Things I Spend My Money On [Week 4]

Amanda says it’s fine to think out loud, so here we go. 🙂

I always thought when I finally grew up and got a real job I would suddenly have a ton of money. To spend, to travel, to SAVE… That’s what pay days are for, right? Surely, in the past, I have felt like I didn’t have enough money because I was “just” in high school or “just” in college or “just” working a few part time jobs.

Spoiler alert: with a real job comes rent, utilities, and bills for all the other things you need every month like car insurance and a cell phone and oh, I don’t know, gas for said car and FOOD?!

I have been working in the “real” world for approximately five months now, so bear with me as I work through my naivety. 😉 I am very blessed to be able to afford all of the things I need, put some money in savings each month, and still have a little bit of fun money left over. But managing money is stressful. And because I am managing “real” money now (as opposed to the fake money I’ve made in the past???), I feel like I have to be very thoughtful about my spending. The first few months, I paid all of my bills, saved money, and didn’t track the rest of my spending. Responsible, right? There was a method to my madness. I wanted to see how I was spending my money with NO restrictions, because then I could figure out where to place restrictions on my spending.

This past month, I kind of put myself on a spending freeze. I paid all of my bills, saved money, and then didn’t really buy much. I thought about the following things:

Do I really need to make a Target run? (DUH!!!!!)
Do I really need to eat out when I’m alone when I have plenty of groceries at home? (But I don’t wannnnnna cook dinner tonight!)
Do I really need to buy a book instead of renting it from the library? (Ugh, Kindle is so instantaneous.)
Do I really need to take advantage of the FINAL DAY of sales at Loft/Old Navy/Gap, per this email’s advice? (No, no I do not. There are approximately 234893 sales at these stores every month.)

So, here’s what I’ve been spending my money on this past month. It’s a pretty accurate picture of what I spend my money on every month…except this past month, I didn’t buy any new clothes. And that is NOT normal. Ha!


I enjoy going out for coffee with friends. I have a Keurig and I drink a cup of coffee every morning, but I will not pass up the opportunity to spend $4-6 on a fancy cup of coffee that I did NOT make. I only ever get coffee from a coffee shop when I am with other people, so that’s how I justify this expense. 6/7 days of the week, I typically make my own coffee, so I can afford to indulge this way. 🙂 This month, I visited Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse (owned by my church), Boccatto Espresso (a new-to-me place), and Starbucks (because it’s across the street from my apartment).

P.S. that latte on the left is a Caramel Vanilla Latte and it was delicious. I usually drink my coffee black with one pump of sugar free hazelnut, but that latte was worth every single calorie. Ha!


If you are a twenty-something living in Washington, D.C., you know brunch is a big deal. People take their brunching seriously, it can be the upwards of $50 for a plate, reservations might be necessary, and you will never run out of places to go because every single place offers brunch. This is just what I have gathered in the past year since moving. Ha!

I don’t go out to brunch every weekend, but when my friends and I make plans to do so, I don’t hesitate because I know it’s not something I do all the time. Notice how I mentioned that you might spend #allthemoney on your meal. I’m not about that life, because I don’t grocery shop with the idea that I will ever be eating out, so I always have enough food at home to eat without going out. I tend to stick to $30 or less brunch spots because for the love, aren’t all waffles and omelettes and cups of coffee created equal?! Last week, I spent $21 and I did a little victory dance all the way out the door.

Fun fact:  I almost did an accidental victory dance all the way down the stairs at this restaurant, too. We were at a buffet-style brunch and all of the food was upstairs, while our seats were downstairs. Liberty Tavern has 234972 mirrors on their walls and there is a HUGE mirror across from the staircase. So as you descend, you can see yourself. The narcissist in me decided to check myself out while I was walking down the stairs with my plate and I almost ATE IT in front of every person in that restaurant. Not my finest moment. Ha!

D.C. brunch spots worth checking out that won’t break the bank:
Farmers Fishers BakersFounding FarmersCircaLiberty TavernA Town – MatchboxTed’s BulletinMolly Malone’sEastern Market


I have the same thing to say about lunch and dinner as I did about brunch and coffee. I usually only dine out when I am with other people. Sometimes we decide to eat out, and sometimes we decide to head home. On Tuesday, my friends and I were shopping on M Street and we were STARVING so we got on the Metro to go home and make dinner for ourselves. But then on Wednesday, after taking a Spinning class, my friend and I had a similar conversation: eat out or go home? And we decided to eat out. I’ve also dined with co-workers on teacher work days this month. So it’s just a delicate balance. I try to only eat out 1-2 times per week because honestly, that is more than enough. I enjoy it when I do and I try not to feel guilty about spending the money. The groceries I could’ve used at home will be eaten at another time, so all is well.

Workout Gear


Is this considered shopping? I was at a November Project workout last Friday and our fearless leader had buffs for sale for $10. OF COURSE I WANT ONE!

DC buffs are yellow with those weird stick figures doing all kinds of exercises all over them. When it’s all stretched out, it looks like that picture on the left. It’s stretchy and perfect to use as a headband (as I’m modeling) or over your face when it’s freezing, like Lauren is modeling. 😉 She runs with November Project Baltimore (and lots of other groups/races) and I actually got to meet her this past summer at a brunch (ha! See! It’s a thing!) for DC bloggers.

So there you have it…things I spend my money on. Coffee, food of all varieties, and the occasional workout gear.

What about my Target runs? Well, I actually think I only went twice. I know, who am I? And I actually went, bought groceries, and window shopped the rest of the store. #selfcontrol

What about books? I got a library card and solved that problem!

And the one million and seven emails about sales at my favorite stores? I’m going to be honest, I highlight my “Promotions” tab of my Gmail account and hit delete every morning. AH! I don’t even know what I’ve been missing out on. 😉

I did have to buy three books for my last graduate class…but those were a need, not a want. Boo to the books, yay for the last class!

What do you spend your money on?


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Behind the Scenes [Week 2]

Sometime soon, I hope to buy a domain name for my blog. I’m currently having commitment issues with an official name, so that’s the first issue. I’m also a perfectionist, so I fear thinking of the *perfect* name only to dislike it a few weeks later, which I’m sure would never happen, but you never know…

…I digress. The “behind the scenes” of my blog isn’t all that exciting, because I don’t take myself too seriously. My blog is meant to be fun and light-hearted, and that’s what it’s like when I’m taking pictures and putting posts together, too! Although, I will admit that there is a touch of anxiety as I read and reread each sentence to make sure everything sounds perfect. It’s the former writing tutor in me. 😉


I can usually be found with my laptop, big purple blanket, and a cup of coffee on my bed. Yep, all of this creative thought comes from the coziness of my room. Ha!


Of course, if I’m at my mom’s house, the scenery changes just a bit as one or both dogs curl up at my feet. They love to blog, too. 🙂

I don’t have an official “white photo box” that are behind so many Instagram and blog pictures. Doesn’t that solid white background make everything look so pretty?! Well, I usually just go for a plain background and pay little to no attention to the lighting. This is something I’m working on. I occasionally also choose to photograph things that taste delicious, but look quite weird, such as the cheese-filled peppers above. I can guarantee that after taking those three photos plus a few more, that recipe never made it to the blog. Its presentation in the photos killed any chance it had of being written about. Oh well! This is where “not taking myself too seriously” comes in. If it doesn’t make it to the blog, that’s okay with me!

Something else you might find me doing behind the scenes is taking a million of the same photo, and again posting zero of them. 😉 I did end up posting a photo of this outfit, but it was from a completely different angle. And again, you can see how the lighting needs some help. A lot of work goes into the perfect outfit pic!

Though I am putting my life and my words out there for all to read, at the end of the day, this blog is like a virtual scrapbook for me. I love meeting fellow friends and bloggers along the way, but as soon as I start to feel any kind of pressure about “keeping up” in the blog world, I take a step back. I love to write and I love to share my life with my family and friends, so I’ll continue trying to keep this space as fun and light hearted as possible. 🙂


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Meet the Blogger [Week 1]

I’m very excited to join Sarah and Ashley for their 52 Week Blog Challenge this year! I can be a creative thinker, but to be honest, I like direction. I am most definitely a leader and someone who likes to be in charge, but I also like to know what is expected of me. Obviously, with a personal blog, you are measuring yourself against your own expectations. There really is no right or wrong thing to write about, because it is all up to you! Sometimes I love this freedom, and sometimes I want some direction. So thanks, ladies, for providing that! 🙂


Click on over to get to know Sarah’s blog and Ashley’s blog!


Today is all about the writer behind the blog. So, hi! Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. My name is Kylie and I’m a 24 year old teacher finding her way in the grand ol’ city of Washington, D.C. I’m a city dweller through and through, though I was born and raised in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA. When I started looking at colleges, I was most interested in attending somewhere in our downtown area. I didn’t give much thought to leaving my hometown, and it wasn’t until I met so many different people in college that I realized there’s a whole big world outside of my favorite city. 🙂


My decision to attend graduate school at the University of Maryland surprised most people I know, but it was one of the best decisions I have made so far in my life. It was exciting and terrifying to go to a place where I knew absolutely no one, but the best part was getting to know myself so much better, and I eventually made friends. 😉 Finding National Community Church and becoming an involved member has been such a blessing to me as I navigate this new chapter of my life. I love the pastors and I love the friends that I have made. God is really good!

My parents and my little brothers are my favorite people on the planet. I grew up one mile from everyone in my mom’s immediate family, so spending time with those people has always been really important to me. I also have a special place in my heart for my family’s two dogs, Colby and Amigo. Dogs just bring so much happiness to life!

There’s a 100% chance that you will find me doing or talking about some kind of exercise every day. Running is my soul mate workout and I love to teach Spinning and PiYo classes. I obtained my certification for both group exercise classes in college and it has been the best investment! When I’m not teaching, I’m trying a crazy workout of my own. I’ve run more than a handful of races in the past few years, and the half marathon distance is my favorite. I also received a bike for my birthday, so I’m learning to love outdoor cycling, too! Currently, I’m loving weight lifting and I’m working my way through Beachbody’s new Hammer and Chisel program. While I am a Beachbody coach, I believe that different things work for different people and I totally understand if that’s not your cup of tea. 🙂

If it was nutritiously sound to live on a diet of chips and queso, I would seriously be all in. Mexican food, black coffee, and dessert all have a special place in my heart. As does oatmeal. Which my students find hilarious. 😉 It just really is one of my favorite foods! I don’t especially love cooking, but I do really, really love grocery shopping, so I kind of have no choice in the matter. And baking dessert happens for the sole purpose of licking the bowl. #youknowyoudoittoo

So that’s about it! I hope I didn’t scare you off. 😉 Thanks for reading!

Monday Musings

Monday, September 21: A favorite quote/expression and how it has impacted you.

Well, friends, I guess I failed. 😉 I did not blog on Saturday or Sunday, but the break was much appreciated! I had a relaxing yet productive weekend and it felt good to take a few days off from posting. Even though I didn’t write the past two days, I do feel like I have learned a lot from participating in this challenge. I have learned that I DO enjoy writing on the weekends and I AM able to break out of my “schedule” for posting and write about some other topics. I’ve written some similar posts to what I might do on my own, and then I have written some posts that are totally out of my comfort zone, like my vlog on Friday! Thank you for all of your sweet comments on that one, by the way. They are much appreciated!

I struggle to identify “favorites” or “bests” in my own life. I can tell you foods that I am currently obsessed with, TV shows that I am currently all into, movies that I have always enjoyed…but when someone asks me what the best or my most favorite thing is, I really struggle to come up with an answer. That is probably why today, when I read the prompt that suggested I had to choose one meaningful quote, I immediately panicked. I suppose that some people do have certain quotes or Bible verses memorized that they call upon in times of happiness or sadness, but that has just not been something that I have ever done. That is not to say that I do not enjoy quotes and their meaning…I certainly do! My “Penny For Your Thoughts” and “Put A Smile On Your Face” Pinterest boards are two of my favorites. 🙂 Back in the days of Xanga, I would read pages and pages of different quotes and sentiments and keep a document on my computer with a running list of all my favorites! But like I said, there is not one that sticks out to me that I always remember in a certain situation. With that in mind, here are a few of the quotes that have been most meaningful to me lately.


I am a dreamer. I am a do-er. And because I define myself as both of those things, that means I am always thinking of the next big thing. The next assignment, the next event, the next big accomplishment. What am I working towards? I chose this phrase as one of the things that I wanted to focus on in 2015 because I have so many blessings in my life that I feel like it is easy for me to take those things for granted. Looking ahead is obviously beneficial in helping you set goals and stay motivated in whatever you are doing, but looking ahead can also create a sense of anxiety because you don’t know exactly what is going to happen AND you are not fully appreciating what is happening now because you are wishing or waiting for that next thing. I wonder if I was finally exactly where I wanted to be if THEN I would stop looking forward…I hope so. But I’m not sure. Which is why I need to work on being present and in the moment!


Here is another expression that has been on my mind lately. How do you balance what you need to do with what you want to do? And can what you want to do ultimately end up being your career?


This just resonates with me. I’m a talker. I am not someone who keeps their feelings to themselves, no matter what is going on. There might be one person who is better for me to talk to than another depending on the circumstance, but I am always talking to someone about how I feel. Aren’t my friends and family so lucky?! But honestly, because I am such a talker, I should turn that talk into action and give it to God. I can wish for and do many, many things, but He is the one who will guide me where I am supposed to ultimately be, so my worries (and dreams) need to be given right to Him.

Are you good with favorites? Or do you usually pick a few, like me?!

Blogger Gone Vlogger

September 18: Record a VLOG! It can be about anything you like!

Photo on 9-17-15 at 10.57 PM

Jenna from Jenna Grace nominated me for a Liebster Award this summer, so today I am sharing my answers to her questions!

What recording my first video blog has taught me:

I really don’t care about makeup.
My hair was messy to begin with but there was one piece that was so random I had to rerecord.
I move around constantly.
My voice is weird.
I use air quotes a lot.
I am not a professional blogger or vlogger. #butweknewthatalready

Happy Friday. 🙂

Latest Obsession

September 17: Just for fun, your latest obsession. What can you not get enough of these days?

Today, I’m thinking out loud about my latest obsession. II have a few obsessions. When I like something, I really like it, and I either eat/listen/wear/do these things all the time. I don’t really ever think I get to a point of “hating” any of my obsessions, I just find things I like better along the way. 🙂 It’s a natural change!

Obsession #1

Pentatonix Radio on Pandora

Have you heard of Pentatonix? They are an American a cappella group from Arlington, Texas. I think I first heard about them from Julie’s blog! Anyways, my youngest brother was a huge fan of the first Pitch Perfect movie. It seems like everyone caught the a cappella bug after that movie! I never thought that music was anything special, though I do have to admit it was catchy. When I finally added this station to my Pandora list, it quickly became one of my favorites. Pentatonix sings covers of mostly pop songs, though they do have some original music, too! There are other a cappella artists that pop up on this station from time to time too. This is just great background music for me. I listen to certain music at certain times of day and this is one station that I listen to in the morning or afternoon when I want to feel happy. 🙂 I actually play it during my planning period at school!

Here’s one of Pentatonix’s songs if you aren’t familiar! I realize they look crazy. Listen anyway. 🙂

Obsession #2

Candy Corn


I love candy corn. This, you must have figured out by now. It’s only in stores for what…three months of the year?! Let me have my fun! I really didn’t discover my love for candy corn until 2012. Yes, I remember the exact year. There are so many pictures floating around social media that say candy corn is disgusting and tastes like wax, but I could not disagree more. It’s the perfect sugary snack! I’m a fan of the classic flavor, but I have also previously tried S’mores and candy corn with peanuts. When I first tried S’mores, I wasn’t impressed. It still isn’t my favorite, but I did give it a chance again when I got the above care package from my Dad. It made it’s way back onto my “will eat” list. I cannot seem to find candy corn with peanuts in stores, although I know I have bought it in previous years! It is something I could so easily make myself. If you like candy corn, you must try this combination. Just put some candy corn and peanuts in a little bowl and you have the PERFECT salty/sweet snack! I think it was Jamie who mentioned how much she likes the candy corn pumpkins, and again, thanks to my Dad, now I get to see what I think about that! I think they are on par with S’mores. They are on my “will eat” list, but I would prefer regular ol’ candy corn any day. 😉

Obsession #3

Target Sandals

IMG_0279 IMG_0316

I like to pretend I have Birkenstocks and they look like this. They were $24.99 at Target and the best $24.99 I ever spent. I originally bought the white pair and I loved them so much all summer that when I saw my size on clearance in August, I bought another white pair even though the first pair isn’t ruined yet. 😉 I also HAD to pick up the brown pair because DUH! If you remember, my friends and I like to do this weird thing where we send each other pictures of what shoes we are wearing that day, so that explains why I have these two pictures floating around…


Amigo, on the other hand, isn’t such a huge fan of the sandals. Or maybe he is? He somehow finagled his tennis ball so that it ended up in my sandal…and then proceeded to try to get it out for the next 10 minutes. Don’t feel bad for him, though, because this is his favorite game! He LOVES putting a ball or toy in a tight space and trying to get it out. He must like challenges. Hahaha

Obsession #4

Colby & Amigo


I don’t have baby fever, I have puppy fever. Every time I see someone walking their dog or running with their dog, I “ooh” and “aah” and if it’s appropriate, I ask to pet the dog. I MISS MY DOGS SO MUCH! I am actually thinking of volunteering at an animal shelter just so I can get my dog fix;) My brother turned 21 on Monday and we were on FaceTime so I could see him open my present to him. My favorite part of FaceTime is not feeling included in family events, it is screaming “COLBY!” and “AMIGO!” so loud that they hear me and then hopefully see me on the iPhone/iPad/laptop. I am the most fun to FaceTime with. Hahaha

I would also tell you that I’m obsessed with lipstick lately, but as I mentioned in my post about my bag, I never know where said lipstick is. I would look to see which one is in my bag now and share that with you, but I already know there is nothing in my bag. It’s a partial obsession;)

What are you obsessed with lately?!

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Online Me Vs. Real Me [Day 16]

Wednesday, September 16: The real you vs. the online you. Are they the same or different?


I want to be a person that others want to be around. But we all have good days and bad days…and on those bad days, we just hope people can still see the good in us. We give out to others what we feel, so it’s really important to work on ourselves first. That’s what I have gathered in the past few years, anyways. If you only know me via the Internet, your perception of me is likely what I am like in real life. What I say on this blog and what I comment on your blog are all things that I would say out loud in real life. 🙂 Of course, looking at some pictures, I did notice some things about “online” me and “real” me.


Online, I show my friends and family the cute outfits I wear. In real life, I wear workout clothes as much as I can.

IMG_0792 IMG_6137

Online, I post selfies when my hair is perfect, my makeup looks good, and I have a nice smile. In real life (and on Snapchat), I take selfies of myself 24/7 and I really don’t care what I look like. 🙂

IMG_0787 IMG_1132

IMG_0572 IMG_0369

Online, I share all the healthy choices I make during my day. Because I really do make many healthy choices! But in real life, I indulge a little bit every day, too. I love kettle corn and sweet potato fries and candy corn. So sue me.

10606353_10204766336376204_6707568915100211709_n IMG_9411

Online, I share how much I love to run. Because I do love to run. But sometimes I get in my car, my face is as red as my friend’s shirt on the left, it feels like I live in the Sahara, and I wonder why the hell I just did what I did. Hahahasohogirl-1-5_2 IMG_9428

Online, I share my favorite trends. In real life, I put on boyfriend jeans and I look ridiculous.
Sidenote: Do you HAVE boyfriend jeans? Where in the world do you buy them? The ones at Gap are either super tight or super big on me! Help a sister out! 🙂

IMG_9733 IMG_9731 IMG_9732

Online, I share a perfectly filtered image of [insert activity here]. Here, it was me eating dinner on the beach. In real life, I take multiple pictures before I decide one is good enough.


Online, I share how much I love my church and the time I spend reading my Bible. In real life, I have been to church lately, but I haven’t read anything in the past few weeks. Life is busy. And that’s not an excuse. But you know. These things happen.


Keeps other’s feelings in mind
Yearns to feel fulfilled and fill the cups of others
Loves to laugh
Invites new experiences
Expects the best from myself and others

What kind of person are you?

What’s In My Bag [Day 15]

  Tuesday, September 15: What’s in your bag? Pick up your purse and peruse its contents, then share with us!

Now that school has started, my purse from Monday to Friday is my bag for work. I just add my wallet, my keys, and my phone to the bag with everything I need for work and I am all set to go! I shared what’s in my REAL bag in a post earlier this summer. Read all about my purse here!


I can’t decide if today was the best day to share with you or not. 😉 Usually I bring my work laptop and charger home with me, but I realized this weekend that if I am truly doing work at home, I am doing it on my personal laptop and emailing it to my work account. So the bag was much lighter this morning haha! But now it looks like there isn’t much in there!


I have sooo many Vera Bradley bags and those are the ones that I always use for my work bag. They are big, they have a ton of pockets, and the material is able to be washed, which I love because I am a germaphobe and I wash everything that touches my students. Hahaha

This particular bag was a free gift at Sally’s Beauty! My mom and I went into our local store so she could buy a new curling iron and when we were checking out, the cashier informed us we were going to get a free gift. I immediately knew I wanted this bag! The ironic part is that as we were walking into the store, I saw this bag in the window and told my mom how much I liked it. Little did I know it would be mine;)


Lanyard + ID + key: I can’t go anywhere without these three things! My ID is required for walking around the building, there is a fob on the back that opens doors when my class and I are outside, and the key opens my classroom door!
Gatorade MiO: Mango Peach! Sometimes you just need a little flavor in your water.
Headphones: For heading to the gym or out for a run after work. My ears are open all day listening to the little munchkins;)
Post-It notes + pen + highlighter: Necessities! I love these pens here!
Pumpkin Flax Kashi bar: I don’t usually buy Kashi bars for a snack, but this one was free in the teacher’s lounge and the flavor sounded good. I’ll report back with my taste test!
Headband: Because some days my hair just needs to be out of my face.
Hand sanitizer: I spend my days with 23 7-year-olds. Enough said.
Coffee cup: One cup in the morning and one cup on my break at 1:50! Bless the Keurig in the teacher’s lounge.
Chevron plan book: I wasn’t sure how I would keep lesson plans before the year started and I found this book in the Target dollar section. I have written a few reminders in it, but for the most part, my plans are in an online lesson book where my colleagues and I can send each other resources! It is much more efficient. 🙂
Chevron notebook: I’m a new teacher. I know nothing. Therefore, I write down all the things.
Conscious Classroom Management book: A speaker came to new teacher induction and this is his book. My school places a big focus on procedures and routines in the classroom and this book gives you ideas that are effective without being boring!
Erin Condren planner: The happiest thing I ever did buy. It has my life in it, from workouts to grocery lists to homework for grad school to what I need to print absolutely 100% tomorrow morning before children enter the room. Hahaha

Remind me to add lipstick to this bag! I have so many colors but I always fall in love with one at a time and then I only want to use that one. Ask me where my current favorite is. I have no idea! I need to find it or get another favorite because lipstick just makes you look put together. 🙂

What’s in YOUR bag?!

Life at 23 [Day 13]

September 13: Create a collage for this season in your life.

I know everyone always says, “The best is yet to come”, and we all roll our eyes at how corny that sounds…but I’m starting to believe that it is true. I start to like myself and my life more and more as I get older. Here’s what life is looking like at 23. 🙂

Untitled design

Teaching: 20 years in the making. Finally my career after fifteen years of dreaming and five years of studying!
My tribe: Whether it’s my family or my closest friends, I love the people in my life to the ends of the Earth and I would do anything for them!
Cross: I am so glad that I found National Community Church in D.C. I truly look forward to being in God’s presence, hearing the message, and seeing the people each week!
PiYo & Spinning: The two group fitness classes that I instruct in my free time. I’m taking a bit of a break this fall as I figure out my teaching schedule and my grad school schedule, but I can’t wait to pick those two classes back up in the spring! Instructing fitness classes makes me so happy. 🙂
Gorgeous teal + neutral bedroom: Needing and wanting inspiration to decorate with a little more style these days!
Running: My happy place.
Picturesque house: HGTV and home decorating magazines have been my favorite since middle school. I can’t wait to build my own house one day. 😉
Fall outfit: A totally Kylie outfit!
Wildwood: The best place in all the land.
Quote: The closer we get to who we are meant to be, the brighter we shine.” Are you who you want to be?
Coffee: A big warm hug in a mug every morning.
iPod girl: Whether it is Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, or the radio, I always have some kind of music playing. I associate songs with memories and I listen to different styles of music depending on the time of day. As I write this, it is Saturday night and I am winding down for the night. I am listening to Lana del Rey radio on Pandora because all the songs that play are very chill.
Streets of Monaco: Have I been? No, I have not. But my list of travel destinations is long and I love pinning pictures of places I want to go. If I won the lottery, I would be on the next plane to anywhere. Not because anywhere is better than here…I don’t think that at all. I just have wanderlust. 🙂

What’s on your collage for this season of life?


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Currently [Day 12]

Saturday, September 12: What are you currently up to?




…and PDFs of education journal articles for my graduate class. Do you see why I like reading blogs so much?! Because they are so much more fun! I really do enjoy the reading that I have to do for my job and for school, but you must understand the need for mindless reading too, right?!


Tourist in my own town. Last weekend, I went for a run, which is normal, but I didn’t plan the route, which is definitely not normal. I ended up at the Marine Corps Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, the end of the National Mall by Lincoln to get a drink from the many water fountains, and in Georgetown.


Behind me, you can see three in a row: Iwo Jima, the Washington Monument, and the Capitol Building.





Big Brother & Extreme Weight Loss! I never watch either of them in real time but they are my favorites! Of course, I am also excited for Scandal to start up again too. 🙂


Not to let my job consume me. I actually dreamed about all 23 of my students last night. Sigh. I woke up at 2 AM to go to the bathroom and I was giving myself a mental pep talk like, “I am NOT going back to sleep and dreaming about those children!” And then I did. Ahhh! Oh, fun fact: for a few moments when I wasn’t dreaming about my kids, I had a dream that me, Sarah at Picky Runner, and Jamie at IDon’tEatThat were all running a half marathon together. Ha!


I just made this…


…and put marinara sauce and mozzarella on top. The lazy way to make an Italian meal. 😉


Entirely too much candy corn.


And my Dad is not helping my addiction by sending me care packages that look like this. Hahaha


Light blue Powerade Zero. Aka mixed berry flavor. I have been so bad at hydrating lately!


My brothers, both of my parents, and Kristen. The usual. 😉


Teacher stuff because #cantstopwontstop and fall stuff because #basicwhitegirl.


Not much of anything lately! I think I’m pretty funny;) so when I do tweet, you should follow along. Follow me here!


To spectate at the Nation’s Tri tomorrow! I don’t think I could handle a triathlon as I still hold my nose when I go swimming, but it will be fun to see so many others conquer the triathlon goal all the way through DC!


This cooler, rainy DC day. Don’t worry, the humidity is still 96%. #dying Still, if you aren’t outside to run, it feels nice because it’s only 74*! I have candles burning, my laundry is all done (though not yet folded), and I’m on my couch with a big blanket!


Comcast. Last week, our TV didn’t work for a good 36 hours. I tried everything and then I called and made an appointment for a technician to come out. They didn’t come when they were supposed to, the TV randomly started working again by itself, and now this week, the remote doesn’t work. We can’t win. Hahaha


That it is really hard to get simple errands done, like going to the post office or the bank, during the work week!


That these grapes are overrated. They are good, but definitely still taste like a regular ol’ grape!



Like this. Hahaha


Me after the first day of school…and every other day of school. 😉


I can get some blog posts scheduled for this week!


To my roommate washing dishes and the song “Roots” by Imagine Dragons.


The successful end to my first week of teaching!


Seasonal beer from Citizen Burger


“Apple Pumpkin” from Yankee Candle!



Here you will find part of my wishlist since I haven’t had my first pay day yet. 😉

04  sohogirl-1-5_2

BlardiganPlaid Shirt Dress

1170986_183850 4b162c3430fa9ee472a0cc43d91bd6c9

  Fringe BootiesConverse


The Lord (and my principal) for casual dress days!


Wednesday was “Workout Wednesday” and yes friends, that means all the teachers showed up in running shoes and comfy…oh, I mean “workout”…clothes.


And Friday is Spirit Day. We are the Mighty Red Birds, but I don’t have an official school shirt yet, so I just rocked the color red. 🙂


Ordering food for dinner. And I never do that! Also skipping my workout. I usually don’t do that either!


To decorate for fall!


My roommate decorated and moved the majority of furniture into our apartment because she moved in a month before I did. I was hoping she wouldn’t mind a few fall touches on the fireplace since she chose the other pieces and luckily, she loved it. 🙂 Now that this picture is uploaded, it’s bothering me that it is slightly crooked…


Cleaning my apartment! Such fun. 😉

What are you up to?