Around Town

A long weekend always has me dreaming of a quick trip away somewhere, but when President’s Day approached, I just felt like staying in town. It seemed like I had just gotten back from the holidays, so it was nice to settle in for a quiet weekend at home. On the agenda was sleeping in, dinner out, and visiting museums downtown! I find myself admitting I haven’t been to some pretty popular “tourist” locations more often than I should, so this weekend was the perfect opportunity to fix that situation. 🙂

It was still pretty chilly outside, so after lounging around inside all morning, Joe and I made our way down to the National Mall. We parked near the Tidal Basin and although it looked like a beautiful day, it was terribly windy!

We realized just how cold it was while we stood in line for the Holocaust Museum. Entry is free, but you go through a bit of security before you enter, hence the line. It didn’t take very long to get inside and warm up, though! I visited this museum once before, but it closed shortly after I arrived so I only explored the Permanent Exhibition then.

This time, we started with an interactive exhibition called Remember the Children: Daniel’s Story. You start by walking through what his house may have looked like and continue on to different parts of his family’s experience during this time. All the while, you are reading different journal entries about what he was thinking and feeling. I really liked this part of the museum and didn’t realize it was catered towards just children. We also walked through the tiles painted by American children in memory of the Holocaust and spent some time in the Hall of Remembrance. I was most shocked by the exhibit on what has been happening in Syria. It was really sobering to think of history repeating itself, and reading the notes left by visitors about their thoughts on what is happening.

The Holocaust Museum is very somber, and really makes you think. We chose our next location for two reasons: it was a bit more lighthearted, and it is filled with contemporary art, which also requires some deep thought. 🙂 The Hirshhorn Museum did not disappoint!

We started at the bottom, where walls, floor, and escalator were covered with open-ended questions and phrases. There was also an exhibit downstairs that included five very interesting videos about life in the 21st century. I don’t know that we watched any of these 5 films all the way through, but what we saw was memorable. 🙂

The Utopian Projects on the second floor all showed miniature versions of real life, such as a 60 foot long wooden sailboat made out of tiny wooden pieces that looked like toothpicks. I started to get a bit turned around on this floor because the museum is a circle and I didn’t realize I was back to where I had started. Ha!

Our final few stops were my favorite. They were simple but beautiful.

Ann Hamilton’s at hand exhibit was probably most crowded. Paper drifted down from the ceiling randomly expressing how manual labor is disappearing because of technology. This was a fun place to sit and people watch.

I was rewarded with a beautiful view out of the third story of the museum before we left. And then there was a beautiful sunset on the way home. Looking at these photos reminds me of how much I love where I live. 🙂

And finally, the most tourist-y photo of the day: Joe attempting to squeeze the Capitol building behind him. #epicfail


Highlights of the Holidays

I am so grateful to have such a nice long holiday break! Although I work at a university, we don’t get all the same holiday breaks as students. However, we have time off from right before Christmas Eve through New Years and it is glorious. Pittsburgh had its first white Christmas in about five years, and I found a perfect balance of places to be and time to stay home and read. 🙂

– Celebrations –

This year, Joe and I drove back to Pittsburgh on our one year anniversary so we went straight to the restaurant where we went on our first date! I love Mexican food, so it fits that we first ate at Mad Mex together. December = my birthday, Christmas, and our anniversary, so we decided to exchange little gifts to commemorate the day.

We continued celebrating happy occasions when we spent time with Joe’s family the next day. His cousin is getting married in September, and since he lives in Florida, there’s rarely a time when the whole family is together. So, his parents hosted an engagement party for them while they were home for the holidays!


The happy couple, Brian and Lindsey, are in the middle. 🙂 Their announcement was just published in the newspaper this past week. So exciting!

– Heinz Hall –

Joe, his mom, and I met up with my mom and brothers to see Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas: The Musical at Heinz Hall downtown.

love the Grinch, and this show was really well done! I think I was expecting to see the cartoon or the movie done in a live performance, and there was much more singing in this show, because you know…musical. 🙂 The Grinch was played by a really animated actor and Cindy Lou Who’s voice was amazing! Our favorite moment was probably when the Grinch came on stage waving a Terrible Towel. Only in Pittsburgh!

– Christmas Eve –

My brothers and I have a tradition of going out to brunch with my Dad on Christmas Eve. This is usually followed by a bit of last minute shopping, and this year was no exception! I just had a few gifts to pick up that I had ordered online and planned to pick up in the store, and my brothers found the most amazing suits to wear to Christmas Eve dinner. 🙂

That night, we went to Joe’s Dad’s house for dinner. We left for a second dinner and games at my uncle’s house, and then went back to Joe’s Dad’s for a Secret Santa gift exchange!

We played Minute to Win It style games at my uncle’s house, and they were hilarious! In the game above, you started with one stack of cups, and in 60 seconds you had to build a “tree” and then disassemble the cups back into your one stack. It got very competitive! We also used candy canes to pick up marshmallows to assemble as many snowmen as possible in one minute, and used a straw to move as many M&M’s as possible from one plate to another in one minute. My family has never done a Secret Santa, so it was fun to participate in Joe’s family’s tradition and see everyone open something they loved!

– Christmas Day –

Christmas Day brought snow! I helped my mom get brunch in the oven, and once my Dad arrived, we started opening our gifts to one another. My brothers and I are lucky to have parents who will still celebrate the holidays together for us. 🙂

On the topic of parents who are divorced…both my mom and my dad got Jake a leather Steelers notebook for school, and they had no idea. Haha! Great minds. 😉 I quite enjoyed watching the dogs open gifts. Colby loves to chew and shred the paper…he seems to really know what he’s doing. And Amigo…well, after a few prods at the paper, he just carried his gifts right over to my mom’s lap!

After brunch, I left for an afternoon with Joe’s Mom’s family where we did a Secret Santa gift exchange and broke out some more Minute to Win It style games. I was most excited to get back to my house for dinner so that Joe could open his gift from me…a new Xbox!

The Xbox was well received and I spent lots of time over break reading while all the guys I love enjoyed Joe’s newest gadget. 🙂 We ate dinner with my Mom’s family and watched the Steeler game. Then my Dad tried to teach me how to play poker, and I’m still sure I have no idea what I’m doing. Ha!

– Favorite Friends –

I keep in touch with my best friends from college via a group text message, and a few weeks before the holidays, my friend Lindsey stepped up and decided to plan a get together for us. We all met for dinner and drinks at Narcisi Winery, which is just north of Pittsburgh.

As you can imagine, we were not out walking around the vineyard on this night…I’m pretty sure it was about 5 degrees. 🙂 But we enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner and sipping on different bottles of wine. We talked for hours and it was so fun! Another reason to celebrate during this get together: Johna and Jeff, second from left in the group photo, got engaged on Christmas Eve! Yay!


Later in the week, I met up with my friend Randi for coffee. Randi and I went to elementary school together, but we reconnected in the last few years via our blogs and we could not be more alike. 🙂 We took over Starbucks for a few hours, exchanged Christmas gifts, and talked about everything under the sun. The best kind of time!

– New Years Eve –

This is what I like to call reality vs. Instagram. 🙂

The evening started at the casino where my mom walked away a winner! It ended at home playing Scrabble and hanging out with Joe, my brothers, and their friends. A great evening, especially since it felt like negative degrees outside in Pittsburgh AND in Times Square. I was happy to be hanging out by a fire!

I had so much fun celebrating the holidays with Joe and his family for the first time, and I loved having lots of time to see my mom since she is a teacher and gets lots of holiday time off too. 🙂 Of course there were other things that filled my days like lunch out with siblings, chiropractor appointments, a trip to the movies, and Sunday breakfasts at my aunt’s house…overall, a great time at home for the holidays. ❤

Long Weekend Travels

I was so excited thinking about sharing this post because on the 10th of December, not only was I traveling, but it was also my 26th birthday. I spent the weekend in the one and only Las Vegas! Joe and I have both traveled there before, but we wanted to take a trip together, and after finding ridiculously cheap plane tickets, we made it happen!

We were also lucky to find great flight times, so we left around 7 AM on Saturday morning, which put us at our destination around 10 AM west coast time. The day we left was the first day DC had seen any snow, but we weren’t sad to leave it behind for a few days of sunshine! We stayed at the Aria Resort & Casino and it was beautiful!

We spent our first day eating lunch at the Aria Cafe and walking one end of The Strip. The Aria is near Monte Carlo, New York New York, and MGM, so we decided to see some sights right away. Also included was a trip to CVS to stock up on snacks. 🙂 I love New York New York so much that we headed back there for dinner and drinks. The city was all decorated for Christmas and it made everything more fun to see!

Las Vegas has a monorail, but we stayed on the other side of the street from where this is located, so we used the mini monorail that ran between Monte Carlo, Aria, The Shops by Crystal, and the Bellagio to get out of the cold after dinner! I planned on staying up until midnight East Coast time to celebrate my birthday because I didn’t think I could hang…but I was distracted by all there was to see in the Bellagio!

The Conservatory and Botanical Garden in the casino had a huge Christmas display that included a 42 foot tall Christmas tree and 28,000 poinsettias! Everything you saw was made from flowers, and of course they had a classic train set running around the bottom of the tree. The train had a camera on it so you could see yourself in other parts of the room as it drove around! We gambled a little bit on this night but didn’t walk away as big winners. 🙂

Sunday was my birthday, and I woke up to a nice delivery from my mom: chocolate covered strawberries and champagne! I woke up before the sun, and had a great view of the desert behind the hotel. I loved that our room faced away from The Strip and figured out that the HUGE mountains I was staring at were actually about 18 miles away. They seemed so grand and close! Joe decorated with a banner, heart shaped balloons, and those big paper circle lanterns. So sweet!

We spent the day doing all the best things — drinking champagne, eating at The Aria Buffet, taking advantage of the free hotel gym, and laying by the pool reading a book. 🙂 It was close to 70 degrees on this day, so although that would feel a little chilly on a summer vacation, I was more than happy to lay in the sun in December in that temperature. The Steelers played the Ravens on this night, so we ate a quick dinner and settled in to watch the game. I was convinced I was going to win on a slot machine called Fu Dao Le because everyone I was watching was winning, but I had no luck and ended up watching Joe play Craps for awhile!

Monday was a fun day because we decided to walk the opposite end of The Strip and see as much as possible. We missed the Bellagio water show, but were able to see Bally’s Casino, some shops outside, Caesar’s, and The Flamingo. The objective was to make it to The Venetian, but we got distracted playing Blackjack at a really cheap table in Margaritaville in The Flamingo. I can finally almost hold my own playing Blackjack after watching Joe play for a year, so that’s exciting. 🙂

Caesar’s was a fun stop because I have been to another Caesar’s casino in Atlantic City and while some things were the same, others were much more grand. We also had to check out the Sports Book at practically every place we stopped, and I thought their set up was the best. They had so many TVs and other statistics on the wall! I know next to nothing about betting on sports games but Joe had fun with this all weekend. 🙂

I was so excited to go back to MGM on this night because we had tickets to see a Cirque de Soleil show called Ka. Neither of us had ever seen a show in Vegas, so it was a new experience! When we were buying tickets online, we saw that some of the top level seats were similar in price to some in the third row…so of course I chose the third row. 🙂

The show is described as a story of coming of age through love, conflict, and the duality of Ka. I have to be honest, I had trouble following the storyline at some points because what was happening looked so cool! The stage could move 360 degrees, and there were also smaller platforms that the performers were on at some points. You could also see them behind the railings on either side of the stage from time to time. I was amazed at their flexibility and coordination!

And now I’ll leave you with some professional pictures we had taken at the Cirque show. A photographer stopped us on the way in, and I couldn’t say no. You can’t put a price on memories, right? 😉 This was such a fun trip, and kind of spur of the moment because we jumped on the cheap plane tickets as soon as we saw them. We had a great experience flying, at our hotel, and really wherever we went around town. But two fun facts about the way home:

  1. We were seated next to a very enthusiastic passenger who was certain he was sober enough for another drink. The flight attendants did not agree. There was some foot stomping and yelling on our neighbor’s part. #yep
  2. When we got to our car, the battery was dead, and it was 15 degrees. #winterisawesome


Although Thanksgiving is very much its own holiday with its own traditions, you can’t help but admit that it kicks off the Christmas season, right?! I’ve never been a Black Friday shopper, but I enjoy spending the days after Thanksgiving decorating for Christmas, listening to festive music, and starting marathons of my favorite Christmas movies. And although Christmas is right around the corner, I want to recap the fun that was Thanksgiving!

I always get anxious and excited on a week that I know I’m going home to Pittsburgh because I just want to be there already. This year, my youngest brother Jake flew to D.C. on the Friday before Thanksgiving and stayed with me until it was time to head back home for the holiday. Having him here made me feel like the holiday had already begun because I had someone from my family with me! We watched football games, played games like Jenga and Chinese Checkers, and ate out for as many meals out as possible. Let’s just say the pancakes I made on Saturday morning were a little undercooked. #oops


We went hiking at Great Falls Park on the Billy Goat Trail, took advantage of every sale at the Leesburg Outlets, and went bowling at what I’m pretty sure is Arlington’s oldest bowling alley. The cool, newly updated bowling alley/restaurant/bar in Georgetown was fully booked and although our night of bowling was much cheaper than that would have been downtown, it was pretty insane how dated everything was where we ended up!


 Jake was my lunch date on Monday and Tuesday, which made for fun work days. 🙂 He made the most of the work days by hopping on a City Bike and riding around town. He visited the National Mall and the Museum of American History. His favorite adventure, if you asked him, would probably be leaving the history museum and walking across town to where I was going to pick him up. This sounds easy, but his phone died and directions from random passersby left him walking around for about 45 minutes. Ha! Tuesday evening after work, Jake and I started the long drive home.


It really does not take that long to get from D.C. to Pittsburgh, but there are never good stories about traffic around the holiday weekend, so we were happy to get out of town as early as possible. We left at about 3 PM, made it to Bethesda to get Joe at 4 PM, and had to take a bunch of side routes through northern Maryland because of accidents on the highway. I was coming down with a cold and felt pretty terrible, so it was nice to have Jake and Joe in the car to share the driving with. 🙂

On Wednesday, I had to work from home for part of the day, but I had these two to hang out with while I typed away on my computer. Then it was hair appointment, doctor’s appointment, and Panera for lunch!


I got to spend all night with both of my brothers and then I convinced myself to go out in public on Thanksgiving Eve. The restaurant/bar was crowded but I got to see some old friends, I snagged a bar stool to sit on all night, and it was an all-around win!

Thanksgiving morning = informal Turkey Trot around my neighborhood with Joe and my dogs. It was chilly but bright and sunny, so we decided to adventure over to my aunt’s house since she doesn’t live too far away. She lives on several acres of land so the dogs had a blast running around her yard. And then we got home and Colby showed off his new tricks of bringing in the newspaper. 🙂

It was a busy and full day of Thanksgiving meals. We started at my aunt’s house, where we ate “dinner” at 1 PM and celebrated my cousin’s 26th birthday. Below are some of the only photos I took all day!

Then we headed to Joe’s Grandma’s house for dessert and the beginning of Christmas decorating. She pulled out her tree and we swapped names for Secret Santa! We ended the evening with dinner at Joe’s Dad’s house and more Secret Santa name swapping. I was ready to crash in bed by 8:30 PM, but I am so thankful that our families are so close by and we can see all of them in one day!

It felt like Thanksgiving lasted a whole lot longer than one day thanks to Jake’s visit to D.C. at the beginning of the week. Thanksgiving 2017 was definitely one of my favorites. 🙂

Christmas Traditions

The best way to spread Christmas cheer (besides singing loud for all to hear) is to partake in your family’s favorite traditions. These are the little things that just make the holiday meaningful for you. These are the little things that your family talks about and looks forward to all year long!

– Decorations –

As soon as Thanksgiving dinner is cleared from the table, Christmas decorations are a go in the McGraw house! Usually, we wait until Black Friday to bring out the decorations, but this year it was Thanksgiving night when my mom and I dragged the huge boxes filled with Christmas tree up the basement stairs!

We build our tree one branch at a time. When I was younger, I remember having a real Christmas tree, but I also remember how much my mom disliked vacuuming the pine needles ha! I guess that is part of the real tree charm. 🙂 When I was 10 or 11, my parents found a 9 foot tall artificial tree on major clearance after Christmas. They were sold on this huge tree when they also found a rotating base to put the tree in. So we decorate all sides of the tree because it spins!


When we moved to our current house five years ago, we started decorating a tree in the game room, too. This tree holds all the homemade ornaments that don’t make it on the tree in the family room upstairs. 🙂


I always have some kind of tree in my bedroom. This one was pink, if you couldn’t tell. 😉 When we were younger, we had little green trees that were about this size with M&M character ornaments. We called them our M&M trees! Now, I am actually really sad, because I don’t know what happened to the M&M trees ha!


I spend Christmas (and the days leading up to Christmas) at my mom’s house, but I still like to decorate my apartment. This is a picture of my apartment in college! I still have that tree but it is in storage at home and since I flew home for Thanksgiving, I wasn’t able to travel with any of my decorations…so now my current roommate is talking about buying a new tree. We must!


I also did this to my fridge a few years ago. What, you don’t have random colors of construction paper on hand? #teacherproblems

– Desserts –

Pizzelles are our FAVORITE holiday treat to bake. The first set of pizzelles always turns out like that. Stuck to the iron! I like to make a big batch and put them in cute Christmas bags as a little treat at school or work for friends or coworkers.

We also love to bake my Grandma’s Candy Cane cookie recipe and steal cookie ideas from Pinterest. That particular year, we didn’t even need an oven! We used Nutter Butters, M&M’s, pretzels, and icing to assemble our Reindeer cookies.

– Activities –

I take pictures of every Christmas tree I walk past. And if the opportunity presents itself, I will hop in the picture, too. 🙂


Why not shop and take pictures, too? #alltheChristmasthings


And of course I drink my coffee and tea from all the fun Christmas mugs!

I love any and all holiday attire…including these reindeer antlers. Me, 4 years ago, loving life…and then this past weekend, we had Amigo in antlers…he was embarrassed.


Colby’s thoughts on Christmas dress up? Side eye. He did wear the Christmas socks, though. 🙂


Amigo HATES having his paws or legs touched, so the fact that he was in Christmas socks was no easy task! And truthfully, he loves the Christmas sweater because he is always cold.


Another one of my favorite traditions is opening my birthday presents…because they are always under the Christmas tree! My birthday is December 10 and since the tree is already up, I have to take advantage of it, right?


We also LOVE making gingerbread houses! My mom makes the best homemade icing to hold our houses together. She has a big gingerbread house decorating event in her kindergarten class, too. We have an expert building with us!


I’m not sure if this is a ‘me’ thing or a family thing, but I love Christmas lights! Whether it’s driving around neighborhoods or actually going to see a display, I love the lights.


Hershey Park 2005

A huge park in the Pittsburgh area called Hartwood Acres used to have the best light display. You could tune your radio to a certain station and hear Christmas songs that sang along with the lights as you were driving!


Hartwood Acres 2012


Sadly, Hartwood Acres doesn’t have their huge light display anymore. Last year, I made my mom and Jake drive with me to Overly’s Country Christmas. The line of traffic to get up to the farm was LONG but it was so fun!

There are so many fun things to do during the holiday season with friends, too! I’ve run a Reindeer 5K, seen the floral and light displays at Phipps Conservatory, heard Trans-Siberan Orchestra in concert, and run the National Mall past all the big Christmas trees.


A tradition that is pretty unique to my family is taking a little trip right after the holiday. In the week or so between Christmas and New Years, my family likes to go away for a few days. We definitely haven’t done this every year, but as we’ve gotten older, it’s easier to get away. As you can see, when we were really little, we visited Hershey Park in central Pennsylvania. They, of course, have a huge light display too! My favorite.


Last year, we went to Disney World. The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is just that…a spectacle! Somehow, they even manage to make it snow!

– True Traditions –


Our stockings are always on the floor and they are always the first thing that we open! Our stockings are the only time that we open presents at the same time.


We always celebrate with these people at my Uncle’s house on Christmas Eve. If you saw my Thanksgiving picture, you know that we try to take a picture in height order. In this picture, we were being obnoxious. There is no order! No age order, no height order, nothing. Just fun. 🙂


We always make a fun breakfast to eat together after we open our presents! It’s just me, my parents, and my brothers for breakfast.

I always get some kind of new running gear so I have to test it out after present opening and breakfast eating. Of course Colby and Amigo love to join me. 🙂 This picture was actually Amigo’s first run with me EVER in 2013!


We always watch and record Michael Buble’s Christmas special. Then we watch it over and over and over again. This year, we played his show from last Christmas while we made Thanksgiving dinner. Ha!

*The two movies I watch the most are Jim Carrey’s The Grinch (hilarious) and The Santa Clause with Tim Allen.

*Even if my Dad and I have all our gifts wrapped, we like to run out and shop for a few hours on Christmas Eve.

*My parents wrap our gifts in different wrapping paper instead of putting name tags on everything. We figure out which presents are ours when we see the little mini gifts wrapped in our stockings!

*I always sneak downstairs in the middle of the night to see what Santa left behind. When I was younger, I was convinced I could hear him on the roof!

So tell me…what’s your favorite part of Christmas? I obviously can’t just pick one thing!


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Northwest Native & Say Yes To Happy

Weekend Recap: Easter Edition

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my fair share of candy, chocolate, and decadent desserts over the past few days! It felt like Halloween 2.0 at one point. Ha! It is all so delicious…you just have to indulge! But of course, we are celebrating more than chocolate. Jesus rose to save US. That is the real reason to celebrate.


We sang this song at church and my mom and I were so excited. It is our very favorite! Our celebration started on Good Friday with a good old fashioned tradition: dying eggs! My brothers tried to pretend like they weren’t excited, but you can’t skip out on tradition. 😉




My mom and I met my aunt at a local fire hall for a fish fry and craft show. It happens every year on Good Friday and every year I am surprised by how many people come out! There were fewer vendors there this year, so it wasn’t as much fun as it could’ve been, but it was still nice to get out and about. I was still hard at work on my thesis on Friday afternoon. 😉 When we got home, I faced a tough decision…


…before I tuned in to watch my church’s live stream of their Good Friday service. I love my church in DC and I was so sad to be missing Easter service, so I am really glad I could see Good Friday!


Then on Easter, I actually went to church in my town with my whole family. 🙂


When we got home from church, we all searched for our Easter baskets. The “Easter bunny” still hides them in random places around the house and if you find someone else’s basket before you find your own, you aren’t allowed to tell that person where to look! This year, mine was in a basket under the coffee table, my brother’s girlfriend’s basket was on a hidden shelf under the kitchen table, and the dogs’ basket was in a footstool in the office! I have no idea where my brothers found their baskets. I may or may not have been too busy adding one of the Reese eggs to my oatmeal. 😉


Quality photo from Snapchat. #blogfail

And then cute little gift bags! I wasn’t a basket hiding Easter bunny…just a girl who really likes to give little gifts. They’re so much fun! I got everyone their favorite magazine with some kind of beverage…energy drink, K cups, tea…because there was way too much sugar in this house BEFORE Easter even happened. Hahaha


We aren’t huge breakfast people for Easter…in fact, my brothers went down to the cafe in church to eat a doughnut! But we went to my aunt’s house with my mom’s relatives for a late lunch. My aunt always makes us get together for a photo session and everyone loves it. 😉


Don’t judge me and my hair. It was windy and brothers and cousins don’t stand still and smile long enough to wait for the wind to stop! Haha!


I am outnumbered by siblings and cousins as the only girl…but I have a lovely mom and two lovely aunts to keep me company. 🙂

My mom and I made a ton of biscotti and pizzelles this weekend because they are our favorite treats to make for holidays! But, we had one mission for Easter afternoon…and that was recreating a fruit plate from Pinterest!


I think it was a success! We flattened crescent rolls into the shape of an egg and baked it. Then we added a cream cheese/strawberry yogurt mixture as the “icing” and the toppings were obviously all the fruit! This was an exciting Pinterest recreation because it tasted good AND it looked good! Two Christmases ago (I tried to find a picture, I swear…), we tried to do a vegetable Christmas tree thing that Pinterest had convinced us was a good idea. This Easter egg was easy because it’s flat…these Christmas trees…well, they had to actually be standing like a Christmas tree. Basically, the center of the tree was vegetable dip…but it was a lot of dip because it had to be in a Christmas tree shape. Then, the cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, and little tomatoes were all around that shape as the branches and decorations. We were even so adventurous as to try and make TWO trees! It was SO cute on Pinterest and tasted SO good in real life…but in real life, it kind of looked like two shrubs. Not really two Christmas trees. Hahaha

After our fruit plate success, I hung out with this guy and did some PiYo…



…and then it was time for a big dinner. Big because there was lots of food, but it was just the five of us around the table which was nice. 🙂

After dinner, we joined our entire neighborhood on a walk. I’m just kidding…really it was me, my mom, and our dogs…but I swear every single person in the neighborhood was out walking! Even when we turned onto a busier street (that led to this more deserted street), we saw a TON of people out and about! I guess everyone was walking off their food coma. 😉


It was a wonderful few days with my favorite people and WAY too much food celebrating Jesus! I hope you had the happiest Easter/Passover/weekend! Happy Monday!