Awkward and Awesome [3.4.16]


-Snow expected today, 70 degrees by Monday. Oh.
-When your students are murmuring all morning long and you can’t figure out what is going on. Just one boy showing the rest of the class his armpit hair. Casual.
-When the professor passes out resources to use with students and then asks you to cut words out of the first page. Um, no. I’m sorry. I need to save this forever and ever. What if I want it one day? I can’t copy cut out pieces! Excuse me while I write this word list in my notebook instead of cutting it out. #teacherproblems
-My roommate told me last Sunday that her mom would be coming over this Sunday. As a cue that I should clean my bedroom and bathroom. Is the fact that she told me a week early a sign that I’m messy? Organized chaos. I really don’t like a lot of “stuff” so I don’t even know how my room gets to looking like this. Oh, yes I do. Dressing myself looks like a tornado each and every morning. Don’t tell me to pick out my outfit the night before because I will change my mind.
-Going to the school nurse and making her take your temperature because you think you are dying. In case you were actually concerned, I’m fine and apparently can’t handle two cups of coffee per day. Hahaha
-The speed at which I can eat my way through a bag of dried pineapple. #sorrynotsorry
-Exposing myself to 23894732 germs on the Metro escalator. Of course our long run ended near the stop with the world’s longest escalator ride. Our legs just couldn’t handle it. 😉



-A random Tuesday with no school because of the Virginia Primaries.
-It’s the 100th day of school. FINALLY!
-The “Rockland Pearl”. I went to a new-to-me barbecue restaurant on Wednesday night with my running group and that was the name of the meal I ordered. A bowl filled with macaroni and cheese, barbecue baked beans, and barbecue chicken (because I don’t care for pulled pork). It was all layered and delicious and amazing. I claim to dislike BBQ sauce and baked beans so the fact that I liked this is amazing and I must go back ASAP.
-Someone found a penny and “paid” me for being the best teacher ever. He had been in trouble 20 minutes prior. #iseewhatyouredoing
-FaceTime-ing with my mom and watching the dogs freak out when I ask if they want to go for a walk or go for a ride in the car. She was less amused than me. 😉
-When Colby and Migo hold hands. #bestfriendsforever


4 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome [3.4.16]

  1. Lol’ed at a lot of those awkwards. The armpit hair? Slays me hahahah I’m jealous of your snow storm today even though I know you aren’t 😉 Have a great weekend and happy 100th day of school!!

  2. HAHA YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD A TEMP BECAUSE OF 2 CUPS OF COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s hilarious! Like the armpit hair. Boys are weird. And being a teacher would totally be weird too. But also funny because your awkwards are awesome!

  3. I love that you sat on the escalator! Hahaha. I also love anything and everything mac & cheese plus BBQ and I’M STARVING so thank you for that! 😉 Haha. And the two cups of coffee thing can be a struggle! I generally only drink one cup but on those occasions where I drink two sometimes I feel insane later. Not enough to seek medical attention though! Bahahaha. (I love Molly’s reaction that story, ha!)

  4. The weather has been so up and down here in Pittsburgh, too! The cold days make me appreciate the warm days, though! We are finally getting some sunshine today–woo hoo!

    LOL at the boy in your class showing everyone his armpit hair. That’s just hilarious! And too much coffee makes me feel crazy, too. I get shaky as ever if I have more than two cups! Love Colby and Migo holding hands. I totally do the same thing with “Do you want to go for a walk?!” to my parents’ pets when we’re on the phone. They also hate it, haha.

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