Running Revelations


Reasons my 4 mile run was terrible:

– Good news: I have muscle now. Bad news: my lungs forget the capacity they need to run.
– Hills.
– You don’t get to stop every 12-15 reps like you do when you lift. You’re just expected to keep going?!
– Awkward left turn at the end of the run when we were so close to being done. NO THANK YOU, I WILL PROCEED STRAIGHT DOWN THE SIDEWALK AND MEET YA BACK THERE.
– Spitting rain. Either rain or don’t. Actually, please don’t rain. Please just snow. #teachersolutions
– Phantom hip aches (now THAT’S an old injury) and shin pains (go AWAY for the love).

Reasons my 4 mile run was awesome:

– I can count the number of times I’ve gone running in the last six weeks on two hands. SO AT LEAST I WENT.
– Even though I was bringing up the rear the entire time, I was always running near someone or talking, which was nice.
– One of my friends got engaged and I haven’t seen her (or her ring!) since it all happened and she was running with our group, too!
– I ran the half mile from home to lululemon before the run, so I added a little bit of distance.
– I always run faster with groups than I do by myself, SO YAY FOR SPEED.
– I finished.

Running is not an easy sport. It is so rewarding and it is so fun, but it takes a lot of work. Sure, you can decide to go for a run on any random day, but if you aren’t running consistently, you will likely feel slow and frustrated at some point while you’re out there. I define myself by the six days a week I used to run 4-6 miles per day at an 8:30 pace and that is just not where I am anymore. Could I get back to that point? Absolutely. But I was not going to get there last night. I was not going to feel that ease, that speed, that feeling of happiness you get when you are out there running the distances and the speeds you know you can handle with no problem. Last night was all about survival. Ha!

For some, that is part of the fun. I know I enjoy the challenge of “starting over” from time to time. But it can also be mentally challenging. You are so angry that you have continued to workout, but you’ve lost running fitness. You are so frustrated that you are, in fact,Β breathing while you run, yet it feels like you can’t catch your breath. But, as I told my students about writing yesterday, you aren’t going to get better at something unless you do that thing. You won’t be a better writer if you don’t practice writing, and you won’t be a better runner unless you are actually out there running.

Strength training plays a HUGE role in a runner’s life, but I was kind of using my strength training as an excuse to not run. I figured hey, with all this hard work, I’ll be so strong and fast that I can just pick up where I left off! Not true. Though I do have plans to finish the Hammer & Chisel workout calendar I am completing now, I also need to get my running game back together. I am set to run a half marathon at the end of March. AH! What have I gotten myself into?!

For now, I’ll lace up my pretty new shoes, wear my favorite running leggings, and pretend to be the person running below. Because she’s fast and awesome and not angry while she runs. πŸ˜‰


7 thoughts on “Running Revelations

  1. Ha! I’d be happy for my easy pace to be 11 mm (which ain’t happening anytime soon) — but yeah, ST is soooo important, but if you don’t actually run at least some, you lose that cardiovascular conditioning you need.

    I dunno, starting over is never fun in my book!

  2. Yayyy to be out running! I’m going to be sucking wind when I do finally get out there again. But it’s worth it and I feel like the added strength training will make it easier to get back into running shape again and make us stronger in the long run. Starting over is really frustrating though.

  3. So so true. I took a muuuuch longer break from running than you did, and I’m terrified to try it again. I’m going to keep going to the gym for a couple more weeks to get used to cardio and then on a nice day I’ll try running again!

  4. Your running skills blow my mind! I feel like running is so much of a mental game. I’m glad you were able to give yourself some feedback but also give yourself some credit as well. It’s important to focus on growing without tearing yourself down! Maybe finding a balance of running and strength training works best for you! Love ya, friend! xo

  5. 4 miles tho!!!!! Running IS hard and it’s hard building up endurance to keep it up, too!! But girl 4 miles is a lot! haha to me anyways! I get proud of myself if i run 2 miles. I have totally lost my running endurance because life has gotten so busy so you’re basically inspiring me to build it up again, to make time for it! Andddd when it rains it’s like mini daggers hitting your skin (if it’s raining hard) so I feel ya. Luckily in AZ it barely ever rains, but you have to go early or late at night so you don’t burn in the sun!

    xo Candace

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