Awkward and Awesome

One upon a time, I read a post from Morgan at The True Life of MKH about all the awkward and awesome moments in her life. Here’s all the happenings as of late. 🙂

– Awesome –

At the top of the list: the early office closing we had on the first full Monday back to work after the holidays. DC was expecting an ice storm that would make afternoon traffic a mess, so we all headed home early and continued to work remotely. Because it was so cold, everything was frozen over…including the Reflecting Pool on the National Mall. I had seen pictures on social media all weekend and had to get my own pictures too.


However, the below image was also pretty awesome. DC Fire and EMS trained for ice rescues on the Tidal Basin!

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 12.50.30 PM

Other awesome moments include:


– My brother getting glasses so we are twins. He’s not sure how he feels about the new look yet, apparently. 🙂
– Finding a book I’ve been wanting to read but refusing to purchase in the Little Library by my apartment.
– Pretty Women on TV at a restaurant while out to dinner.
– My first outdoor run with my Apple Watch in 60 degree weather.
– Dinner with one of my favorite small group friends, Louise!

– Awkward –

– That time no one decided to plow my road after a bit of snow.
– Uncorking a wine bottle and breaking the cork in half…which then fell into the bottle and disintegrated into a million little pieces.
– Getting up and moving just because your Apple Watch buzzes and tells you to.
– Christmas trees taking over the garage because pickup isn’t until three weeks after Christmas. 🙂
-When Joe and I cooked and ate an entire Blue Apron meal…and then ate two boxes of macaroni and cheese for dessert because we were still hangry.


So that’s life lately!

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