One Year, Many Pages

When I was younger, my mom challenged my brothers and I to read 100 books every summer.


It started getting harder as we got older because chapter books replaced our picture books.  I was only able to accomplish the task of reading 100 books one time — and that was the summer after second grade.  It is a small accomplishment, but I will never forget it!


I wish I had time to read 100 books for fun.  I wish I had time to read 52 books for fun.  That would be one for each week of the year. But, truly, my goal for 2016 is just to make sure I am reading a little bit each day. There is time! I have been trying to read 50 books the past few years, but I always find myself “too” busy and/or forget to keep track.


It’s far too easy to fall down the rabbit hole that is social media, and I would much rather get lost in a good book. Here’s to 2017!

Keep up with me on Goodreads to track my progress and see books read for the year. 🙂


10 thoughts on “One Year, Many Pages

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  4. I’ve read The Happiness Project, For the Right Reasons, and Wild. I’d recommend them all, loved each of them! Can’t wait to hear what you think of them. I also blogged about each of them too 🙂 Great reading list, love that you’re doing this, it’s quite an undertaking!!

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    • That’s awesome! I was feeling behind on my goal but you’re right…lately I’ve had so many good reads I’m feeling good about my progress! And goal or not, we will still be well read and relaxed 🙂

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