What I’ve Been Eating

I am not the kind of person who enjoys cooking. This is mostly because I usually wait to cook until I am already starving, but that’s beside the point. Last week, I found myself drinking my breakfast shake while making a big pot of chili for lunch and a chicken skillet for dinner at the same time and even though I wasn’t hungry while cooking, I still didn’t enjoy myself. 😉

If I don’t plan out a few meals during the week, I find myself drinking a shake for breakfast, eating a salad for lunch, and having an omelette for dinner. It just works for me, and I don’t really feel the need to eat out unless it’s the weekend. You’d be surprised at just how often I eat these three meals (with snacks in between, of course). Recently, I have been trying to break my routine and add some different flavors to my meals. You’ll notice that most of the meals I make have vegetables hidden in there somewhere…it just makes eating veggies so much easier! Most of my recipe ideas come from Pinterest…or else I find myself taking a screenshot of someone’s recipe on Instagram Stories. Do you do that too?!

Here’s a look at what I’ve been cooking lately:

– Turkey Chili –

This is one of my favorite recipes, and it comes together quickly. This is key for me. 🙂 I prefer ground turkey to ground meat, and while there aren’t a ton of ingredients, there are enough to be flavorful and tasty. Plus a warm lunch is just better than a salad sometimes, am I right?


– Cauliflower Pizza –

Trader Joe’s has all kinds of goodies that you just need to buy, and after making cauliflower pizza from scratch several times, I knew I had to try their frozen variety. It’s put together with minimal ingredients, which I appreciate, and it’s MUCH faster than making the dough from scratch. I made a half pepperoni, half buffalo chicken pizza last week. Hit the spot!


– Mexican Chicken Cauliflower Rice Skillet –

Keeping with the theme…if I buy cauliflower rice, I usually buy it in the produce section. However, I’ve had a frozen bag in my freezer for way too long and after checking out the ingredients in this recipe, I knew I could put this together if I just ran to the store and got chicken! I think rubbing the chicken breasts with taco seasoning before cooking really made a difference. This tasted good on its own or with a side of tortilla chips. Added bonus: there were plenty of leftovers, even after sharing with Joe!


– Bacon Garlic Spaghetti Squash –

The bacon garlic spaghetti squash recipe is actually a paleo recipe I found on Pinterest, and although it contained some different ingredients, the list was still short enough that I could justify making it. 😉 I’ve rarely cooked with coconut milk, but it was part of the sauce in this recipe and I think it was supposed to remind me of Alfredo sauce. While I can’t say that it was really like creamy Alfredo sauce, Joe ate this with no complaints and he doesn’t even know what Paleo means so I think that’s a win. 😉


And just for fun, I recently found Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios at the grocery store and didn’t think twice before tossing them in my cart. I was so obsessed with peanut butter Cheerios before they discontinued the flavor a few years ago! I wasn’t sure if I’d just pick all the peanut butter circles out of this mix or completely dislike the chocolate (because I don’t really like chocolate Cheerios on their own), but I’m happy to report the combination is a good one and it makes a great afternoon snack!


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Healthy, Happy Holidays

Can you have a healthy AND happy holiday? It is possible.


The holiday season used to seriously stress me out. Not because my shopping wasn’t done or my schedule was overbooked, but simply because for a few days, I felt like I wouldn’t be in control of what I was eating. I would just remind myself that I just had to get through these few days and then I could get back to my normal eating and workout schedule. But guess what? You (and I) are not here to survive the holiday season, you are here to enjoy it. I told you that I don’t appreciate being told I have to “work off” everything I am eating. So here are a few tips and tricks I’ve started applying to my life in the last few years. 🙂

1. Drink enough water. Very often, when hunger strikes, you are actually thirsty and that is your body’s way of telling you. Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day. That means if you weigh 120 lbs, you should aim to drink 60 oz of water every day. And then when you feel hungry, you will know that you really are! Enjoy feeling full and hydrated.

2. Keep a consistent sleep schedule. In a perfect world, we would all get 8 hours of sleep and be well rested each and every morning. For most of us, that is not the case, and trying to play “catch up” when we have a few days off is very tempting! Unfortunately, it’s detrimental to your sleep and your cognitive functioning to play this catch up game. Try to aim for those 8 hours that you don’t usually get by going to bed at a reasonable hour and waking up around the same time you usually do. Enjoy being well-rested! I’m currently working on this as I’ve fallen down the Netflix “Parenthood” rabbit hole. Oops… 😉

3. Choose to feed yourself healthy food. This sounds strange, but when I cook for myself, I typically make something that would be labeled “healthy” or “balanced”. I truly enjoy these meals, but they serve another purpose. There will be many times during the holiday season when a coworker brings you a delicious snack or you meet up with an old friend for dinner. If you are planning healthy meals and snacks for yourself for the rest of the day, those out of the ordinary snacks and meals won’t be as big of a deal. Enjoy that time with others!

4. Go with the flow. If you are following a specific diet or exercise plan through the holidays, know that it will likely be interrupted in some way, shape, or form. I’m not saying you cannot continue to stick to your plan, because you totally can! But you should expect some minor interruptions. You might find yourself working out at a different time of day than you typically do and you might find yourself having a homemade Christmas cookie for dessert. Enjoy these interruptions. They are only here once a year. 🙂


The holiday season occasionally still makes me feel stressed out, but I know how to balance my “normal” life with my “holiday” life. There’s no reason to throw your health out the window during this time and promise yourself you will start fresh in January. Do little things every day and it will make a difference. Take a walk with your family. Volunteer to make a healthy side dish for Christmas dinner. Enjoy this very special time of year!

What I’ve Been Eating: Buzzfeed Video Edition

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Today I want to share one of the most decadent desserts that I have eaten recently. I mentioned that one of my friends came over this weekend to watch Christmas movies and she decided that we just had to make this dessert. Well, if you show up with baking ingredients, I’m not going to fight ya!

We originally saw this recipe posted on Facebook in a Buzzfeed video. You can watch the 20 second version of the baking here. 🙂


2 packages of break-apart chocolate chip cookie dough
1 bag of chocolate chips
1 bag of caramels


Preheat your oven to 350*F.


Take one pack of break apart cookie dough and flatten it out in a baking pan of your choice.


Unwrap the caramels in a separate dish. Melt the caramels in the microwave for 45 seconds. Then, pour the now liquid caramel on top of the cookie dough. Note: it can be difficult to spread out! It is most “spreadable” the moment it comes out of the microwave.


Add chocolate chips to your caramel layer.


Take the second pack of cookie dough and flatten it on top of the first three layers.


Bake at 350*F for 30 minutes! Note: check at 25 minutes. My edges (or crust) were a little more golden brown than I would have liked.

The video showed a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of the “pie” or whatever you would like to call this dish, but we felt like it was delicious enough sans ice cream. 😉

A note about this dessert: it is best served warm. If you have leftovers (which you will), just pop a scoop in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it before eating.

I don’t even want to begin to guess the nutrition facts behind this dish, but I know that there is a 100% chance you will enjoy this if you make it! It was fun to finally see a video and put it into action. It’s like those pins we have on our boards on Pinterest that we NEVER do. Will I make this again? Possibly! It was fun to make for a random girls night and I’m sure those at your holiday parties this season would enjoy it, too. Even sharing it with a friend, my roommate, and her boyfriend, we still had leftovers, so it definitely makes a ton of dessert. You will have to let me know if you try it!

Have you ever made one of the recipes from a Buzzfeed Food Video?

What’s your favorite dessert?

Eat All The Vegetables (And All The Pasta)

When I walk into my kitchen to make dinner, I am usually craving a certain flavor. Is that normal?! Some flavor combinations that I crave, in case you are thinking I am crazy, are syrup and a glass of milk, sauce and cheese, and of course, my beloved veggie omelette and sweet potato. Although I guess that last one is technically a meal and not a flavor. But do you see what I’m saying?! Sometimes, there is just one flavor that you know that you want! One of my favorite flavors is sauce and cheese. 🙂


One of my classic favorite meals. So exciting, I know.

I don’t profess to be a food blogger, and for that you should be thankful because I literally have no idea what I’m talking about. It irritates me when the ingredient list includes more than five items, I typically cook when I’m hangry therefore I am very impatient, and I own probably 7 spices and never have the one that the recipe calls for. On the flip side, I am always trying to find something new to love making and eating and I tend to search for healthy alternatives. I like to know that I’m eating a variety of food to help me be my healthiest, because if left to my own devices, I would try to survive on chips, queso, oatmeal, and yogurt. #keepingitreal


There was a time when I wouldn’t eat any pasta within a ten-mile radius. Pasta = carbs and that was one of the things I wasn’t “allowed” to eat…according to my own ridiculous standards. The plate of deliciousness that you see above is buffalo chicken parmesan from The Macaroni Grill and yes I ate every last bite of it (although I did eat it in two different meals…so. much. food)! However, buffalo chicken parmesan, especially in this quantity, is not a meal I would add to my regular rotation of lunches or dinners throughout the week. Two ways that I eat “pasta” without actually eating pasta are in the form of zoodles and spaghetti squash. For the record, I do not think carbs are the devil (your body needs them) and I do actually eat real pasta now. 🙂 I am just always trying to add vegetables to my meals because they are easy to skip (in my opinion), but they are nutrient dense and I need them!

Zucchini Noodles

Cook Time: 2 minutes (microwave)
Need: Zucchini, spiralizer, pasta toppings of your choice


First, we have zucchini noodles, or as you might see them called on Pinterest, “zoodles”. I buy zucchini every week at the grocery store to cook with or eat in some way, and yet this is the best picture I could find of my zoodles. Probably because every time I make them, they look pretty unappetizing even though they taste great. 🙂 Here, I just topped the zoodles with sauce of my choice, some mozzarella, and turkey meatballs.


To make zoodles, you need a spiralizer. This is the easy-peasy spiralizer that I own, and while there are much more complicated ones out there, for $14.99 this one does the trick just fine. You have the option of moving the white cap on the top to either end, depending on whether you want thick or think zoodles. With zucchini in one hand and spiralizer in the other, you just twist your zoodles into a bowl. I am lazy and make mine in the microwave (though the stove is always an option, too). Cover your zoodles with a paper towel to soak up moisture and you have the base of your meal ready to go in two minutes!

Spaghetti Squash

Cook Time: 10 minutes (microwave) OR 35 minutes (oven)
Need: Spaghetti squash, knife and fork, pasta toppings of your choice


This one is a little more complicated than zoodles. Spaghetti squash is pretty easy to find in the produce section of the grocery store. Once you find it, you will wonder how you ever missed it. 😉 If you are lucky, the produce sticker on your squash might also have directions on it! I have cooked spaghetti squash in the microwave and in the oven. One night I had more time (and patience) than I had on another night. Ha!


Don’t worry, you aren’t going to eat this part. 😉 No matter how you are cooking your squash, you must first use a fork to poke holes in the squash. I forgot this step when I cooked my squash this past weekend in the oven, and it took FOREVER to bake. Don’t omit this step! Once you have done that, then you can cut it in half.


Just like a pumpkin…you have to get all the strings and seeds out of the squash. Once you are left with two “bowls”, you can season it with whatever spices you have on hand. I used pepper and red pepper flakes.


When I took this picture, I was cooking this squash in the microwave for ten minutes.


Once your squash cooks, you will be able to get your “spaghetti”. I used a fork to pull it all to the middle.

IMG_2199 IMG_2200

I had a plate nearby for all the spaghetti…


…and when I was done getting all the “noodles”, this is what my squash looked like! There should be nothing left. 🙂


I added chicken and this delicious sauce from Trader Joe’s!


If your TJ’s hasn’t gone Christmas crazy on you yet, try to find this Autumnal Harvest pasta sauce before it’s gone for the season!

So the real question: do zoodles or spaghetti squash actually taste like REAL spaghetti noodles? Well…no. Carbs are magical and vegetables are vegetables. If you are expecting the flavor and consistency of pasta, you won’t find that with these two options. But of course, zoodles and spaghetti squash are flavorful and filling, so what more could you ask for? When you are searching for healthy alternatives, these are two great choices. Happy cooking!

What I’ve Been Eating Wednesday IV

What are two items in your kitchen that you cannot live without? If asked, I would probably tell you oats and cheese. Not together, but I need both of those things in my life at all times. 😉 So imagine my surprise when I was cooking breakfast last week and I used the last of the coconut oil and the cinnamon. I actually panicked because I had already gone to the grocery store and “stocked up”…except apparently I didn’t do a great job! Apparently, these are two more items I cannot live without! I never get annoyed when I run out of something that I typically cook with daily…not frustrated, not mad…I think I actually get personally offended. Like, “how dare you run out on me when you have been in the pantry for this long? And you decide to run out now?!


The conversations I have with myself. Order was restored the next day and all was right in my little kitchen world again.

My eats have been very random lately. I am following the 21 Day Fix Extreme nutrition guide and workouts to prep for my annual girls’ trip to the beach for Memorial Day Weekend and I am having great success! Though I have started this program multiple times, I have never truly lasted 21 days. Because let’s be honest: life happens. Cravings happen. And sometimes you just shut up and eat. 😉 In the past, I have been such a perfectionist that one little mistake would completely throw me off kilter. This time around, it’s like falling down on the playground. You just pick yourself up and keep playing.

That analogy doesn’t really make sense. I’m rambling a lot today.



Breakfast on the go! One of my very favorite foods in all the land is cinnamon oatmeal. I seriously get excited to go to sleep at night because I know when I wake up, it’s time to eat oatmeal. Ha! 😉 #imcrazy And of course we have some egg whites thrown in for good measure (and protein).


Ah. Happiness.


The standard. Carbs + protein + veggies. I am going to turn orange with the amount of sweet potatoes I eat!


One version of 21 Day Fix Extreme limits cheese. I ignore this limitation. CHEESE ON SALAD WON’T KILL ME. And i may or may not have purchased a small container of queso. We can’t be sure.


If you have never tried a Quest bar, please go to the Quest website HERE or your local GNC and pick some up. That is a peanut butter chocolate Quest bar but they have so. many. flavors. Like cookies and cream (aka Oreo), chocolate chip cookie dough, Smores…and real people like them. Not just me. I broke one into pieces last week and baked it for a few minutes like cookies. My roommate approved. Full of protein and free of all the ingredients that so many people are allergic to!


Spiralizers are life changing. Instant spagetti noodles made from a zucchini!


With sauce and turkey pepperoni and cheese because DUH. #cheesehead


I follow many fitness related and healthy living blogs and Instagram accounts. I love seeing what other people post about working out and food! I have been reading about and seeing pictures of Arctic Zero ice cream for a hot forever and even with store recommendations, I was having no luck finding it! It’s 35 calories per 1/2 cup serving and though it definitely isn’t as sweet as real ice cream, it certainly helps the cold sweet tooth! I have already polished off the vanilla maple container but I wasn’t blown away by chocolate peanut butter (which is surprising) so I’m working on falling in love with that flavor now. 😉 It’s also gluten free and lactose free if that’s your thing!


Bread is not bad. Bread is not bad. Bread is not bad. My old mindset likes to pop up from time to time but I always try to do the opposite of what I used to do and that seems to help me stay balanced instead of restricting myself. Pesto chicken sandwich with mixed greens for the win! I went to Zest American Bistro after church with friends on Sunday and though we all ordered completely different plates, we all went home and felt like taking a nap! The feeling of a food coma is so real. Worth it for such good food and conversations. 🙂


And my very favorite treat of the week. Spring semester has finally ended and so last night was the last PiYo class until summer session starts! There is one guy who comes to three classes in a row!!! on Tuesday nights. He does BodyPump, PiYo, and then Zumba. He brought cupcakes for all of the instructors last night which was so very sweet! I, of course, love dessert and so this was the best present ever. I have worked at several different gyms in my fitness instructor career from the YMCA to Duquesne University’s Power Center to LA Fitness and the gym at UMD is truly the most awesome place I have ever taught! The people are what makes it so great…both the people I work with and the people in class. It was such a good place to start teaching a new format –> PiYo!

I was intrigued to find that I was satisfied with just a bite of this cupcake. Okay, I had two. But I seriously didn’t want to go to town on it! I really truly believe that when 90% of your diet is made up of nutritious foods, your body stops craving the treats and it can appreciate them in moderation. Don’t send me a bag of chips and a bowl of queso or I will have to retract this statement. 🙂 Still…I think it’s true. The more often you make the decision to eat good food, the more often you will crave healthy food. I stand by that statement because I have seen that change in myself this month!

What have you been eating lately?!

What I’ve Been Eating Wednesday V

I have two food philosophies: balanced and easy. I don’t believe in life without chocolate and I don’t believe in recipes that require 438 spices that no one has ever heard of. 😉 With that being said, we all know that the holidays bring lots of yummy treats…which of course you ate because they only come around once a year, right?


My mom loves baking biscotti. The temptation of almond apricot biscotti with white chocolate cannot be resisted.


But in true Kylie fashion, I tried to balance out those eats with more nutritious ones…like this bowl of cinnamon oatmeal and plate of hot sauce. Aka egg whites with veggies. 😉 I am trying so hard to break my ketchup addiction so hot sauce has become my new go-to! I am also so happy that the gas stations and rest stops that I stop at while driving to and from Pittsburgh have snacks like these…


…but there was a peanut butter filled donut in the section right next to the veggies. I almost cried.

Of course, if you are like me, you like to plan to make treats that everyone can enjoy that still have a healthy spin.


My mom found the cutest Easter egg fruit pizza on Pinterest so while she prepped Easter dinner, I patiently worked at the counter on my masterpiece. It had a crescent roll crust and cream cheese/strawberry greek yogurt “sauce”. Then we had a million pieces of fruit to cut and arrange! I think it turned out really well considering our Pinterest fail with veggie Christmas trees a few years ago haha!


I’m recovering from my Easter sugar coma with leftover Easter turkey and my two favorite side dishes: broccoli and sweet potatoes…with hot sauce. 😉

By far, the best thing I ate in the last few days was this Banana Honeymoon Shakeology Pie. When I tell you the ingredients, you might make a face, but I PROMISE it tastes like chocolate pudding. I made my family taste test it. They can vouch for me! Ready for the recipe? It is BEYOND easy.

Get out your blender and add:


2 ripe bananas
2 scoops Chocolate Shakeology
12 oz tofu (I know!!!)
1/2 c peanut butter
2 T milk of choice
1 T honey

Blend those ingredients together and smooth it all out into a graham cracker pie crust. Put it in the fridge to set for 1 hour! Serves about 8; one slice is about 220 calories.


This seriously tastes like such an indulgent dessert and you can’t even taste the tofu! I have heard so many people say tofu takes on the taste of whatever it is eaten with…but I have eaten buffalo tofu before and it did not measure up to my standards. Here, you wouldn’t even know you were eating it. I always feel good eating dessert but I especially feel good when I know it is semi-good for me. 🙂

What’s the best dish you’ve eaten recently?!

What I’ve Been Eating Wednesday IV

As your eyes are reading this, my eyes are on the road as I drive to Pittsburgh. 🙂 I was just there but now it’s time to celebrate Easter! Woohoo! My school doesn’t have any days off for the holiday but I got some people to cover my shifts at work AND my classes are cancelled because we have projects to do so it’s perfect!

Now let’s check out some of my recent eats…


My love language is most definitely a bowl of oatmeal and a book. Lazy Saturdays are the best! Lately, I have been loving my oatmeal with just water + cinnamon in the microwave and then I add a scoop of protein powder. This bowl had Quest peanut butter protein and it was SO GOOD!


In other breakfast news…I discovered the EASIEST protein pancake from Julie‘s blog last year and it made a comeback into my breakfast schedule this week. I told you I don’t have a breakfast rotation…I find one thing I like and I LIKE IT. But I did switch it up one day because pancakes are always a good idea;) All you have to do is stir 1 cup of egg whites with 1/3 cup of oats and sprinkle in some cinnamon and Splenda. Then pour all of that in a pan on the stove and let it cook! I love easy recipes. 🙂


Breakfast food for lunch? Yes, please! Veggie omelette with pepper jack cheese, hot sauce, and a little baby guac.


I have heard that Jason’s Deli is a great place to eat…they have salads, soups, sandwiches. You can order food to go, order food to your table, OR eat at the salad bar. I picked the salad bar because then I could get whatever I wanted. And there was ice cream. 🙂


I have heard nothing but great things about Ezekiel bread! It is sprouted grain bread so it has a few more nutrients than your usual slice of bread. Plus, I bought the cinnamon raisin kind so it is EXTRA delicious. I have been enjoying it as a snack with PB2 all week. 🙂


All the green things. My fridge started to get a little empty yesterday since I was getting ready to go home and therefore didn’t grocery shop. I wanted a ton of veggies and protein with a little bit of healthy fat…so I went to SaladWorks in the Union and got a chicken salad with broccoli, green beans, banana peppers, cucumbers, and avocado. Random but delicious!


Doing a 180 from all the green things…guys. Reese’s peanut butter cup Oreos! WHAT! They have chocolate and peanut butter in the center. Move aside, Girl Scout Cookies. You can wait. Reese Oreos are HERE!

What I’ve Been Eating Wednesday: Recipe Club Edition

Hi. My name is Kylie and I am a serial snacker. Yes, that’s right, I love me some snacks. And I bet you do too. 😉

Recipe Club 2

On Wednesdays, I usually share what I’ve been eating recently…but I’ve been a huge slacker in the picture department so I’m linking up with Andrea to share an oldie but goodie…no bake energy balls!

When it comes to cooking, I have two major beliefs. Number one: everyone knows how to cook. If you know how to follow directions (aka a recipe), then you are a chef to me! Number two: it must be easy and it must not include 9,472 ingredients that no one has in their pantry. Do you hear me, Pinterest? I don’t have the grocery store’s entire spice section in my kitchen! I will admit to frequently omitting ingredients…especially when only a teaspoon is called for. This may not be the best method, but it’s part of my method…which is that cooking and baking should be simple. Fewer ingredients is better and easy assembly is where it’s at!

Exhibit A:

My usual omelette…


…because you throw things in a frying pan and let it go. And it still looks pretty and tastes delicious no matter what!

Pinterest goes through phases where I swear I see similar recipes pinned over and over again and then they seem to fade away. A few years ago, I found a recipe for energy balls and I’m pretty sure that my mom and I have made these at least twice a month ever since! In our family, this Pinterest trend stuck around. 😉



This is the Pinterest image I originally found and pinned to my “Healthy Is Happy” board. Follow me!

This little snack tastes like a mini chocolate chip cookie with a little extra sweetness because of the coconut. It’s right up my alley because you mix everything in a bowl, roll it up, and put them in the fridge. I mean, come on. What could be easier?!

Here is what you need:

1 cup oatmeal
½ cup peanut butter (or other nut butter)
⅓ cup honey
1 cup coconut flakes
½ cup ground flaxseed
½ cup mini chocolate chips
1 tsp vanilla

Once you have combined all the ingredients, use a spoon to “measure” a little bit of “batter” and roll it into a ball. Put the rolled energy balls on a cookie sheet or in a container and store them in the fridge. 🙂

You can call me out on the ground flaxseed. I know it’s not an ingredient that everyone has on hand and I honestly never purchased it until we made this, but now there’s always a bag with our baking ingredients!


Our first successful batch!

We made these before going on our annual girls’ trip to Atlantic City and they were the perfect snack for the car and for the beach! Plus, it always helps to know that you’re eating something healthy on vacation. At first, my mom pinned this recipe, too…then she grew to love it so much that she wrote it on a little index card and put it in the cabinet with all our baking ingredients. Now I’m pretty sure she could make it with her eyes shut, but I don’t want to call her out. 😉 I’ll just say that’s a testimony to how good they are!

Sidenote: I recently tried a vanilla energy ball recipe recommended by The Beachbody Blog. It’s also a simple recipe, but it calls for almond flour…which I don’t keep on hand in my kitchen. So in true Kylie fashion, I skipped it. Let’s just say the end product wasn’t as good as it could have been. 😉


Happy snacking!!!

What I’ve Been Eating Wednesday III

I have yet to stop enjoying taking pictures of my food. I am proud of myself when I cook a delicious meal. Even when I eat something that requires no preparation, I feel the need to document it. Food is pretty and yummy and worth remembering!


This pretty much sums up my food philosophy. 🙂

Can’t stop won’t stop with the apple cinnamon protein oatmeal. And my images of it still have not improved. Hahaha


My favorite lunch has returned with full force. I told you I don’t eat on a rotation…when I like it, it’s all day every day. 😉


Cauliflower pizza with just a few pieces of pepperoni. I like my protein.


Kept up with the Italian theme…except I don’t think real Italians would pretend French-style green beans are noodles and add sauce and chicken sausage, but who’s telling? P.S. Pesto asiago bread. That’s all I’m saying.


Provisions for class:) All of my classes are at night (such joy) from 4:15 to 7 so I have adapted to that schedule but…I still can never tell if I’m hungry in class or just trying to pass time. On that particular day, I hadn’t eaten much all day so ALL THE SNACKS were necessary. P.S. Smores Quest Bars are the bomb.com.


I have nothing to say. Order it now. #nutbutterlover


On Wednesdays I run + eat with friends. Rachel hosted our run around Capitol Hill this week and she made Moroccan food! I have absolutely no idea what I ate besides salad but it was all delicious and yes I went back for seconds. #runnerproblems


Me and the peanut butter jar have also been in a battle with chocolate chips and a spoon this week. I have some weird taste buds.


Finally…I did not make these or eat these…but I found a recipe on Pinterest last week for dog treats and my mom made them this past weekend for our pups! And actually, we could eat them if we wanted to because they’re made with oats, cinnamon, applesauce, and an egg;) I’m a bit of a health nut so I am just looking out for my fur brothers! Ironically that sounds like the oatmeal I’ve been having for breakfast this week…eek! Find the recipe here.

What have you been eating?!