What’s Hap-Pinning [1]

Pinterest and I go through seasons of life where we are either best friends or mere acquaintances. Sometimes, I can’t help myself and I pin all the things, but other times as I scroll I find myself almost feeling bored! I’m currently in a #pinallthethings season of life, so here’s what on my boards.

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I’ve been making more time to read, because let’s face it, I have the time. I simply am just not making time for an activity I actually really love. How fun is this book chair?! It was in a Buzzfeed article that listed all of the crazy things you should buy if money were no object, which was probably a popular article with the Powerball jackpot getting so big! Any winners out there?! I know a few $4 winners! 😉


I’m also dreaming of spring, which brings blooming cherry blossom trees to DC. It’s been so warm that I can’t help but think ahead to sunnier, longer days! The weathermen claim a humongous snowstorm is coming this weekend, but you know how those reports go. So much talk and then nothing happens! We are talking feet of snow, not mere inches, so hopefully they are correct in their predictions. 🙂


I haven’t been running much because I want to build muscle and get stronger. Do I want to be a body builder? Not in the slightest. However, I talk the talk in regards to strength training while running and I never actually do it. Right now, I’m taking a few weeks to focus solely on weight training with a few random runs and then I’ll pick my running schedule back up so I can get ready for a March half marathon. 🙂 In the meantime, I’ve been doing Hammer and Chisel workouts. I love the diversity of the program, in both choice and length of workouts, but the above image that I pinned is exactly the kind of strength training I like to do when I’m looking for a quick and easy workout on my own. I will definitely be doing this workout (with a medicine ball or dumbbells)!


The majority of people assume that elementary teachers have all the time in the world to do creative projects and color with their students. In reality, I struggle to feel like I’ve taught everything I’m supposed to, so creative projects often fall to the wayside. This is no one’s fault except my own, because there are little pockets in the day where I could make it happen. I did just that during the month of November when we made a tree with leaves expressing what we were thankful for at school. I like this similar “craft” for the month of February! It takes all the attention away from people that you love (because second graders think that’s gross) and focuses instead on things that you love about school! If I write about this on the Internet, that means I actually have to do it, right?! 😉


I mentioned yesterday that I want to take a lot of weekend trips in 2016…this is a random pin of the Navy Pier in Chicago that I just added to one of my boards. There are so many places in the U.S. that I still haven’t visited and though I have big dreams to travel abroad as well, I want to get out there and see the world that is right in my own backyard!


The message at church this week was all about resetting the relationships in your life. I think relationships have a lot to do with our happiness! We obviously enter new friendships and relationships with good intentions, so our pastor was talking about the importance of revisiting the relationships that you already have in your life and being intentional with your time (and your friend’s and/or significant other’s). Sometimes you and someone that you are close to grow apart, and that’s okay. I tend to worry about what other people think of me, so that does affect my level of happiness because I want to make other people happy. I know this about myself, and often after getting down on myself about something, I literally tell myself that I need to stop thinking about it and move on so I can be happy. Ha!

I also liked this piece about being a good friend from church last week: in Mark 2, Jesus heals a paralyzed man, but only after four of that man’s friends carry him to the house where Jesus is preaching and dig a hole in the roof to get their friend inside. The point of this story was to remind us that we all depend on people in our lives for certain things…but we also need to BE that dependable person for someone else. Who’s mat are you carrying in life?! I’m working on surrounding myself with people who carry me…but also depend on me for support too.


I have worked hard my whole entire life to be a teacher and I love it so far. As with any new endeavor, there is a big learning curve both on and off the job. Sometimes I like articles like these, and other times it sounds like millenials whining about how the grass is always greener…BUT this was a pretty accurate read. Enjoy 🙂

What’s “hap-pinning” with you?!

8 thoughts on “What’s Hap-Pinning [1]

  1. I might actually have to do that workout! I really like it too. It’s simple yet effective! And I love the relationship message you received at church the other day. We had an opportunity to speak about it at breakfast but relationships really mold who you are so you have to chose carefully! Have a great day, Kylie!

  2. Hi Kylie. I found you thru Lauren M’s blog (postgrad in progress). I enjoyed your post today esp about relationships and carrying each other. Food for thought. I look forward to reading your other posts. Have a good day!

  3. So, I love that you’re wanting to do more weekend trips in 2016 because that’s what i’ve been thinking a lot about lately. It just makes things fun (except it’s going to be hard with schoolwork so I probably won’t be able to). As for strength training, that’s awesome that you’re wanting to take a break from running to focus on that. I think it’s super important and you’ll probably see changes with your running to. Medicine balls are such a good workout! Good luck with that!

  4. I love so many things about this post! Esp the navy pier pic. I want to take weekend trips too! Let me know if you’re in Seattle 🙂

    Please post pics of the cherry blossomsssss I want to see those someday.

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