What’s Up Wednesday [January]

Welcome to 2016’s first What’s Up Wednesday link up! Shay and Mel are hosting this month and Sheaffer is writing her always hilarious Bachelor recap today. 🙂 You should definitely click on over to the link up AND read Sheaffer’s post, even if you don’t watch the show. She perfectly captures the crazy each week!


What I’m eating this week:

I’ve mentioned before that when I like a breakfast, I really like it. That means I eat it every single day for as long as possible until I get sick of it. 😉 Right now I’m stuck on Three Minute Egg White Oatmeal, which I first read about on Julie’s blog. I swap the half cup of milk she calls for with a half cup of water, and the flavor is still just as good! This is a seriously filling breakfast as the egg whites and oatmeal grow while it cooks, but I love not feeling hungry all morning long!

I’ve also been eating a lot of flatbread pizza! I purchased the FlatOut ProteinUP wraps last week when I was stocking up for Winter Storm Jonas and while the turkey wrap I made for lunch one day was delicious, this pizza I’ve created is so good too! Taralynn inspired me to make this quick and easy dinner when you are craving pizza, but still want to keep it relatively healthy! These wraps have 12g protein, 9g carbs, and 130 calories. Topped with some pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and chicken, and baked for about 10 minutes, it is crispy and filling!

I’ve also been making a big pot of soup each week! So far, I’ve made vegetable soup, turkey chili, and chicken noodle soup. What are some of your favorite soup recipes?!

What I’m reminiscing about:


I’m reminiscing about the days when I could wear clothes like this outside and not freeze my tail off. And reminiscing about what streets sans snow look like. 😉

What I’m loving:

I’m loving the snowy pictures of D.C. that my coworkers and friends (hey, Amanda!) are sending me! I often run downtown and take the Metro home. It’s about a 3.5 mile walk to the closet monument, which isn’t so far, but there aren’t many places to walk right now except for the middle of the street because there is so much snow. The people that I know who have been walking around D.C. and taking these pictures truly live near the heart of everything and so that’s how these pictures were possible for them! The metro reopened on Monday, but there is minimal travel available and it’s still recommended that everyone not travel unless they have to. I feel like taking pictures and playing in the snow is a need, but apparently the mayor of D.C. doesn’t feel the same way. 😉 The photo evidence will have to do for now! until tonight! I wrote this post on Monday and ventured out that evening. 🙂

What I’ve been up to:

Well, I’ve been a little stuck in my apartment due to the blizzard. And as a teacher, I’ve been enjoying my fair share of snow days! I’ve been working out each day, watching Parenthood, reading books from the library, perusing blogs, and meeting up with friends who live within walking distance for brunch (at the few open restaurants) or snowball fights! The snowball fight pictured above first began as a Facebook event, and you never really know who will show up when everyone hits “accept”. However, there were SO many people there! Children, teenagers, adults, it didn’t matter. Everyone was out enjoying the snow! And on the left, Amanda, her friend Jancey, and I were spectating the snowball fight from the top of a huge pile of snow. We did eventually make it down to the battle lines, don’t worry. 😉 I also went sledding down the Lincoln stairs on a flattened box. Because #cityproblems. The stairs aren’t completely shoveled yet so it’s like a huge hill!

What I’m dreading:


Going back to school and reteaching my “monkeys” (aka students) all of our classroom procedures. No one ever tells you that long breaks from school actually inhibit teaching when you return! How to listen when others are talking, how to work independently, how to stand in line…you get the idea. 🙂

What I’m working on:


I’m really working on this blog! I want to share more posts, while keeping them meaningful, and I want to connect with other bloggers. I’m also working on recommendation letters for students, homework for two classes I’m taking, and remembering to read for fun every day. 🙂

What I’m excited about:

Starting to train for the Rock N Roll DC Half Marathon! I hope all this strength training I’m doing (and will continue to do) makes a difference!

What I’m watching/reading:

I’m watching The Bachelor (as per usual) and Parenthood (on Netflix). I also started watching the new season of The Real Housewives of Potomac because I’ve never watched any of the RH shows before and I always feel like I need to start at a beginning. Plus, Potomac is nearby. My roommate tells me that this is a terrible representation of the show, ha! What is your favorite city to watch?

And of course, I’m always watching House Hunters. Regular, international, renovation, I love it all. You will always know if I was watching TV before you because when you turn the TV on, it will be tuned in to HGTV. 🙂

Next week, I’ll be sharing what I’m reading with Molly and Katie’s book club! I read Secrets of a Charmed Life in one whole evening and one whole morning, so if you’re looking for a page turner, check that one out!

What I’m listening to:

Try an audiobook! I seriously love them!

My favorite Pandora stations are Pentatonix, Kygo, and Lana Del Rey.

I’ve also been loving I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Mike Posner) and 2 Heads (Coleman Hell).

What I’m wearing:

Staples include this huge scarf, my beanie and my winter coat or Under Armour with a vest. I also got a November Project buff at the DC workout the other day so I was ridiculously excited about that and have worn it for almost every workout since. Ha!


I’ve put on jeans and shirts and scarves and jewelry to go see friends, but as soon as I get home, it’s back to leggings and pajamas. Did you know one can get sick of leggings and pajamas? It’s true. I’ve been making myself get dressed since Monday. #thestruggleofsnowdays #uggslippersalldayeveryday

What I’m doing this weekend:

Will I be able to drive by this weekend? We are supposed to get more snow on Thursday night! A snowy run with friends would be fun, though!

What I’m looking forward to next month:

Celebrating Valentine’s Day. Yes, even though I’m single. I just love love. 🙂

What else is new:

Brunch buffets are always a good idea. That is all.

Bonus: What is your favorite Valentine’s Day treat?

Conversation hearts are just for decoration, right?! I like to color Rice Krispy treats (or really any food I eat around that time…think pancakes, milk, etc.) pink or red and I love chocolate covered strawberries!

6 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday [January]

  1. Parenthood is SO GOOD. I haven’t watched Real Housewives in years and the only one I watched for a while was Orange County because I just LOVE Vicki because she is a ball of crazy…but in a lovable good way, not a vindictive back-stabbing scary way! Ha! I’m looking forward to summer weather too! Normally I don’t because I love boots and jeans and stuff but I’m just sick of being cold and I actually started to like wearing summer clothes last year!

  2. That pizza sounds so good. Where can i get those flat breads at? Also in regards to soup, I love soup with tortellini in it because I feel like I’m still eating a big meal! ANDDDD where can I buy an audio book?! I think that would be great for my commute!

  3. I totally didn’t even think about chocolate covered strawberries. Those are the best Valentine’s Day treat too! I’m going to have to try that oatmeal now. I’ve been thinking about making a recipe but I just never get around to it. Also, I’m excited you’re linking up with us!! Looking forward to more posts too!

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