive my friends places because I don’t quite understand I can walk most places ha! I don’t know why I’ve ignored Rolo’s for so long. Chocolate and caramel is ❤ ❤ ❤

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