Friday Favorites

Well, my hands didn’t freeze off at recess yesterday and when I got in my car after work, it was a balmy 51 degrees outside…which leads me to believe my dreams of being a two hour delayed, snow days on demand first year teacher are becoming less and less likely! The meteorologist from NBC4, Doug Kammerer, visited my school in December and he promised us huge snowstorms in February, so I guess I have a few more weeks of waiting!

One of my favorite moments this week was walking to the grocery store on a random evening for an ingredient I needed for dinner. This might sound strange, but I love the grocery store, and in the town I am from, you cannot walk anywhere except your neighbor’s house. Even when I lived in downtown Pittsburgh, I really did have to drive if I wanted to go to a grocery store or restaurant or other store. Now, there is a grocery store two blocks from my apartment. I love being able to walk places! I walk to lululemon to meet up with friends to run, I walk to the library, I stumble to Starbucks (because it’s right across the street)…I just really like the ability to walk places now. This coming from a girl who doesn’t like walking much. 😉 I prefer to run!

My week started out with one of my favorite guilty pleasures, The Bachelor. Are you watching this season?! My thoughts so far are that Lace is going to make it halfway through the season for dramatic effect and end up on Bachelor in Paradise, Olivia (the news reporter) is there for publicity and a better career, and Caila is super sweet!


My roommate invited some friends over and we had the best time talking about the show while we watched! We also enjoyed some wine and cheese…but this wasn’t your typical wine and cheese night. Carlin went to Italy with her family in the fall and bought a TON of wine while she was there and then a family friend sent her gourmet cheese this month. A decadent Monday night snack. 😉


A student brought me a pencil on Tuesday…a dark chocolate Hershey kiss for the point and Rolo’s as the pencil. I didn’t even know I liked Rolo’s, but Tuesday was a long day, so I found out quick that anything chocolate and caramel was my jam.


I was nominated for “The Red Bird” this week at work. As our mascot, the Cardinal is passed from teacher to teacher as they are recognized for their hard work. This week, one of my mentors nominated me and it made me so happy! My students think it’s a combination of weird and cool that I have this little trophy for the week. Ha! Sidenote –> there were two red birds that always used to tap at my Grandma’s kitchen window. After my Grandma passed away, there was a red bird who pecked incessantly at the driver’s side mirror on my car (I parked outside in the driveway every night). When I was hired at this school this past summer, my mom was so excited that I ended up at the school with a red bird as the mascot. Fate, right?

A friend from Pittsburgh sent me a Snapchat of the view from her office window…and I sent her the view from my classroom window. #sigh #whereisthesnow

On the topic of snow, you should know it’s Colby’s favorite. I’m convinced it’s because he was born in November, and therefore he is a snow baby. When he came home with us (3 years ago yesterday!!!) in mid-January, it was also snowy and cold. So he knows no different. He runs and frolics and has a grand ol’ time out there! Amigo, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with that fluffy white stuff and he literally wraps himself in a blanket the moment he runs back inside. Hahaha!


Amigo is also not a morning person. This was my mom’s best attempt at making her bed on Wednesday morning. 😉 You should know that HE knows he is supposed to sleep down at my mom’s feet, and he does, but as soon as she gets up for the day, he gets under the covers. Ha!

Favorite Christmas present –> my Ugg slippers. My brother got me a pair of Sperry slippers for Christmas last year and I was long overdue for a new pair. I wear slippers all.the.time. And apparently I really like name brand slippers, too. Ha! #allcomfyallthetime
Favorite moment –> going to bed at 10 PM one night.
Favorite day –> Wednesday night because I started reading two new books.
Favorite discovery –> I LOVE listening to audiobooks while I drive! Currently “hearing” all about Ivanka Trump’s life. I love it!
Favorite video –> Adele’s Carpool Karaoke (wait until she raps Nicki Minaj. I died. Hahaha)
Favorite Internet find –>


This picture just makes me LOL. 🙂 Get your act together and handle it!

Holla for a 3 day weekend! Happy, happy, my friends!


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Friday Favorites

More Than 5 on Friday

I’m in a bit of a frenzy right now because I have approximately -5 Christmas presents and the big day is SOON! I was going to be one of “those” people who was finished shopping in November but LOL it’s December 11 and so far, I have two little “extras” to put on top of my Dad and Jake’s gifts. Except here’s the thing…there’s no where to put their “extra” because there’s no actual gift yet. AH! Two things on my brain while I’ve Christmas shopped this year and come up empty handed: no one needs anything AND I refuse to buy a shirt or sweater for the sake of buying someone a present. NO. It has to be cool! *insert stress and buying zero things*


Amigo and Colby went to see Santa this past weekend with my mom. These pictures are my favorite. As is the story of Colby being real chill and Amigo barking at Santa. Hahaha! Does that mean he is automatically on the naughty list? Colby is usually afraid of things he doesn’t understand (think balloons, large construction vehicles, etc.) so I’m surprised he didn’t bark at the big red man, too!


A really cool thing that happened this week is the DC Capital Striders used my Instagram picture in their post about a Holiday Lights Run! How cool is that?! See their post and my picture here.

Other favorite things include:


Staring at a Christmas tree all lit up in the dark.


These friends.

A work dress code that allows me to literally get away with wearing leggings 5/5 days if I really want to…gray on the left, black on the right. 😉 I’m no outfit repeater!

A layered Hershey’s birthday cake from my coworkers and a mini Oakmonter from Kristen!


This bike. ❤


Decorating cookies for my birthday with my students!


This AMAZING candy corn themed gift from a student! Who knew apple pie candy corn was a thing?! In case you were wondering, it’s kind of strange. 😉

This amazing box of goodies from my family! There’s no shortage of dessert or snacks in my apartment this week. I have a good candy stash for a while now!


And this image I saw on Instagram. Hahaha! My friends and I entered the lottery for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler under the name “Team Queso”. We can so relate to this picture!

Have the best weekend! I’m off to do more Christmas-y things, starting with a run through the National Zoo to see all their lights. Tis the season!


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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: I’m Baaaack

Well, I fell off the face of the Earth this week. Except not really. This week, I was glued to my couch. I had a terrible sinus infection that moved into my chest and I had a fever. #goodtimes


Being sick when you’re an adult is no fun at all. I felt like a baby! Ha! Last week, I lost my voice and thought I just had a really bad cold…but after working all week and going to the gym all week, my body shut down. Still, I was like, oh a fever, no big deal…and I didn’t take my sorry self to the doctor until Monday, which thankfully was a day off from school. I love Christopher Columbus. 😉 My doctor put me on two antibiotics and told me to take Tuesday off work. Now let’s just throw it out there that teachers in general do not like to miss school because it’s more work than actually GOING to school…but for a first year teacher, especially after a long weekend. Sigh. I was still feeling so sick that I had to listen to her! So my week has been nice and short, although I’m never upset to see another Friday come around! Especially since I have been giving standardized tests every day this week. LIFE IS FUN!


I have been a coffee drinker for only two years now, and I always say that I don’t have a favorite kind of coffee and I don’t “need” coffee. Well, I think I have now decided my favorite flavor is actually Hazelnut and my occasional morning headache would beg to differ with the idea that I don’t “need” this warm beverage. 🙂


Ice cream is my favorite…this Pumpkin Pie flavor has graham cracker in it. I was sold. It is not too “pumpkin-y”, but it is perfectly delicious. 🙂


I got new leggings at Lululemon. They were on clearance and I’m a fitness instructor so double discount for me! #win These are my favorite because I LOVE this green color, they sit in a great place on my waist, and they have pockets. Oh, yes. I have been looking for a pair with pockets like these and I was so excited to finally find them! Then of course I saw a coworker wearing workout leggings with similar pockets today and she bought hers at Target. Of course!


Surprise pocket!


The little things are my favorite. Like noticing sidewalk art on my way to a Spin class…


…reading chalkboard handwriting at a new-to-me coffee shop…


…and eating Quest bars from friends. 🙂 Have you tried the Pumpkin Pie flavor yet? It is a coated bar, so it is definitely different than any other Quest bar I have had before!


I love when I think I’m a baby genius when in fact, my idea is not so great. A caramel apple with Reese’s Pieces is my favorite kind of candy apple. I bought it at the pumpkin patch last weekend and it was sitting in my kitchen looking ready to be snacked on, so instead of holding it by the stick and taking a big ol’ bite, I decided to slice it nicely! What a great idea!


No. The apple cutter broke (it’s 4 years old anyway) and the apple wasn’t even that good. #derp 


This was on Facebook and it made me literally laugh out loud because it is so true. Happy Friday!


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Friday Favorites

Friday Plans [Day 11]

Day 11: It’s a Friday night and you decide to stay in. What do you do?

I think Bailey Jean was thinking about me when she came up with this prompt;) This has “Kylie” written all over it! Staying home and relaxing is my favorite thing to do.


I saw this picture posted on Instagram on Tuesday…you know, the day after the long weekend when no one wanted to face reality! But it really could be my motto. If I had to describe my younger self, I would say that I was introverted and I liked to spend time with my family. But really, I think what I mean by all of that is that I liked to stay home. Make no mistake, I am a sociable person and I love spending time with friends! However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really embraced the fact that I crave alone time. It’s how I recharge!

The perfect Friday night at home would look like this:

4:45 PM


Get home from work and immediately put on comfy clothes. Running clothes, leggings, whatever it may be that ISN’T work clothes. Drink some water, scroll through Instagram, and then hit the road. I unintentionally scheduled two workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday this week that ended up making me run in the door after work, hurry up and change, and head back out again. As tiring as that was, I think it was the best way for me to get my work out in! Otherwise I would’ve just curled up on the couch. 🙂

6:00 PM


Now that I’m back from my run, I’m going to make my favorite meal: a veggie egg white omelette with cheese and cinnamon peanut butter oatmeal. I’ll let the veggies cook in coconut oil on the stove while I jump in the shower. Because yes, I take the world’s shortest showers, and yes, I do unsafe things like cook while I’m not actually in the kitchen. #dontjudgeme #dontjudgemetimestwo

Because I feel like I need to justify my hate for showers –> …it makes me cold. I hate being cold. And I really don’t understand what people do in there that takes so long. Get in, wash hair, body, and face, run the razor up and down your legs, get out. 4 minutes, tops. I am not kidding. Hahaha

I would finish cooking my omelette, put my oatmeal in the microwave, and then head for the couch. I am one of those people who feels like they need a snack when they watch TV, so I try to intentionally watch television when I eat meals. I know that sounds terrible, but my roommate and I keep very different schedules so I am eating alone, therefore I do what I want;)

7:00 PM


Go outside because #hellofreshair and read blogs. I have so many favorites and I love catching up when I have all the time in the world…as I would on this Friday night. 🙂

8:00 PM


Make a quick Target run for things I don’t need;) Still wearing my comfy clothes. As the picture above shows, I have no shame in wearing yoga pants, a hoodie, and gold sequin moccasins in public haha! This Target run could also be replaced with some friend time. On recent Friday and Saturday nights when I have been hanging out at home, my friends have come over to either watch a movie or we will decide to walk somewhere for dinner (there are lots of restaurants around). Last week, Kristen and I went to The Cheesecake Factory in gym clothes because WHY NOT and hello brown bread, big salads, and cheesecake! I welcome variations to my “perfect” Friday night because when your friends are just as happy staying home as you are, it’s still tons of fun. 🙂

9:00 PM


Get in bed. Yes, at 9 PM. Have a snack…maybe a chocolate shake, popcorn, chips and salsa, or something of that sort. Pick one of the many books in my stack and get to reading. I have gotten so bad at picking up a book lately! Even in the times when I am relaxing, I’m using technology. I gave up social media for Lent and I definitely didn’t miss it, but it’s so easy to get sucked back in!

10:00 PM

Honestly, go to sleep. I like to run long on Saturday morning and that means waking up early. Good night. 🙂


Are you a homebody or are you someone who needs to make plans?

Rain Can’t Rain On My Friday Parade

The 10 Day Forecast isn’t showing sunshine until Sunday…but rain can’t ruin a Friday! I have a hot date with my laptop and my thesis so it’s going to be a weekend to remember. 😉 Luckily, my roommate and I are kicking it off with drinks + friends!


The week after a break can be a drag, but I’m happy to report there was no dragging over here. I’m not sure my lovely friend Molly feels the same way. 😉 As usual, I’m linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci to share my favorites from this week! You might think it’s silly or wonder how you could possibly have a new favorite something only seven days apart, but I like to reflect on moments. The little things are the big things. I challenge you to think about your week, too!

– ONE –

This week started off on a high note…we were all kind of still riding the “birthday high” from Jake’s celebrations last weekend and so I was super excited to get this text in my family’s group message on Tuesday afternoon!


Permit in hand, ready to hit the road! A favorite for sure. My mom has let him be pretty adventurous this week behind the wheel. He’s had a ton of practice in parking lots and driveways and cul-de-sacs (I think my Dad taught all three of us how to drive before we were 16;)), so my parents were pretty okay sitting in the passenger seat this week!

– TWO –

I’m a creature of habit in the kitchen. I just am. I am also kind of picky about what I eat, which stems from the fact that I was the pickiest child on the planet when I was younger. Think Kraft macaroni and cheese on Thanksgiving because I wouldn’t eat turkey. My grandparents thought that was ridiculous, just so you know. Hahaha

I am not NEARLY as picky about what I eat anymore but there are a few weird habits I have that have stuck around. Example: I don’t like red meat unless it’s with pasta. I will not eat hamburgers or steak. It just doesn’t seem appealing to me. That being said, I LOVE chicken and turkey. But a diet of chicken and turkey can get a little boring sometimes and I have discovered that not all seafood “tastes fishy”. I’m not sure what that description even means because I didn’t put a piece of seafood in my mouth until I was at least 15 so I was judging with no experience. Except for that time my Dad ordered fish and the fish was delivered to our table with its eyeball still in… #scarredforlife


I have decided I like tuna, some crab, tilapia, and calamari…but really I just like calamari’s fried breading and sauce;) Anyways, I made tilapia and broccoli for lunch this week and it was definitely a favorite!


On the subject of cooking, my roommate and I take turns cooking dinner for each other once a week. I made ground turkey lettuce wraps. So yummy and so easy to make!


This recipe is 21 Day Fix Extreme APPROVED which makes it a favorite for me! A similar recipe can be found here.

– FOUR – 

I have discussed my newfound love for podcasts and I think it is awesome that my church has a podcast where we can listen to sermons if we miss the service or if we just want to hear them again later in the week!


On Wednesday when I was going to meet friends to run, I was in such a cranky mood about something that is not even important. Regardless, I was changing the radio station every ten seconds and then I plugged my iPod in and I started doing the same thing. Add some red lights that stay red for five minutes and green for 20 seconds and I was DONE. So I finally decided to click on the NCC podcast and listen to the sermon (even though I had already heard it) because sometimes you just need a little Jesus in your life.

– FIVE –

These people that I run with, though. Seriously some of my favorites.


There is nothing better than running shoes. 😉

Wednesday was a special night for us because part of our running group is on a mission trip right now. They’re in Israel and Palestine learning about the conflict and reconciliation efforts there and Friday morning, they ran the Right to Movement Marathon in the West Bank. Those of us in DC planned our route so that we could go to both the Palestinian Liberation Organization building and the Embassy of Israel and pray for our friends who are abroad.

On the way, we passed the National Cathedral…


…this entire evening was one of my favorites of the entire week. 🙂

– SIX –

Have you ever bought something, gotten home, unpacked your bags, and then weeks later, found one of your purchases??? No? Just me?!


Painted nails make me feel put together. #needisaymore


Easter is around the corner and I love a good reason to buy festive little decorations for my apartment.



The glitter Easter eggs didn’t all fit in the apothecary jar by my kitchen window, so the rest found a home in the basket on my coffee table. 🙂


I love love love having candles burning when I’m at home. My roommate just bought this HUGE Yankee candle which smells amazing (and is the perfect color for Spring;)). I also always have a candy dish on this end table and when I saw this one, I knew it was perfect. I love that it’s  shaped like an Easter egg and has the little bunny on top. It’s not too much but it still fits the holiday. 🙂



And because I can’t end on an odd number, here’s the new verse that is the new background of my phone. 🙂


Happy weekend, everyone!

Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down On Friday

Hands in the air like you just don’t care! It’s Friday and there are nine whole days until I have school responsibilities again! The freedom begins at noon today. I can’t wait! I am going home and it’s going to be a glorious week of relaxing with my family and my dogs.


As usual, I’m linking up with some of my favorite bloggers for Friday Favorites. 🙂 Check out Andrea, Narci, and Erika‘s blogs! They’re such fun ladies.

This week was interesting. It felt hard because we had two snow days at the end of last week so after a four day weekend, it was hard to get back into the swing of things. I can’t believe we were buried under 8 inches of snow just seven days ago because it has been sixty degrees every day this week! No complaints but the end of winter sure brings some craziness. Then there was the countdown until more days off…and there were midterms.


I would love to say that most of last weekend looked like this…but I’m honestly really bad at studying. I love school and I love learning but as an Education major, in both undergrad and grad school, I’ve had to do more project-making and paper-writing than I have actual studying. Sitting down to study for Statistics was not my favorite activity but I actually think I did well!

And I rewarded myself for studying with a little Target time. I deserved it.


And I deserved these. SPRING!


During church, I like to take notes. I write down random ideas and verses that are meaningful…I like stuff like that and so that’s what I do during church. It’s just my thing. But last weekend, I was so distracted during the service. I was hungry, which is a terrible reason for being distracted, but I was looking back at my notes earlier this week and I have no idea what I was writing. Hahaha

Anyways, as I was walking back to my car after church, I walked past a sandwich shop that looked like they had dessert. I figured I would grab a muffin or biscotti or something to hold me over until I got home. When I walked in, I smelled bread. And I forgot about dessert. So I purchased this pesto asiago bread and never looked back. I never eat bread (I just prefer other things) but this was one of my favorite impulse purchases;)


And then my roommate made us chicken sandwiches with peppers and onions and the wonderful bread. What a girl.


The way mail gets delivered around here makes no sense but I finally got my packages in the mail yesterday and I was so excited. Getting mail of any kind is my favorite. Seriously, you can have my address and I’ll be waiting downstairs for your letter. 🙂 I ordered peanut butter and syrup from Amazon because I only spend my money in the wisest of ways.


Speaking of priorities…running has been way up there lately. You know that I love to run, but I’m training right now, so I really have to love it;) I wrote about my struggle of a run the other day and then I was looking back at the pictures I took while I was running and I realized…running really is my favorite and so is this campus.


Because this campus is so big, even if I take the bus, I still have to walk outside at some point. So when it rains, umbrellas are necessary. Everyone keeps saying they prefer rain to snow, but why do they say that? I know snow means cold but rain just bugs me. It is wet and cold and annoying in my humble opinion. 🙂 I had a brief moment of panic this week when I went to get my umbrella because it was missing. I had to use my back up umbrella! (The horror!) The back up umbrella gives into the wind and will occasionally flip inside out while in use. Not helpful when it’s raining. The missing umbrella does its job perfectly which is why it’s my favorite. Not in my apartment, not in my cubicle at The Writing Center, not in my research office, not in the staff lounge at the gym…


But it was at my desk in The Writing Center’s other location at the library:) #win

Luckily by Wednesday night, the rain had disappeared and the sun was shining! On Wednesdays, I meet up with a group of people from my church to run and eat and chat about all the good things in life. We pick a different route and eat at a different restaurant/someone’s house each week so it’s always fun because it’s always changing! The people that I run with are my favorite people ever. I am so lucky that I found a church that I love with people like these!


And Capitol Hill is beautiful.


Two of my favorite stores are honestly TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. I feel like I always find something! My latest find were these coconut macaroons. They are 100 calories and so, so tasty!



I had one with apple cinnamon tea after dinner on Thursday. 🙂

And finally…a confession. Sometimes I am so cranky that I actually annoy myself. Do you ever feel like that? No? Maybe that’s just me. I just know that even though I am feeling stressed or upset, there is another part of my brain telling me to stop being crazy. But sometimes the crazy cannot be stopped. Hahaha
SO, on my way to class, I stopped and got coffee. Because coffee is more appropriate in class than wine. And wine felt like it was needed yesterday. I have no idea why I couldn’t snap out of my funk!


Tall black coffee with one shot of sugar free vanilla and one Splenda. My favorite. And it cheered me right up;)

I love where I live. The sky!!! God is good.


Happiest of Fridays to YOU and I hope your weekend is fabulous!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! This week has been both long and short. Long because I am counting down the days until NEXT Friday when I can drive home for Spring Break. Short because we didn’t have school Thursday or Friday. 🙂 I do enjoy living in a place where everyone is afraid of snow. Though in their defense, we got 7 inches of snow! Baltimore and DC both got 9 inches so it’s been a big mess everywhere. I finally ventured out to go to the grocery store today but it’s been a nice few days of relaxing and catching up on work before midterms next week!


Linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci to share some of my favorite things! Blog one of your favorites and join us 🙂

March means spring, right? In our dreams! I’m pretty sure most of the country is still covered in white. I can’t be too upset when the view of The National Mall is this pretty, though. One of my favorite places looking beautiful before the latest storm hit!

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 9.42.17 PM

The local news station was sharing a bunch of images posted by viewers and when I clicked on someone’s Instagram, I found this image from earlier in the week. This picture was taken from a plane that was about to land and I just think it is so majestic. Yes, I said majestic. Go with it.


My view is not quite as spectacular. When it’s not so foggy and white out, I actually have a really pretty view of UMD’s campus! But for the past few days, it has looked like this. The sun knew we needed a little happiness so it’s actually shining today! Next week it is supposed to be in the fifties. I tell you, weather is crazy. I have noticed that people love to talk about the weather and either get excited or complain depending on the forecast, but what’s going to happen is going to happen regardless of if I check the weather so typically I don’t discuss these matters. 😉 Although, that is how I get myself into situations like the one I found myself in last Sunday: pulling my hoodie tight around my face as I “ice skated” home from the gym because there was freezing rain and ice. #yougetwhatyouget

One of my favorite ways to get inspired in the kitchen is to play around on Pinterest. Earlier this week, I mentioned that I felt like I kept making the same thing over and over and over. SO, last night when the fridge was looking barren and it was my turn to cook for my roommate and I, I made these Italian chicken sausage and feta cheese stuffed peppers.

  IMG_6823 IMG_6825

I was very proud. I sort of followed one recipe and I sort of followed another…so does that make me a real chef? Because I basically made this up on my own?! 😉

The first recipe [here] called for goat cheese. I very often half listen to recipes and add or omit whatever ingredients I do or do not have. Hahaha #creativeflair But lucky for me, while I was contemplating whether or not I could substitute goat cheese for feta cheese (which is what I had on hand), I found this recipe [here]. They turned out SO good! The only time consuming part was cleaning out the peppers. I am also not known for my patience, so it took some skill to cut the peppers without cutting myself. Fun story: last week I used the handle of a knife as a spoon. Which means I was holding the blade. Because you see, I only needed to stir something for a second, so no big deal, right?


Can I blame the blonde hair?

It’s no secret that I love to work out, so it should come as no surprise that my favorite Friday activity for the last few weeks has been checking out new studios around the Maryland/DC/Virginia area. My friend Kristen and I tried our luck at [solidcore], which is a strength workout completely done on one machine called a megaformer. To say it was difficult would be an understatement. I have never felt more uncoordinated and the guy next to me was just whipping out the lunges and crunches like it was no big deal! So after that interesting experience, the following week we went to Soul Cycle, which is known for being a really popular cycling studio in NYC. There are two around here now, one in Maryland and one in DC, and I was really excited to go because I am certified to teach cycling classes, so I really love taking other people’s classes! I get new ideas and I get re-inspired. Plus sometimes it’s nice to not be in charge of your workout and have someone else tell you what to do! The guy who taught our class was literally INSANE! Crazy energetic, great music, just all around motivating and fun. So we are sticking with what we know and going back to Soul Cycle tonight. Yay for Friday fun!


While we’re on the topic of things that make me feel good (like working out), something that makes me feel GREAT is when my jeans fit exactly how I want them to. Which is what happened this morning (or should I say afternoon) when I finally got dressed. A favorite moment for sure. I even found myself out and about today thinking, I hate pulling my jeans up. Why didn’t I wear a belt? But this is no reason to complain so I quickly told myself to shut up. 🙂


HA! Ecard, I win.

I have been playing around with the idea of “flexible dieting”. Basically it means that I am paying attention to how much protein, fat, and carbs I eat. I have a calorie goal for the whole day, but honestly I haven’t met it yet. I am not used to eating this much! I spent a lot of time in college counting calories and eating tiny portions so this idea of “more food, more weight lost” is still very strange to me. But the jeans fit so I’LL TAKE IT!



The good stuff.


So I understand that your eyes are probably drawn to “no sugar added”. BUT PEOPLE. This is my new favorite ice cream. First of all, I do not believe in sugar free desserts. That’s just wrong. You are eating dessert, so enjoy the sugar! When I see things like sugar free brownies or sugar free fudge, my brain just wants to know why. I understand that some people actually need to pay attention to their sugar intake, I’m just saying, if you’re trying to watch what you eat and you decided to indulge in dessert, just go all the way. Just do it. Be Nike. Eat all the damn sugar! 🙂

ANYWAYS, the reason I am over the moon about this ice cream is because it’s not completely free of sugar. It’s sweetened with Splenda and it is so so tasty. I don’t eat a ton of ice cream (I’m a salty person) so my ice cream taste buds might be different than yours, but I really liked this!  So my suggestion to you is to go to your local grocery store and buy the happiness.

Happy weekend everyone 🙂

– Is it still a winter wonderland in your area?!

– What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Friday Favorites


 Linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci for Friday Favorites!

This makes me laugh…


Teaching PiYo is a definite favorite of mine! A few weeks ago, I taught at an event called “Get Pumped, Get Sculpted, Get Shaking”, which showcased some of the new routines and classes offered at the gym this semester. There were almost 60 people in the room and I had to teach on that little stage! I swear up close it looked like a ping pong table. I didn’t fall off, luckily;)


                        Photo credit UMD CRS 2015

One of my favorite views this week…


What is better than sunshine at 7 AM in the middle of winter? #thelittlethings

On Wednesday, I got my favorite email of all time…I HAD MAIL!


Just slightly obsessed with peanut butter and jelly. And I don’t care who knows it. Thanks Mom:)

Later that night, I met up with my favorite group of people and we ran the National Mall aka the best running spot in D.C. in my opinion. It’s always so pretty and always makes me feel so lucky to live here!


#somuchreflection #runnerproblems #ihatemyglasses

I LOVE THESE PEOPLE but the only thing I see when I look at this picture is my glasses. I do not like them but I was too lazy to put contacts in yesterday. That is quite ironic because I wore glasses from the age of 7 until approximately July of last summer. I have had contacts for less than a year and I already think I look so strange without them! You can hardly see me because of all my pretty friends, so it’s okay;)

After our run (which was actually pretty fast even though we had such a large group!), we ate dinner at Qdoba and talked about our word of the week: patience. And I got a parking ticket for $100. Thank you District of Columbia. That part was not so fun, but between running with my friends and talking to my best friend from home on the phone for two hours (no, your eyes did not deceive you), Wednesday was pretty darn good!

On the note of patience…this verse came up in my quiet time this week and I just love it. I am working my way through Jesus Calling and some verses stick with me more than others! This one is one that I thought about for a few days so it’s definitely a favorite. I am not so good at memorizing Bible verses but this is a good one!


I am constantly writing, highlighting, or pinning quotes. I love how they seem to explain everything perfectly sometimes! So, thanks to Pinterest, I found this gem. I was reminded there is a difference between being patient and being passive!


Read the blog post here!

Thursday started off on the most amazing note ever…snow delay!


Read: no morning responsibilities. Aka: sleep in, eat breakfast in bed, and love. my. life. Our delay started as “university opening at 11 AM” and changed to “university opening at 12:30 PM”. I say if it’s afternoon we should just skip the whole day;)

My favorite day of the week is not Friday or Saturday or Sunday. It’s Thursday. In middle school, my friends and I declared it “Feel Good Thursday” and we even had a theme song.

We were silly teenage girls;)

Anyway, years later, I still have a love affair with Thursday. Which is odd because my schedule is usually still packed full and BUSY! But there is just something happy and exciting about knowing that the weekend is right around the corner. I liken it to the anticipation and cheerfulness that everyone feels right before Christmas Eve. Seriously. Such a little detail, but it will always be the best day of the week. 🙂

In food news…because don’t I always have food news…my roommate decided to be adventurous and cook eggplant parmesan. My favorite foods all in the same dish. Vegetables, cheese, sauce…the very best dinner.


This weekend, I will be spending all of my time at the gym for the Southeast Collegiate Fitness Expo. That’s a mouthful;) I have to go because the University of Maryland is hosting the expo and since I’m a fitness instructor, I have to help represent our school well. 🙂 But I actually can’t wait to go to all the seminars! Healthy living, nutrition, fitness…it’s going to be so fun! #gymnerd

Happy Friday, friends!

What are you doing this weekend?!