5 Things I’m Loving Lately

Alright Spring Break, I see you coming to an end. Slow down just a little, please! We have a solid three months of school left (June 23rd oy vey), so I’m enjoying this down time a little too much. 🙂 Linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci this Friday to talk favorites!

-Warm Weather-

No night class, a 65 degree day in March, and running distance from the National Mall means one thing and one thing only. You must go for a run. 😉 I will never ever tire of running to the Lincoln and sitting on his steps. It’s my second favorite monument (Jefferson is first).

– My Friends –


On the topic of running…aren’t race expos the best? Everyone in the room loves running and there are so many goodies to collect! We had the best time in all of the photo booths, and this picture is one of my favorites. The Rock N Roll DC Expo seemed to understand just how picture obsessed our generation is. 😉 I am so glad I’ve connected with running friends in DC. If your local Lululemon has a running group and you’re a runner, you should GO!


I went to see The Sound of Music last night with my mom, her friend, and one of my best friends in Pittsburgh and it was an AMAZING performance! We ate at Peter Allen’s, an Italian restaurant near the venue, and then headed over to the Benedum Center for the show. There were people of all ages there and I found myself singing along during the show! The Von Trapp children were SO cute.

– Jake’s 17th Birthday and Promposal –

It’s been an exciting week in the life of Jake. First…

I filled Jake’s car with 120 balloons while he was sleeping the night before his birthday. On Monday night it suddenly occurred to me that I just needed to decorate his bedroom door, so I stopped for supplies on my way home from the gym. I came home to decorations galore courtesy of my mom so I had to redirect my thoughts…and that went to filling up his car. 🙂 It was SO fun and he was SO surprised! His cookie cake was also my favorite AND I put the 10 candles we could find in the shape of a ‘1’ and ‘7’ on the cake, so I was quite proud of myself. #thelittlethings

Then, it was time for the cutest promposal ever. (Sidenote: I was asked two years in a row via text message. So special. Hahaha)

Jake HAD to ask his girlfriend to prom in a cute way because apparently that’s how it works these days. Ha! If you can see it, she wrote “yes” next to the question mark! He brought her home after school on Thursday, they walked down the little heart path, he gave her roses, it was adorable and they were both so happy!

– Life As A Teacher –


The week before Spring Break was Science Week at school. I had to exert serious self-control as I let my students design their tri-fold boards. I was trying to micromanage every pair’s poster and it was not working. #duh Once I forced them to design their title and had them research/write facts, I decided they could just have the boards and create whatever they wanted to their heart’s content. Then everyone was much happier. 😉 It was my favorite to see how excited they were to present their posters to the sixth graders. There were some really awesome posters and presentations!

– My Little Sidekick –

Meet Amigo, the velcro dog. He has not left my side since I arrived home on Monday. Gotta love him. 😉 I was on the floor with free weights, modifying the exercise because I don’t have a bench, and he laid down and put his head on my stomach. Velcro!!! As you can see, I had to watch my step as I worked out because I never knew when I might trip over him. Hahaha


And a little humor for your Easter weekend. 😉 Reese’s eggs really are my favorite, although I don’t know that I’ve ever had a white chocolate one. I might have to remedy that problem ASAP.

Happy weekending to you! And happy Easter!

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13 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Loving Lately

  1. Ah, Chester was my velcro dog. Lola likes to be with me, but she’s not anywhere near as needy as he was.

    So envious of everyone running around DC! I used to love to walk around it; I was decades away from being a runner when I loved there!

    Your whole family are clearly very creative.

    • Ha! Jake really has me beat! He skipped out on art class this year for television productions class but he’s still pretty good at it;) I’m so mad I’m in Pittsburgh during prime cherry blossom week! I can’t wait to get back! 🙂

    • Haha! I’m creating an aversion to jelly beans because my uncle delivers for local bakeries and he brought us the BIGGEST bag of jelly beans I have ever seen. I might replace one addiction with another…and white chocolate just sounds like a good idea 😉 Thanks for reading!

  2. That egg whites thing is hilarious. Also, I thought our schools went late but JUNE TWENTY THIRD ISSO LATE WHAT THE?! I love that you helped Jake make those heart paths that was so cute!!

  3. That promprosal is way too cute !
    I organized a surprised party for my daughter when she turned 17 this year. She loved it ! But I was happy when most of the kids left at the end. LOL 🙂

  4. Someone from my church went to see The Sound of Music this past weekend and she also said it was super, super good! So glad you enjoyed it! I love the pictures of Amigo the velcro dog, haha. He seems like such a sweetie. I loved your snapchat of Colby being afraid of the door and how Amigo opened it for him. What a good friend :).

    Also, the promposal! SO sweet!

  5. Aww! Jake’s prom proposal is so adorable! It’s great what high schoolers can do when they put their mind to it!

    And yummm! I want to eat egg whites at your house. 😉 So much better than egg whites at mine! lol.

  6. After being a Kansan for a number of years, the tornado poster is cracking me up!

    And seriously, I was never asked to prom or homecoming in a cool way 😦 LAME.

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