Awkward and Awesome [2/5/16]

You’ve been warned: the part of my brain that thinks about being a teacher was behind most of this post. 😉 If you haven’t read any of Morgan’s posts yet, you must go to her blog! Her Awkward and Awesome posts are hilarious and she is the one who gave me the idea, after all. Happy Friday!


-Being assigned a project in night class on Monday night…being told to work independently or work with a group…and being that weird girl who goes and lays on the pillows in the corner of the library to work alone. #sorrynotsorry #idomyownwork

-My bed broke while I was laying in it. That was fun. It was me and my mom and my two dogs, but still! That thing should hold some weight haha! I was in Pittsburgh last week because we had 23432980 snow days here in DC, so at least it’s not the bed I sleep in every night but…books had to hold me up. The wood rail was starting to split because it was missing a screw. Apparently, the furniture people put it together with 7 of its 8 screws five years ago when we moved and I got new furniture…and we found out that fun fact when I COLLAPSED last weekend. #slightlydramatic #butreally Props to my uncle and his toolbox for coming to fix it on Sunday morning! My mom, my brother, and I all had NO luck trying to be handy. Hence the books. 😉

-When the brother who doesn’t mind taking pictures with you suddenly gets too cool at his volleyball tournament. BRO, I BOUGHT YOU A BREAKFAST BURRITO. YOU OWE ME A SMILE! I look terrible anyway, so it wasn’t a total loss. 😉IMG_4823

-Getting to work on Tuesday and crying 20 minutes after I arrived to my mentor because I have so little time, so much to do. Anyone remember the Mary Kate and Ashley show with that theme song?!

-A student asked if I was a Democrat or a Republican. I told him I vote for the person who makes the best choices, because I’m obviously not going to put my political views on the table for a 7 year old. He told me he’s a Democrat, his parents are Republicans, and I’m not allowed to vote for Donald Trump because he will kick people out of our country. #outofthemouthsofbabes

-That moment when you feel like your mother. My mom really likes containers. She’s a teacher and she has approximately 27 cups for pens, pencils, and markers on her desk. We also have lots of containers in our house for all the random objects like mail, dog toys, magazines, papers in the office…you know, all that normal stuff. But can you blame the woman? HomeGoods and The Container Store make buying cute little boxes a breeze. Long story short, my students finished the container of animal crackers that I had in my classroom for snack and instead of tossing the plastic container, I put it in the closet for future use. Then I got home and saw these baskets on top of the trash can…and I almost took them. They’re kind of pretty, aren’t they? I could use them for stuff, right?! After the crazy thoughts occurred, I walked inside and left the baskets behind. 😉


-“Your pet’s #2 is our #1!” A real company here in northern Virginia. Moving on…




-This is happiness.IMG_4957

-My mom’s homemade soup for lunch every day this week AND I still have enough to last me through the weekend. #hallelujah

-A teacher workday today to catch up on all the things I cried about. 😉 But honestly, praise the Lord for 8 hours to get organized all day long today. #gradingisfun #saidnoteacherever

-This conversation:
Me: “So if you have a capital letter at the beginning of this sentence, what do you need at the end?”
Student: *thinks of a period* “Oh, lawl.”
Me: “What did you say?”
Student: “Lawl, Miss McGraw. Like LOL.”

-7 year olds don’t know what the pound key is, or what a number sign is for that matter. I abbreviated the word “number” the other day when I was writing on the easel and put this –> # instead. They wanted to know why I wrote a hashtag. Sigh. There is also a handshake these days called Hashtag. They take their pointer finger and middle finger together and like swipe the other person’s same two fingers?!?! It’s weird. They say, “Hashtag, yeah hashtag.” I guess their four fingers together MAKE the hashtag?! I have no idea. I’m old. Apparently.

-$160 running shoes on sale for $90 because they were an online return. Which I totally don’t understand why that means the price is so much less BUT I LOVE IT. They had a size 10 in the store and they fit, but I prefer an 11 to run in and luckily they had some in the warehouse which they shipped to me FOR FREE! So awesome.

IMG_4962 (2).jpg

-You can’t deny Colby’s cuteness.IMG_4809

-Traffic might be a nightmare to and from grad school since I moved, but I do love that place. #derpimaterp




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10 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome [2/5/16]

    • I haven’t been running much so hopefully these give me motivation to hit the road again 🙂 It seriously makes me feel so old! And think about how we used to roll our eyes at adults who would say “kids these days” to us and now it’s our turn to do that!

  1. I think I have that same sweater you’re wearing in the picture with your brother! I always preferred solo projects over group ones. Also, 7 year olds know what a hashtag is at all?! I wouldn’t think they would. Geez. And that one kid sounds like he knows more about politics than I do! Ha, kidding. But when I was 7 I probably didn’t even know about the political parties. And if I did, I’d probably just say I was whatever my parents were! Cookie butter is sooo good. And WHAT YOU WEAR SIZE 10/11?! Did I know this?! I wear 11. I wish I found really pretty Asics in size 11 for $60, dang. So much cuter than my current pair!

    • Haha I hardly knew enough about politics when I was 17…let alone 7. Ah! If the sweater is from Old Navy then we’re twinsies 🙂 And I’m SO glad I’m not the only one on the big foot train. The struggle is real!

  2. I just love cookie butter! Trader Joe’s is my favorite 🙂 And also Colby is too cute!!

    I hope you have a great weekend!
    – Seri

  3. I can’t get over the bed or the kid telling you he’s a democrat. Makes me laugh every time haha. New shoes are always the best. Those are so cute! If I did this, all my awkward ones would be people at work calling or emailing me and thinking I’m a man with my name haha

  4. I would totally work alone too if I was given the choice!! It’s just easier, I think, than dealing with people haha. LOL at books holding up your bed. Books are so useful :). That’s crazy though, that the furniture people didn’t put in all the screws!

    I love the things you hear from your students! I’m sure they have you cracking up every single day. They’re at that fun age where they just blurt things out without thinking and it’s kind of awesome. You had me laughing with the poop car… such a funny slogan. And I totally hoard containers, too! Like every glass jar (from banana peppers, etc.) I finish, I save it. I have no use for all of them… but maybe I will… some day.. for a craft?

    Also, Colby is the best. I love seeing pictures of him. And I’ve never heard of a hashtag handshake either! Crazy!

  5. I don’t know how I missed this on Friday! Any who….cookie butter is an utter weakness of mine so I absolutely cannot keep it in the house!! Your fix for your bed seemed like a good solution to me 😉 And all your student commentary/stories make me chuckle. Hope you had a good weekend!!

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