Marvelous Happenings

Before I get on to the marvelous things that happened this weekend, can I share a revelation?

Like most people, the first Monday of the year, I started a new workout and nutrition plan. Did you? Well, even if you didn’t, here’s my two cents. I am a generally healthy eater and avid exerciser to begin with, so I was more seeking structure than a magic pill for weight loss, because I don’t need that. And now that I’m a week into this very structured plan, I’m irritated.

There’s a very fine line between following a plan exactly TO the plan, which is what I’ve been doing, and living your life. I do believe there is a time and a place for strict guidelines, but I need to learn to be okay with doing something “off plan”.

I went to a Steelers bar to watch the playoff game and I ordered chicken nachos. There are worse things. I went to a pop up workout in D.C. instead of waking up and doing my scheduled lifting. There are worse things. I’m in the midst of figuring out how to make this plan fit MY life instead of fitting myself into its mold, because it’s not lasting to be on a strict nutrition and workout plan. I like cookies and chocolate and chicken nachos, thank you very much. Plus I LOVE working out with people, and it’s not the end of the world to do a different workout and skip the one that is planned. Because it is also not normal to workout twice daily. Maybe for fun, but that’s a personal choice. 😉 And now I’m done rambling.


Marvelous is…

Outdoor recess in January where I’m NOT freezing my tail off. Not so marvelous is a slight mist that is almost like rain, but not really…

Making new recipes! I’ve had Quinoa and Black Bean SaladTurkey Chili, and Crockpot Salsa Chicken lately.

Returning a bunch of random items at different stores and getting your money back for all of them! #winning


This image because it’s so true of me! Exhibit A:


Parenthood on Netflix, cinnamon apple tea, and a big fuzzy blanket.

Marvelous is also a bar full of Steelers fan and a WIN in the playoffs! (Now deserving this win, that’s a whole other story…did we deserve this particular win? Yes, because the Bengals are classless. Are we going to make it past next week’s game against the Broncos? Here’s to hoping…)


A free pop-up workout at Union Market! We did a dynamic warm up length wise across that room that included sprints, suicides, burpees, bear crawls, and more. Then we did HIIT exercises and ended the workout with a free juice from South Block Juice Co.! Chris and Alex Perrin, who led the workout, are local fitness instructors. The music was great, everyone had so much energy, and there was actually some competition in the room among friends! Though they did wear a headset so that we could all hear them, it was difficult to hear Alex at times which was frustrating, but it was kind of like The Wave…half the room figured out what to do and the rest of us followed suit. 🙂


61 degrees in January. WHERE IS THE SNOW?! #teacherproblems


Coffee at Ebenezer’s, my church’s coffeehouse.


Driving to random convenience stores to play the Powerball. The more random, the more chances of winning, right?! #logic

And the highlight…getting a library card. I had to show approximately 234783 forms of ID because I don’t have a Virginia license yet, but I was so excited just to hang out in the building! Libraries make me happy. 🙂 And I got another audiobook! From Michael Strahan to Ivanka Trump. I borrowed some book suggestions from Allie’s post and I can’t wait to start reading!







Short & Sweet

Usually I ramble on Fridays, but today I think I was a little more concise. 😉 You can be the judge.

Five things that are making me happy in this crazy busy season of life:

– ONE –


Race expos are amazing for many reasons…you are surrounded by runners, there are lots of free things, and there are lots of shorts and shoes and fuel that runners love. The Cherry Blossom 10-Miler Expo was no exception. It was one of the expos I’ve been to with the most booths to check out! Anyways, my running shoe of choice is Brooks and Brooks’ slogan is “Run Happy” which I mentioned is my favorite phrase to describe my running life. So, when I found these shorts on ridiculous sale for $18, they had no choice but to become mine. Wore them Wednesday night to running group…#love ❤

– TWO –

I think I have explained my love for Florence + the Machine and other “weird” artists on more than one occasion…this video proves my point. It is very weird. Ha! But I love her and her music and THIS SONG which I have been listening to on repeat all week so I can deal with the weirdness. I was so excited to see this new single in iTunes!!!



Eating and chatting with friends is always a good idea, but it’s an especially good idea when you’re at a pizza place rated #36 out of 100 in the US. 🙂 We went to Pupatella’s after we went running on Wednesday night and I got the Burrata pizza. It definitely wasn’t my first choice because there were SO many good choices on the menu, but we asked one of the waitresses what the best pizza was and this was one of her recommendations! When a worker tells you what the best is, you should probably listen. This was so delicious! It’s a white pizza with no sauce, burrata (which is extra creamy buffalo mozzarella), cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, and basil. I posted this picture on Instagram because there was a time in life where I wouldn’t have been caught dead eating this and on this night, I didn’t even think about it. I just truly enjoyed it. A few years ago, I remember someone telling me they had never seen me eat a piece of pizza before…and they could never imagine me eating one, either! I was very obsessed with only eating “healthy” food and it bothered me that this friend noticed. I am so much healthier now than I was then but I still struggle with body image a lot…I just have to live and let live. I’m getting better at that. Am I going to eat this every day or every week? Unlikely. But pizza rocks. So. Progress.

– FOUR –


This is a picture I took while I was running in the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler this weekend…it’s nothing special, but the sky is blue, the sun is shining, the trees are pretty, and it reminds me that I love where I live.

– FIVE –


I am just so very happy this week. I was in reflection mode as I thought about everything that has happened in the last year and I am just very thankful that God has led me right to this very place. And I am so excited about what is to come even though I have no idea what that is! During my quiet time yesterday, I came across this verse…

“It’s what we trust in but don’t see yet that keeps up going.”
2 Corinthians 5:7

…and it is perfect. We don’t have to know everything, we can plan and plan and plan…but God is going to give us something more AND something better than we could have ever imagined. And that is so exciting to me. 🙂

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