Friday morning positive: leggings + long sweater with my staff tshirt.
Friday morning negative: waking up and driving when it was still dark out.

Hurricane Joaquin and another big rainstorm were affecting DC at the same time…so last week was one big long rain storm. That and the fact that I left 30 minutes earlier for work than usual meant it was so dark and early that I got to see the streetlights turned on on the highway…and then they switched off and it officially became day time. Hahaha


Friday evening looked a lot like cleaning my apartment from top to bottom, folding three loads of laundry, and cooking dinner/watching a movie with Sarah. I kept getting up to organize other parts of my house that I felt were messy, so I couldn’t be too mad at her for ignoring me in favor of her phone. 😉 We ate grilled cheese and tomato soup and watched “Identity Thief”. All the while, my mom and my aunt were on their way from Pittsburgh to DC! I was reading a blog last week and someone mentioned that they were so excited to see their parents soon because they haven’t seen them in like 10 weeks or something. When I read that, I thought that was so crazy, but I hadn’t seen my family in 7 weeks, so I guess I was due for family time, too! I love hosting friends and family at my apartment, so their company was very welcome this weekend!


Aunt Laine, Mom, & me

We woke up Saturday morning and I worked out while my mom and my aunt got ready for the day. We were preparing for a day of shopping! Our plans for the weekend included being lazy and getting our nails done…so on Saturday morning, we got up and tried to make some plans! My mom was most excited about going to the Lakeshore Learning Store in Alexandria. Many teachers order classroom supplies from a Lakeshore catalog, so to go to the real store is exciting! Plus, all of the teacher stores in Pittsburgh have closed for some reason! I am trying to teach my mom the magic of ordering things on Amazon, but still…when Lakeshore is 14 miles away, you must go!


A kid in a candy store. She even bought some supplies for some of her coworkers at home! Isn’t she the best teacher friend?! 🙂

Next, we headed to Tyson’s Corner Center. It’s my favorite mall because it’s HUGE! It has the perfect mix of high end and affordable stores. The first stop was lunch at a restaurant called Coastal Flats. My friend recommended it and it did not disappoint!


Our meal started with these warm bread rolls. Doesn’t it remind you of a donut?! I promise it was the most delicious bread!


Next, we tried the crap dip appetizer. It was topped with bagel crumbs (which sounds so weird to say) and served with those large, thin chips! The chips were not as thick as pita chips, but they weren’t salty like tortilla chips either, so I couldn’t quite place what they were. I am not a big seafood person and I always use my mom’s description of “that tastes too fishy” when I describe why I don’t like seafood. Certain dishes are growing on me, and crab is typically one that I like. This dip definitely tasted a little “fishier” than normal and my aunt announced as we took our last bite that there were little capers (fish eggs) in the dip. Fabulous.


I forgot all about the fact that I consumed capers once my chicken salad was delivered! I ordered the Coastal Roast Chicken Salad, which was made with mixed greens, avocado, grape tomatoes, sesame almonds, and champagne vinaigrette. My aunt ordered salmon (I think?!) and my mom ordered tuna tacos…little did she know, when the menu read “Tuna Tacos”, it literally meant raw tuna. After my aunt so nicely pointed out that those “little red pieces” were raw fish and not tomatoes as my mom assumed, the waitress quickly took the dish back and brought back something better! Ha!


Of course we stopped at Lolli and Pops after lunch to satisfy our sweet teeth! My mom and I are obsessed with chocolate covered anything and we can’t pass a candy store without making our own mixed bag of treats. This time, we got chocolate covered peanuts, cashews (so good!), raisins, pretzels, and pecans. I also insisted that we try chocolate covered swedish fish. 🙂 So wrong, but so right!


We found some strange candy and treats in Lolli and Pops. Think REAL bugs in the middle of a lollipop and champagne vinagarette macarons! The strangest sighting may have been the bacon soda, Buffalo wing soda, and PB&J soda. Are you grossed out yet?! As weird as those flavors are, it’s like they knew me, Alex, and Jake perfectly! We bought the bacon soda for Jake and the buffalo wing soda for Alex. I refrained from purchasing the PB&J soda, although the cashier really wanted us to go back and get it to take advantage of the sale! I’ll report back with my brothers’ taste tests. 🙂


With full bellies and sweet tooth cravings gone, we headed upstairs to get our nails done! They promised to have our manicures and pedicures done in one hour. Ha. Ha. Hahaha! When has that ever happened in the history of ever?! My nail technician wasn’t the most talkative…until she started my manicure. Then she wouldn’t stop telling me stories! She must have reminded me 473 times to “relax” my hand. I thought it was relaxed! I don’t even know what that means. After asking about my relationship status, she started telling me this old wives’ tale about girls with strong hands and never finding love. So apparently I’m going to be single forever. #K

At least me and my “Plum Passion” nails will be happy together! The color is a deep purple that’s perfect for this season!


Just your average Apple store sighting at the mall. Why is the line always so crazy!?


When we left the mall, we quickly switched gears and became tourists at the Washington National Cathedral. 🙂 In my hometown, our elementary schools take field trips to Washington, DC in 6th grade. My mom was a teacher/chaperone on the trip for me and both of my brothers and so she remembered much more about the Cathedral than I did! We planned on just taking in the sights inside and visiting the gift shop.




As we parked and walked up to the Cathedral, we were parking and walking with many other visitors. However, all of these visitors were dressed to the nines, while we were just in our regular street clothes from the mall. The Cathedral’s website noted when their church services were, and we had missed all the services on Saturday, so we couldn’t figure out what all of these people were dressed up for!


Apparently, there was a musical about the Ten Commandments on this night. There were two women in the restroom telling us all about the performance and how special it was going to be and that we just HAD to stay! This they say as they stand there in their pretty clothes and we are in our jeans haha! The nice worker person that we were talking to at the ticket table said that there were free tickets and so yes, in fact, we should stay!


All the sections were labeled by color and we were in the white section. Do you see that flat screen TV on the one pillar? There were flat screens about every five or six pillars because the stage was up front and in the center, while we were off to the side. We tried to sit far away from others because we felt kind of out of place and we weren’t sure if we wanted to stay!


We made our way up front to the stage area to just explore and take pictures before the performance began. Around 5:55, the ushers told everyone in our section that we could move into the middle because there were open seats. We were so excited! Five minutes before showtime and our seats just got better! Music started playing, a slideshow began, and everyone got quiet. And then we waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. By 6:25, we were all digging in the bottom of our bags looking for snacks (because we didn’t eat dinner! This show wasn’t part of the plan!) and wondering when this show was going to start. It seemed weird that the lights and music dimmed and changed at 6 PM when the musical didn’t start just then. Finally, at 6:30, the first performer began singing. We watched the first three or four acts and then made our way quietly out the back door. While the singers were SO talented, they were kind of hard to understand because their voices were echoing in that venue! Also, we weren’t dressed for the occasion or planning on such an occasion, so dinner was calling our names. Don’t judge! 😉


Faccia Luna awaited us in Arlington! I had Tuscan bean soup and my mom and aunt both ordered wedding soup.



Then, we shared a delicious chicken and roasted red pepper pizza and some gnocchi! The pizza was definitely the best dish at the table. 🙂 A stop at Target rounded out the evening before we changed into our PJs, baked an apple recipe courtesy of Pinterest, and watched a movie!


Sunday started with getting lost on the way to church. Hey, I’m still new around here, okay?! I was really excited to take my mom and my aunt to my church. They have been there before, but I love my church and they heard someone different speak the last time they were in town, so I was happy to take them back! When my mom helped me move earlier this summer, we ate at Ted’s Bulletin in the suburbs and she loved it! There is a Ted’s right down the street from my church in Capitol Hill and thank the Lord for call aheads because when we went in, the hostess told the family in front of us that the wait was nearly 90 minutes! It’s a popular breakfast spot, known best for its Tarts, as seen above! I tried the cinnamon and brown sugar one and it was delicious!


We were able to see a little bit of the baking process when we were on our way out after breakfast and I was fascinated! And also a little upset that my Tart didn’t seem to have nearly as much icing as those ones. 😉

IMG_1821 IMG_1822

So…the National Cathedral? Well, the gift shop was closed on Saturday, so we had to make a trip back on Sunday! I did a little more exploring while we were there and noticed these state emblems in the tile. PA to show where I’m from and DC to show where I am now! I looked for Virginia since that is *technically* my street address, but it was hidden under the carpet by the doorway. Hahaha


How cute are the stuffed animals on Noah’s Ark!? My mom and aunt bought prayer rocks and books and I got two crossword puzzle books. Now, our visit was truly complete because we had souvenirs to show for it! Ha:) We did a quick drive past the sights of the National Mall, Iwo Jima, and Arlington Cemetery, and then it was time for them to pack up and head back to Pittsburgh! I had the best time hanging out with my mom and my aunt even though it felt like the time just flew by. When I lived in Pittsburgh, girls’ weekends were a regular occurrence, so I loved getting to have them both here with me in DC! ❤

I spent my afternoon perusing the mall near my house (because I only bought lipstick at the mall yesterday) and then I hit up the grocery store. Of course, I was out and about shopping looking my very best (not!) and I ran into one of my coworkers at Nordstrom. We ended up shopping together for a bit, trying on jeans and sweaters and such, which was so fun! Still, I was definitely wishing I had made myself look a little more presentable in public haha!


When this girl got back to town, we went to Georgetown to shop some more. I’m pretty sure she thought we were sending a Snapchat, hence her face. 🙂 #shhdonttell Our shopping = a total fail…all we got was a pair of workout leggings each. In other news, they were on sale and we will definitely wear them! We were just more in search of some cute fall clothes. Oh, well. Sometimes the shopping gods just aren’t on your side. That was definitely the case for me this weekend!

How was your weekend?!

5 thoughts on “Company!

  1. Ahhh what a great weekend with your mom and aunt! I’m jealous…I’ve been wanting to visit DC and all your pictures make me want to visit even more! Also, you reminded me I need a pedicure ASAP 🙂

  2. Ahhh so glad you had a great weekend with your mom and aunt! Love that you have girls days 🙂 I’m bookmarking those places you ate at to add to my quickly growing list of the best places to eat around DC! Like the candy store haha

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! I grew up in Fairfax so spent countless hours as a teenager at Tyson’s. It was huge even before the renovations that did back in 2005 that made it even more enormous! I also love Coastals – I always get the same thing: their chop house salad and corn & crab chowder. Sooo good!

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