Almost April

I think it’s been a long hard winter for most people in the country and we are ready for SPRING! But I still can’t help myself from taking a minute and proclaiming that I cannot believe it is almost April! I do this with most occasions…birthdays, holidays, new months of the year…that feeling that I cannot believe how quickly the time passes.


 In honor of the last day of March…and being 1/4 of the way through this new year…I thought I would look back and see how intentional I have been with my New Years Resolutions. 🙂

For the last few years, I have semi-consistently posted on this blog. I was always around in January to write about my one word for the year, which you can read about here. The one word concept is based on the idea that every January, we make lengthy lists of resolutions that end up overwhelming us and falling to the side. Instead, if you narrow your focus onto one word, and then go and DO all those other things that you want to do with that word in mind, maybe just maybe you will succeed!

For the year of 2015, I decided I wanted to be more present in my every day life.


I wanted to focus on the little moments and truly appreciate what is happening to me in my life! I can’t be all sunshine and roses all the time, but I can try…because I am very blessed. I wanted to have more conversations and really connect with people in this phone-crazed world. And with my recent break from social media, you know that I had to reel myself in here. I was panicking as I used social media because as I was scrolling, I likely had other more important things to do. Oh my. I feel much happier after my break. I am much more balanced here now. AND I HAVE BEEN DOING THE WHOLE “BE PRESENT” THING! YAY!

Even though I chose to be present…I also made a list. I like lists. Do you like lists? These are not resolutions…they are goals. Resolutions, to me, are simply good ideas. Goals are things that WILL be done!

1. Read 52 books.


I am keeping track of titles on the “One Year, Many Pages” tab of this blog. Looking at the number of books on this list, I feel like I need to get a move on…but I feel like I have been reading much more than usual and that makes me happy. So gold star for me. 😉

2.  Make time for what I will call “morning message”.  


I attend church regularly and I hang out with my small group on Wednesday evenings after we run, but I wanted to grow in my faith and I knew that the only way to do that was by spending time with God. Every morning when I wake up, I make coffee and then read my daily devotional, Jesus Calling. I write down little notes in my journal, I read a few verses in the Bible, and I pray. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes, sometimes it takes 20 minutes…either way, it’s a great way to start my day. It is one of my favorite daily routines, but I can’t give myself a gold star here because there are some days that I wake up and simply do not have my quiet time. This usually happens when I go home and I guess it is just because I am not in my usual environment? But I really want to work on this. I am not the kind of person to wake up five minutes before the alarm. Today, I had to be somewhere at 9:30 AM and I intentionally woke up at 7 AM so that I could enjoy my morning. I have time so I need to use my time. 🙂

3.  Find a Spinning and PiYo “home”.

spin-class-in-cumberland-lincoln-ri piyo

I have been teaching Spin classes since 2011 and I recently became a PiYo LIVE instructor in December. Luckily, I was able to find a position as a PiYo Instructor at UMD’s gym!


This is a picture from our kick-off event at the beginning of the semester. 🙂 I teach Monday morning and Tuesday night and it is so fun! I have yet to find a Spin “home” (UMD didn’t need any new Spin instructors) but I don’t feel like my schedule this semester would really allow me to leave campus to teach Spin, so if I can’t teach here, that will have to be put on the back burner for now.

4.  Gain confidence in my abilities as a health coach.


“Nutrition and fitness are my passion and I want to share that with as many people as possible!  I am guilty of comparison, but I need to focus on what I bring to the table and not worry about how my journey differs from someone else’s.” That quote is what I said about this in my original post…the same rings true. No leaps and bounds here. Turtle speed.

5.  Grow my savings.


Recent college graduate in grad school IS TRYING HARD TO SAVE while still having fun. I’m trying. 😉

6.  Run a 1:45 marathon.  


Well, friends. I just so happened to text two of my best friends who also love to run last night about this particular topic. I am feeling slow as molasses lately. My time is nowhere near where I want it to be but that is part of running. I will get faster again. I am running a 10-miler in two weeks and I do not think I will beat my previous time (which was approximately 1:33) but I will keep you posted. I am also not currently signed up for a half marathon so I can’t say too much more about this yet.

7.  Walk my dogs as often as possible when I am home in Pittsburgh.


I haven’t been home much since the holidays but here are a few anecdotes that prove I have been walking the dogs:

1. Phone Drama
I leashed them up and at the end of the driveway I told them to stop because I was messing with MapMyRun (which also tracks walking). My new iPhone is the 6Plus and I apparently need two hands to use it on occasion. Amigo typically acts like he has never been on a leash before (when will this go away?) so he was being impatient and pulled on my arm. This caused me to drop MY ONE DAY OLD PHONE. Luckily, I have a fancy screen protector and the phone was fine. Amen.

2. King Colby
 Colby is a spoiled brat and thinks that he should always be in charge of whatever activity we may be doing. For approximately 15 minutes, he walks with his head turned around as he tries to bite his leash off. I am not joking.

3. Amigo’s Indian Name –> Flying Birds, Chasing Dog
Amigo likes to chase things and he is really super fast. I have never seen him catch anything except Colby hahaha. He also apparently has great hearing (I mean, he is a dog) because he heard a flock of geese (who weren’t making noise) fly over us as we walked and I swear to God he tried to jump into the sky. You cannot chase flying geese. Sorry man.

 8.  Make 2015 a yes year.


When someone wants to make plans, I have said yes. When a friend wants to travel, I have said yes (except my friends are going to Las Vegas without me this weekend WAH!!!). When I have a new opportunity at work or school, I have said yes. This goal wasn’t written with the intention of overwhelming me…I just wanted to do new things and push myself out of my comfort zone. There are a lot of good things in the works. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂