Out and About

How relaxing is this?!


I haven’t been pressuring myself to work out every single day, so after a few days of relaxation this weekend, I knew on Sunday that I would be getting outside on my bike. My bike was a birthday gift from my parents, and while I have been able to get out for a few rides, I have a December birthday so this is really the first “season” I will be out and about on it! I planned to bike about 9.5 miles down the Mt. Vernon Trail to Old Town (and the waterfront) in Alexandria for a hopefully almost 20-mile ride.


The ride out of Arlington wasn’t too crowded, but once I hit the trail, it was game on as I navigated around runners, other cyclists, tourists, and families walking with their kids. Since I am pretty new to the whole biking scene, I’ve realized I really don’t like the speed I gain while going downhill…and I’m easily alarmed by other people who are flying down a hill towards me. I’m easily alarmed in general, so this fear should surprise no one, but I need to get over it quickly because most other cyclists are fearless in their swerving around others!


I didn’t quite know where I wanted to stop, but once I hit the riverfront trail, I pedaled along until I felt like taking a rest. I drank my shake, laid in the shade, and people watched as others had picnics, played games, and walked around with their families and friends. This was pretty much the last good thing that happened. Hahaha


I wasn’t looking forward to the ride back because I was being lazy and just wanted to be done, but when you ride 9.5 miles away from home, what choice do you have but to ride back?! As I went back up the Mt. Vernon Trail, it felt like the ride was flying by, and I saw a fork in the trail that could take me in another direction. I recognized the name (Four Mile Run), so I headed that direction. I was no longer riding alongside a river, and this water was SUPER calm. There were two turtles hanging out on this branch, so that was kind of cool!


This trail isn’t straight through the woods…eventually you run into some residential areas and then the trail picks back up again. It was at this time that I started making ALL of the wrong turns. I knew one very specific way to get home, but for some reason my adventurous self decided to go another way, and I ended up getting SO stuck in Pentagon City. There are a lot of busy roads and highways surrounding that area, and the one particular way that I knew to get back home now seemed so far away. After sitting down on the side of the road and feeling sorry for myself, contemplating calling an Uber or taking the Metro, and walking up a HUGE hill with my bike next to me, I finally hopped on and got to work. At this point, I had gone in a complete circle and wasted almost an hour, so I was very annoyed with myself. I knew that I was going to pass my mentor’s house and I was PRAYING that she and her husband weren’t sitting on the porch, but of course, they were. Ha! I pulled into their driveway, scared the heck out of their dog, and they gave me just the motivation I needed to get the last 3 miles home.

And then a rabbit ran in front of my bike.

I kid you not.

Easily startled, remember?

The rabbit and I both survived and I won’t be biking for at least 3 weeks. One week off for every hour I was gone. Hahaha

What did you do this weekend?!




11 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. Reading this made me semi-glad I didn’t bike the trial this weekend haha I went down to Northern Virginia to bike in the Fairfax area knowing the trail would be super packed. You just confirmed that decision for me 😉

  2. Oh my, I can sort of relate, having got lost on the run in new areas on more than one occasion!

    I ran 10 miles, ate sushi & a candy bar, and then mostly relaxed. Sort of. Really there are always chores to do!

  3. My mom and I go on a big bike ride on vacation ever year. And I love biking around Pittsburgh. However I’ve never done more than 10 miles in one trip. I give you props! I wouldn’t be able to walk!

  4. I’m so accident prone that if a rabbit had run in front of my bike I probably would have ended up in the emergency room!

    I spent the weekend trying to organize my house, but then I kept getting distracted by the books I was reading.

  5. Welcome to the Weekly Wrap, Kylie! That’s an awesome birthday present! I love the color. I got a new bike last fall and really enjoy outdoor rides (but not so much on the trainer!). I wish I had a place as pretty as that to ride though. Now you know exactly where that trail goes, right? Thanks for linking with us. I hope you’ll make it a habit.

  6. Hi Kylie I’m not usually this slow to get to reading all the blogs. I am so glad you decided to join us in the Weekly Wrap! You post did make me laugh, only because it sounds exactly like me. I don’t do much biking except around the campgrounds we visit and I am the same way with speed. I guess it’s the fear of hitting the pavement and thinking about how good that will feel… not! I do hope you will join us again. Have a great week and watch out for those rabbits 🙂

  7. I am such a spaz on a bike! I get easily scared of speed and other bikers … and anything, really. A few years ago, I was into triathlons and would do well with the swim and run but the bike…. that was always so tough! So sorry about the rabbit encounter, haha! Crazy!!

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