Thinking Out Loud

Happy Thursday! My favorite day of the week. Close enough to the weekend to start relaxing, but still putting in work at the office. And great shows on TV! 🙂


The first thing I’m thinking about today are the delicious donuts I picked up on Tuesday morning after my doctor’s appointment. I have heard five star reviews about Duck Donuts, and I couldn’t help but make a pit stop on the way home. The donuts are served warm, and you get to choose your coating, topping, and drizzle. I was feeling much too indecisive, so I ordered a half dozen assortment and was pleasantly surprised with my order! I wolfed down the coconut donut in about six bites…serving a donut warm definitely makes it that much more delicious!


There are about five more weeks until the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, and training is going great! This will be Joe’s longest race so far, and my official entry back into the running world because I have been busy doing whatever workouts I want. 🙂 It is humbling to be building up to longer distances and realizing how much different it feels to start from scratch. I am actually following a training plan for the first time in forever, and doing exactly what it tells me!


Sometimes it’s glove weather, sometimes it’s shorts and tank top weather. The sun is starting to stay out a little bit longer every night and that is just the best.

I have been doing a lot of reading this year and I love every minute of it! My small group started reading “Uncommon” by Carey Scott and I really like it so far. Each chapter focuses on something different, like uncommon faith, uncommon courage, uncommon forgiveness, etc. The author also relates these traits to different women in the Bible, and I like that focus because on my own, I have been reading a lot of the Old Testament, and thinking more about the Patriarchs discussed there. I’ve loved our conversations about this book so far.


Another highlight of Tuesday night small group is our unofficial mascot! Sarah has the cutest Mini Labradoodle puppy named Riggs that joins us each week. He has gotten so big since the Spring, and no longer likes to just lounge on our laps! Now it’s all about playing with toys and seeing what everyone in the room is up to. Sometimes she can convince him to cuddle with her, though. 🙂

I follow Ashley Spivey on Instagram, who I know from her appearance on Brad’s season of The Bachelor. This was years ago at this point, and she is now married and living her best life in New York City. 🙂 Anyways, she always posts about her favorite books, and that would bring a lot of interaction to her page as people discussed what she had read in the comments. A few months ago, she created a Facebook group for whoever was interested to talk about and share books, and I’ve added so much to my “To Read” list since then!

Each month, a poll goes up in the group about what the book of the month will be. I didn’t read the January books, but as people started talking about meeting up with each other in their own towns, I got on board. In February, we read The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin and An American Marriage by Tayari Jones. Fun fact about the author of The Immortalists: she is coming to D.C. on March 9 for a book event!


Several of us in the D.C. area connected on Facebook and planned a book club meeting for ourselves last night at The Coupe in Columbia Heights. Only in 2018 do you meet friends on the internet and go meet up with them without giving it a second thought. 😉 Everyone was so much fun and we really did get into deep discussions of the books! Plus, we shared other things we have been reading, and all caught up on recent Bachelor drama. I’m super excited to continue meeting up with these gals each month.

And finally, my favorite memes from the Internet this week.


The water one is SO true, I cannot even begin to explain. And that puppy is just so cute and relatable and I want him to come live with me. The end.

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