A Birthday & A Serious Question

Happy Tuesday! I have two topics to discuss with you on this fine day.

– Jake’s Birthday –

I love both of my brother’s birthdays almost more than I love my own. It’s so fun to celebrate people! 17 words that describe this awesome kid:


And 17 of the cutest pictures ever (because Jake was the cutest baby ever):


– Race Shirts –

In the running world, there’s a bit of an ongoing controversy. Do you wear your race shirt TO the race, or are you the kind of person who can only wear the shirt post-race? I fall into the latter category, and I have very specific reasons why!

  1. I don’t like to wear anything new on race day. I want to wear the clothes that I know fit and feel the best. This new random race shirt hasn’t had time to pass my tests yet!
    2. I spend a lot of time selecting my race outfit! Beyond feeling good while I run, putting together a race day outfit is kind of like a reward for all of my hard work.
    3. Everyone knows where we are and what race we’re running. If I wore my race shirt, I would feel like a running billboard. Plus, I might blend in with other people who decided to wear THEIR shirts! Have you ever spectated a race? It’s quite the parade and you need to wear something obvious so that you stand out to those looking out for you!
    4. If you run in your hometown, you will most likely lounge around the day after the race. If you’ve traveled to your race, you’ll most likely be traveling home. In either situation, you will want to wear something comfy and casual, and a new race shirt fits the bill. Plus, it’s a subtle way to humble brag. 😉

So which side are you on? Race in your race shirt, or save it? Share your thoughts with us here!

10 thoughts on “A Birthday & A Serious Question

  1. So I definitely read “kind” and “energetic” as one word and spent a few moments wondering if it was just a new teacher word or something that I didn’t know about LOL. Happy Birthday to your brother!

  2. I don’t race in new race shirts either…for reasons 1-3 you stated, plus I don’t want to wear a race shirt until after I’ve finished that race (although I usually don’t wear it later on race day, but save it for a future recovery run or workout).

  3. Ha. I hadn’t thought of it as a humble brag, but more like a “hey, you did that race, too?” opportunities when I’m out and about later that day. Helps me recognize other runners so we can have deep, meaningful conversations about all of our ailments in the Lowe’s lumber aisle while our families look bored.

    • Haha that perspective is much better! And it is cool to see other people who’ve done the same thing as you 🙂 I wore a race shirt on a long run recently and someone behind me on the trail started talking to me about the race haha!

  4. If I read your comment above, I hadn’t thought about it but you are right, it can be a great conversation starter… after the race !

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