Style Sunday [Blog-tember Challenge Day 6]

Happy Sunday!

September 6: Share your style. What fashion trends do you love, frequent, or avoid?


This prompt initially stumped me a little bit because although I love to shop, I don’t necessarily feel like I have one particular style that I stick to…or any style for that matter. 😉 I went shopping today with my friend Kristen and I realized that I like to shop for pieces that catch my attention. If it’s just a “regular” old shirt or pair of pants, I probably will not be drawn to it. This has its positives and negatives. Positives: I wear bold patterns. Negatives: not much of my closet matches and I find myself saying ‘I have nothing to wear’ way too often!


This pin (follow me on Pinterest here!) is a perfect example of a trend that I love and frequent. I have four or five chambray/jean shirts in my closet. All of them are necessary because they are all a little bit different. 🙂 And these shorts are comfy, have pockets, and make the outfit look put together. It’s ironic that I pinned this recently because I wore an outfit very similar to this pin to a country concert a few years ago!


I would love if it were socially acceptable to wear running clothes in every circumstance of life. I have a huge wardrobe when it comes to workout clothes, but I truly do wear all of those pieces, so that is how I justify my problem! Ha!


 This need to be comfy while working out translates to my “real life” clothes as well.


I love patterned dresses that I can just throw on for an instant outfit.


I love shorts that have a little bit of personality to them so my top half doesn’t have to be as dressed up. My stack of shorts is 90% patterned! These white shorts have hints of a silver pattern all over them, so they are super easy to wear with a plain top.


Patterned pants are (also) where it’s at.


I love “blouse-y” tops that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. In recent years, I have refrained from buying certain pieces unless I know I can wear them in multiple situations. For example, I have some crop tops that I love and have worn all summer, but they are not appropriate in my life a second grade teacher, so any other crop tops I see in stores will have to stay on the rack. 🙂


And of course I love leggings. Love.


I recently pinned the above image for inspiration to figure out just HOW my closet does in fact match! Hopefully I will be able to mix and match some pieces to create outfits I haven’t thought of myself yet. And if I can’t do that, then more shopping must be in order, right?! 🙂

One trend that I find myself avoiding is turtlenecks, whether mock or real, or anything collared. I wore too many turtlenecks as a kid to be ready for their comeback just yet! And as for the collars, I just don’t feel like I can pull them off. A trend that I LOVE but sometimes find myself avoiding is harem pants.


They are so comfortable and I love the look, but depending on the store, they don’t always look right on me. I’m 5’9″ and the cropped style of harem pants sometimes looks a little TOO cropped on my long legs! I currently have one pair, but I’m on the lookout for more!

So tell me…what is your style like? Are you a pattern person like me, or is your closet full of more solid colors? We might have to swap pieces if that is the case! 🙂

Friends + Fruit + Favorites, Oh My

Like Jamie over at The Celebrating Momma, I believe that you should do a little celebrating every day…not just when Friday rolls around. Although Friday usually does bring some pretty fun times. 🙂 My favorite day of the week is actually Thursday because it’s full of anticipation of good times ahead and everyone is usually still super productive. Even ABC jumped on board with their super amazing TV shows. #TGIT

Anyways, Jamie’s post this week really spoke to me. I was feeling all kinds of anxious and overwhelmed about certain decisions in my life and I kept going back to God asking…what are you doing? Why aren’t things happening? Where are you going with this? Why isn’t it happening MY WAY?

I was sort of asking the right questions. But I wanted to be in the driver’s seat of life, and I am not. I should have been saying…show me what I can do here. Let things happen in your time. Here are my fears…you will make them right. I trust you.

Instead of beating myself up for not trusting the Lord earlier, I’m going to celebrate my favorite moments. 🙂

– ONE –


It could be argued that my favorite food is peanut butter, but is that really even a food? 😉 Come summer, I am all about the fruit. Put pineapple and strawberries in the same container and I am in HEAVEN. The juices mix together and taste so fresh and delicious! Last weekend, my mom and I made these fruit kabobs for me to take to the Kenny Chesney tailgate. Tailgates are also my favorite because they usually include chips and buffalo chicken dip, but I’m that friend that shows up with fruit kabobs and a vegetable tray and turkey burgers. Yes, yes I did.

– TWO –


On the note of Kenny Chesney, these are my favorite people. A big group of us tailgated for a few hours before the concert…eating, drinking, playing corn hole and Kan Jam…there was also laying in the grass (as seen above) and ten people in my Jeep Patriot at one point. Ha! It was HOT and sunny last Saturday but there were scattered torrential downpours. Not scattered showers. It would go from sunny to literally WATCHING the clouds roll in…and then it would pour for a solid ten minutes…and then it would get sunny again. An adventure for sure. 😉



If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me geeking out about my succulents the other night. I found these little beauties at Trader Joe’s the other day and I was SO HAPPY because from what I have heard, they are pretty low maintenance…as in, I don’t need to water them 24/7 for them to survive. If this is inaccurate, please don’t burst my bubble. Hahaha

Fresh flowers in my apartment is my favorite, but I don’t like how quickly they wilt and die. Hopefully I have better luck with these plants!

– FOUR –


National Running Day. Need I say more? Running is my favorite. If running isn’t your jam, today is National Donut Day. Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts are giving out free donuts. You’re welcome. 🙂

– FIVE –


Throwback pictures are my favorite. Do you have the Timehop app on your phone? You can link it to your social media accounts and every day, you can see what you posted on that exact day in previous years! I love checking it out every morning. 🙂 This picture was taken five years ago…I can hardly believe it. My little brothers are both 6’5″ so seeing Jake (my youngest brother) looking this little makes me feel all the feelings! Ha!

I remember this was during the last week of school…you know, those days when you don’t want to go because everything of importance is over?? My mom is a teacher so she went to work but I was allowed to stay home because I was a senior and we LITERALLY had nothing to do except practice for graduation! Somehow, the baby of the family convinced my mom he should also be allowed to skip school. I guarantee when I was eleven years old this never would have happened. #babychildproblems But since I was essentially “babysitting” and my friend and I wanted to make plans, we took this cutie to the Pittsburgh Zoo. Our other brother was hanging out with his friends on this day…but we had so much fun at the zoo and we took so many pictures! I hope my brothers both love hanging out with me as much as I love hanging out with them. 🙂

– SIX –


Last weekend, my dad, my brother, and I went to brunch at Eat ‘N Park. It’s definitely one of my favorite restaurants! I love their omelettes, their salad bar, and of course, their Smiley cookies. I guess you could call this a chain restaurant because there are several locations…but it’s kind of a Pittsburgh thing! Randi will know what I’m talking about. 😉

When you’re a kid, this restaurant is the best because you get a FREE Smiley cookie after you’re done eating. Me and my brother Alex definitely tried to pretend Jake was a “kid” for a lot longer than he actually was so we could get free cookies! Recently, I bought a Smiley mug (in Pittsburgh colors, of course) so I can represent my favorite place while I’m at school…but last weekend, I discovered Eat ‘N Park now makes K cups and my day was made. I might have to go back and stock up! I don’t usually like black coffee, but this is so good with just a little bit of Splenda!



One of the first Pinterest snacks that I pinned many moons ago was a such a success that now my mom and I have the recipe memorized. Energy balls are my favorite. Energy balls that aren’t rolled into balls yet are just plain dangerous.



Summer gives me a lot of time to shop. This is not a positive. One positive thing is my tank top from Target was on clearance…so that makes it all okay, right?! Jake is super into brand name clothing. I like nice clothes. I don’t really care where they’re from as long as they’re pretty and they make me look good. Ha! Anyways, when I was in Atlantic City recently, I went to the True Religion store to browse around for him. While my mom and I were sending him pictures of clothes in the store (yes, we were those people), the sales woman was accosting me because all the shorts and pants were $50 off for Memorial Day.

Well. True Religion clothing is expensive and even at $50 off, I am not spending that much on shorts. It’s just not enough fabric to be worth it. Ha! So this woman convinced me that I needed to try on these jeans and really all I wanted to was go shop at the boutique next door. But I tried the beloved jeans on, and as Sheaffer would say, “they’re like buttah.” My new favorite.

Tell me about your week!!!


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