Awkward and Awesome

One upon a time, I read a post from Morgan at The True Life of MKH about all the awkward and awesome moments in her life. Here’s all the happenings as of late. 🙂

– Awesome –

At the top of the list: the early office closing we had on the first full Monday back to work after the holidays. DC was expecting an ice storm that would make afternoon traffic a mess, so we all headed home early and continued to work remotely. Because it was so cold, everything was frozen over…including the Reflecting Pool on the National Mall. I had seen pictures on social media all weekend and had to get my own pictures too.


However, the below image was also pretty awesome. DC Fire and EMS trained for ice rescues on the Tidal Basin!

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 12.50.30 PM

Other awesome moments include:


– My brother getting glasses so we are twins. He’s not sure how he feels about the new look yet, apparently. 🙂
– Finding a book I’ve been wanting to read but refusing to purchase in the Little Library by my apartment.
– Pretty Women on TV at a restaurant while out to dinner.
– My first outdoor run with my Apple Watch in 60 degree weather.
– Dinner with one of my favorite small group friends, Louise!

– Awkward –

– That time no one decided to plow my road after a bit of snow.
– Uncorking a wine bottle and breaking the cork in half…which then fell into the bottle and disintegrated into a million little pieces.
– Getting up and moving just because your Apple Watch buzzes and tells you to.
– Christmas trees taking over the garage because pickup isn’t until three weeks after Christmas. 🙂
-When Joe and I cooked and ate an entire Blue Apron meal…and then ate two boxes of macaroni and cheese for dessert because we were still hangry.


So that’s life lately!

Awkward and Awesome [3.4.16]


-Snow expected today, 70 degrees by Monday. Oh.
-When your students are murmuring all morning long and you can’t figure out what is going on. Just one boy showing the rest of the class his armpit hair. Casual.
-When the professor passes out resources to use with students and then asks you to cut words out of the first page. Um, no. I’m sorry. I need to save this forever and ever. What if I want it one day? I can’t copy cut out pieces! Excuse me while I write this word list in my notebook instead of cutting it out. #teacherproblems
-My roommate told me last Sunday that her mom would be coming over this Sunday. As a cue that I should clean my bedroom and bathroom. Is the fact that she told me a week early a sign that I’m messy? Organized chaos. I really don’t like a lot of “stuff” so I don’t even know how my room gets to looking like this. Oh, yes I do. Dressing myself looks like a tornado each and every morning. Don’t tell me to pick out my outfit the night before because I will change my mind.
-Going to the school nurse and making her take your temperature because you think you are dying. In case you were actually concerned, I’m fine and apparently can’t handle two cups of coffee per day. Hahaha
-The speed at which I can eat my way through a bag of dried pineapple. #sorrynotsorry
-Exposing myself to 23894732 germs on the Metro escalator. Of course our long run ended near the stop with the world’s longest escalator ride. Our legs just couldn’t handle it. 😉



-A random Tuesday with no school because of the Virginia Primaries.
-It’s the 100th day of school. FINALLY!
-The “Rockland Pearl”. I went to a new-to-me barbecue restaurant on Wednesday night with my running group and that was the name of the meal I ordered. A bowl filled with macaroni and cheese, barbecue baked beans, and barbecue chicken (because I don’t care for pulled pork). It was all layered and delicious and amazing. I claim to dislike BBQ sauce and baked beans so the fact that I liked this is amazing and I must go back ASAP.
-Someone found a penny and “paid” me for being the best teacher ever. He had been in trouble 20 minutes prior. #iseewhatyouredoing
-FaceTime-ing with my mom and watching the dogs freak out when I ask if they want to go for a walk or go for a ride in the car. She was less amused than me. 😉
-When Colby and Migo hold hands. #bestfriendsforever


Awkward and Awesome [2.18.16]


-Picking at a bump on your chin that is actually a zit, looking at your finger, and noticing blood. WHY does this happen at age 24?!

-Walking into FOUR restaurants that each had a 2+ hour wait for brunch. I mean, it was Valentine’s Day in DC. But it was crazy! We found a random gem and were seated right away…on the outdoor heated patio. It initially felt warm but it was definitely a keep your jacket on kind of situation. Thank God for coffee!

-Forgetting my sunglasses were on top of my head after running around getting ready before student arrival. Apparently my hair and sunglasses were all tangled. It was true, I saw my reflection in the glass of the door. What was awkward was me saying, “Good morning!” And a student saying, “Someone woke up with bedhead…” SO POLITE! Hahaha

-When the person sitting behind you in night class is saying, “Oh yeah!”, “Uh huh…”, “That’s great!”, “Ooooh!” to every.single.thing the professor says. #stopthat

-Running out of junk food (which in my kitchen, means chocolate chips, tortilla chips, trail mix, and pretzels) and having to eat this…


I mean strawberries and greek yogurt are both delicious and I eat yogurt every day, so I don’t know why this snack was such a stretch for me… #iwantemptycarbs

-Thinking that you are sooo strong now because you have been lifting a lot and then trying Lauren’s workout and almost dying. My strength is awesome, my cardio is shot! Go read Post Grad In Progress’ Workout Wednesday post and prepare to sprint, lift weights, and sweat a whole lot. 🙂 Killer workout here!

-Printing an assignment due by day’s end at 10 PM. That was my first mistake. My second…the toner on my printer was all jacked up. The third…I then had to scan its grayish quality to my instructor. It printed in the most grayscale tone I have ever seen. #oops #youcanstillreadit #iswear

-Having enough time to read an entire book in one day. #allthesnowdays I saw the preview for this movie in theaters this past weekend, and I knew I had to read the book after that! I have seen this title on so many “must read” lists in the past year, but it never really struck me until I saw the movie preview. It was SO good (obviously) and I can’t wait to see how the movie compares. They never do, but book & movie comparisons are my favorite. 🙂



-President’s Day off followed by a snow day. I love a good 4 day weekend! And I love being at grad school on time for class two weeks in a row. YAY!

-Running into Giant to pick up a prescription and finding COOKIE BUTTER! The gem of all gems! It was like a moment from Gossip Girl. I was walking through the produce section and then “SPOTTED: Cookie Butter!” I first found this at Trader Joe’s and they tend to sell certain things that you can’t find anywhere else. It might be dangerous that I don’t have to make a special trip there anymore…

IMG_5071 (1)

-When the student in your class who certainly could benefit from meditation is found sitting on his desk Indian style with his eyes shut…meditating. I literally asked him what he was doing and he said, “I’m meditating, Miss McGraw!” It was dismissal, they were supposed to stand next to their desks when they were ready to pack up, he was oddly quiet…could I really be mad he was sitting on his desk?! Ha!

-Pictures of my family…Jake and my mom went to an early dinner at Noodles & Co. the other night and he was being crazy! Most likely she said, “Hey, I’m texting Kylie. Smile!” And he did this. Hahaha


The weirdest part about not living in the same town (or state) as my family is we can’t meet up for random dinners out or shopping trips. My evil plan is to get Jake to go to college in DC…then my mom will retire down here…then Alex and my Dad will have no choice but to follow. Muahaha

-Valentine’s Day mail! From my mom, my aunt, and my college roommate. My mom sent me a random box with assorted items, so I opened one each day all week leading up to Valentine’s Day. Here are some of the goodies she sent my way!


In true sappy older sister fashion, my favorite “gifts” were the two notes from my brothers. 😉 They are hanging on my ribbon board now!

-A free workout at Union Market on Valentine’s Day with my friends! It was a HIIT-style workout that included free juice and Kombucha at the end. What could be better?!


-Awesome is a raising awareness for childhood cancer. Awesome is also running a 140 mile relay through central PA in the cold temps that winter brings! Caroline (above, in the center) went to Penn State and if you know anything about that university, you know how dedicated their students are to THON each year. She participated and danced in the marathon when she was in college, and now this year, she is running with The Hope Express! This means that with a team, she is running 140 miles through central PA as a tribute to the Four Diamonds kids. While I unfortunately know many people who have suffered with cancer, I don’t have any relatives that have had childhood cancer. I cannot even imagine what those families go through and I am so proud of Caroline for raising awareness for such a great cause!

-Casually seeing such sights on your evening commute & 4 mile run…

I am very thankful for where I live. And I am very thankful for making it back to my Wednesday night running group! It is a small group through my church and these people and this group were so important to me when I first moved here. They were my first friends…they were awesome. I missed every single run in the fall and I am NOT letting that happen this year! It was so great to come back to a group of people so happy to see me. 🙂

What is awkward and awesome in your life this week?!


Awkward and Awesome [2/5/16]

You’ve been warned: the part of my brain that thinks about being a teacher was behind most of this post. 😉 If you haven’t read any of Morgan’s posts yet, you must go to her blog! Her Awkward and Awesome posts are hilarious and she is the one who gave me the idea, after all. Happy Friday!


-Being assigned a project in night class on Monday night…being told to work independently or work with a group…and being that weird girl who goes and lays on the pillows in the corner of the library to work alone. #sorrynotsorry #idomyownwork

-My bed broke while I was laying in it. That was fun. It was me and my mom and my two dogs, but still! That thing should hold some weight haha! I was in Pittsburgh last week because we had 23432980 snow days here in DC, so at least it’s not the bed I sleep in every night but…books had to hold me up. The wood rail was starting to split because it was missing a screw. Apparently, the furniture people put it together with 7 of its 8 screws five years ago when we moved and I got new furniture…and we found out that fun fact when I COLLAPSED last weekend. #slightlydramatic #butreally Props to my uncle and his toolbox for coming to fix it on Sunday morning! My mom, my brother, and I all had NO luck trying to be handy. Hence the books. 😉

-When the brother who doesn’t mind taking pictures with you suddenly gets too cool at his volleyball tournament. BRO, I BOUGHT YOU A BREAKFAST BURRITO. YOU OWE ME A SMILE! I look terrible anyway, so it wasn’t a total loss. 😉IMG_4823

-Getting to work on Tuesday and crying 20 minutes after I arrived to my mentor because I have so little time, so much to do. Anyone remember the Mary Kate and Ashley show with that theme song?!

-A student asked if I was a Democrat or a Republican. I told him I vote for the person who makes the best choices, because I’m obviously not going to put my political views on the table for a 7 year old. He told me he’s a Democrat, his parents are Republicans, and I’m not allowed to vote for Donald Trump because he will kick people out of our country. #outofthemouthsofbabes

-That moment when you feel like your mother. My mom really likes containers. She’s a teacher and she has approximately 27 cups for pens, pencils, and markers on her desk. We also have lots of containers in our house for all the random objects like mail, dog toys, magazines, papers in the office…you know, all that normal stuff. But can you blame the woman? HomeGoods and The Container Store make buying cute little boxes a breeze. Long story short, my students finished the container of animal crackers that I had in my classroom for snack and instead of tossing the plastic container, I put it in the closet for future use. Then I got home and saw these baskets on top of the trash can…and I almost took them. They’re kind of pretty, aren’t they? I could use them for stuff, right?! After the crazy thoughts occurred, I walked inside and left the baskets behind. 😉


-“Your pet’s #2 is our #1!” A real company here in northern Virginia. Moving on…




-This is happiness.IMG_4957

-My mom’s homemade soup for lunch every day this week AND I still have enough to last me through the weekend. #hallelujah

-A teacher workday today to catch up on all the things I cried about. 😉 But honestly, praise the Lord for 8 hours to get organized all day long today. #gradingisfun #saidnoteacherever

-This conversation:
Me: “So if you have a capital letter at the beginning of this sentence, what do you need at the end?”
Student: *thinks of a period* “Oh, lawl.”
Me: “What did you say?”
Student: “Lawl, Miss McGraw. Like LOL.”

-7 year olds don’t know what the pound key is, or what a number sign is for that matter. I abbreviated the word “number” the other day when I was writing on the easel and put this –> # instead. They wanted to know why I wrote a hashtag. Sigh. There is also a handshake these days called Hashtag. They take their pointer finger and middle finger together and like swipe the other person’s same two fingers?!?! It’s weird. They say, “Hashtag, yeah hashtag.” I guess their four fingers together MAKE the hashtag?! I have no idea. I’m old. Apparently.

-$160 running shoes on sale for $90 because they were an online return. Which I totally don’t understand why that means the price is so much less BUT I LOVE IT. They had a size 10 in the store and they fit, but I prefer an 11 to run in and luckily they had some in the warehouse which they shipped to me FOR FREE! So awesome.

IMG_4962 (2).jpg

-You can’t deny Colby’s cuteness.IMG_4809

-Traffic might be a nightmare to and from grad school since I moved, but I do love that place. #derpimaterp




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Awkward and Awesome [1/29/16]

Happy Friday! I’m back with another round of “Awesome and Awkward” moments from the week. 🙂 Giving all the credit for this idea to Morgan at The True Life of MKH. It’s fun to read about these random moments in her life, and it’s just as fun to compile my own list. Of course, some of these random moments have also turned into some of my favorite things, because it’s all about the little things in life, right?


-Getting really mad at the nurse at the gyno for weighing me and recording a ridiculous number…then coming home and realizing that number matches the one on the scale here, too. #eyeroll I like how I look, so I don’t care about the number. But I do. But I don’t. #itsamindgame
-Going out for mimosas and brunch with friends and being the first one to leave…this was mid-blizzard and we were at the only open restaurant one block from my apartment. I just really wanted to watch Netflix and lay in my bed. Hahaha
-Telling Amanda I would adventure with her and her friend to see Iwo Jima in the snow and backing out after three blocks. Hahaha! I really sound like the life of the party, don’t I? I didn’t want to get stuck far away in the snow with no way to get home! 😉
-Cohabitating with my roommate’s boyfriend…he was at our apartment all weekend during the blizzard and then come Sunday evening, he couldn’t get home. So while my roommate went to work all week and I had 234937 snow days, he and I bonded. Or something.
-When I raise my eyebrows, I get really attractive forehead rolls…


Don’t mind Jake, he was busy trying to find a video from the local news on Facebook.


-My friends and I were shopping on Tuesday and we met up with some friends of a friend while we were out. We all went to Duquesne together, so we had that in common, too. I recognized both girls, but I don’t think I had ever actually talked to them before. Upon meeting, they said, “Hey, didn’t you used to teach a Spin class in college? We used to come all the time!” Hey! Yes! That’s me! I’m the Spin teacher! 🙂


-I left some gloves and other winter gear at my mom’s house in Pittsburgh, so she sent me a little care package with those things plus some of my mail. And of course chocolate covered Sarris pretzels! A $20 bill also dropped out of the box, but my favorite part was the quickly written note from my little brother. 🙂 #thelittlethings


-The same cute baby brother who wrote me a note let me drive his new car when I got home on Wednesday night! My friends and I used to drive around aimlessly for hours in high school so it was fun to do the same thing with Jake 🙂 Most of my family members drive SUV’s so it feels weird to zoom around in a little car!

-While driving back to Pittsburgh, Kristen and I talked about (and Google-d) how spaceships land, how spaceships are driven, the U.S. mint, inflation, and how the world’s marketplaces figure out how much things should cost. We also recently discussed how the Metro definitely goes up hill while we are riding it, but it always feels like it’s moving in a straight line. I tell you these random thoughts to point out that we aren’t the kind of friends who are always staring at our phones…we are pondering real important things about life. 😉 Haha!

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.22.10 PM (1)

-You have my full permission to judge me for this one. I LOVE THIS REMIX. Actually, I love all song remixes. Regardless, I don’t even like the regular version of this Fetty Wap song (because really? Your name is Fetty Wap?) but when the beat drops at 1:03, it makes my Spin teaching self so happy. Listen here; I know you want to. 😉

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