Setting A Personal Record

Yesterday, I did something crazy.  Actually, it’s not all that crazy for a girl who is signed up to run the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Half Marathon in, oh, 13 days.  But it felt pretty crazy because I never did it before.  I ran 11 miles.  The farthest I have ever gone is roughly ten, so to say I was nervous to run yesterday was an understatement!


I might’ve taken a quick nap in my car first. It was 7:30 a.m. after all…

Recently, me and one of my favorite friends joined the Steel City Road Runners.  The group meets every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for track/hill work, easy/tempo runs, and long runs.  We thought it would be fun to meet other running obsessed people and get pumped for race day!  This was my second Saturday long run with the group and I was looking forward to exploring some of the roads I will actually be running during the half marathon.  The 11 mile run was rightfully dedicated to the victims and families of the tragedy in Boston.  We all dressed in blue and yellow and ran our hearts out!

Copyright Steel City Road Runners via Facebook.

Copyright Steel City Road Runners via Facebook.

I do have to admit that this winter, I was not the most…ahem…dedicated runner.  Me and the treadmill are not the best of friends and while I do enjoy bundling up in all of my running gear to hit the streets when it’s snowing, I have to say I did not run as much as I would have liked to.  Most runs this spring have felt great, but some have really showed me that I need to regain the speed and strength that I had in the fall.

Exhibit A: The end of a 7 mile run in March.

Exhibit A: The end of a 7 mile run in March.

Yesterday I took off with the 9 minute mile group and I really fell into a groove!  I loved running across the bridges, past the Children’s Museum, through South Side, and back around through Downtown.  It kept my brain entertained while my legs said please stop, Kylie, we’re tired.  I stayed within the 8 minute range throughout the entire run!  I was very thankful for Gatorade along the way and I finally got to try GU!!!  I had chocolate and it was delicious.  I ate a little bit at the end of every mile.  Runners of the world…I know that’s not how you’re supposed to eat it.  But I had to SAVOR the chocolate-y goodness!

My lovely running friends :)

My lovely running friends 🙂

Look at these girls!  They are my biggest supporters 🙂 They did amazing as well!  I am proud of all of us for CRUSHING those 11 miles.  I finished in 1 hour and 35 minutes with an average of 8:37 per mile.  In 13 days I will race and in 13 days I will finish 13 miles in less than two hours.  That goal is MINE!


-What’s the craziest thing you did this weekend?

-Treadmill run or outside run?

-Favorite flavor of GU?

-Any long distance runners out there?!