Friday Favorites

Well, my hands didn’t freeze off at recess yesterday and when I got in my car after work, it was a balmy 51 degrees outside…which leads me to believe my dreams of being a two hour delayed, snow days on demand first year teacher are becoming less and less likely! The meteorologist from NBC4, Doug Kammerer, visited my school in December and he promised us huge snowstorms in February, so I guess I have a few more weeks of waiting!

One of my favorite moments this week was walking to the grocery store on a random evening for an ingredient I needed for dinner. This might sound strange, but I love the grocery store, and in the town I am from, you cannot walk anywhere except your neighbor’s house. Even when I lived in downtown Pittsburgh, I really did have to drive if I wanted to go to a grocery store or restaurant or other store. Now, there is a grocery store two blocks from my apartment. I love being able to walk places! I walk to lululemon to meet up with friends to run, I walk to the library, I stumble to Starbucks (because it’s right across the street)…I just really like the ability to walk places now. This coming from a girl who doesn’t like walking much. 😉 I prefer to run!

My week started out with one of my favorite guilty pleasures, The Bachelor. Are you watching this season?! My thoughts so far are that Lace is going to make it halfway through the season for dramatic effect and end up on Bachelor in Paradise, Olivia (the news reporter) is there for publicity and a better career, and Caila is super sweet!


My roommate invited some friends over and we had the best time talking about the show while we watched! We also enjoyed some wine and cheese…but this wasn’t your typical wine and cheese night. Carlin went to Italy with her family in the fall and bought a TON of wine while she was there and then a family friend sent her gourmet cheese this month. A decadent Monday night snack. 😉


A student brought me a pencil on Tuesday…a dark chocolate Hershey kiss for the point and Rolo’s as the pencil. I didn’t even know I liked Rolo’s, but Tuesday was a long day, so I found out quick that anything chocolate and caramel was my jam.


I was nominated for “The Red Bird” this week at work. As our mascot, the Cardinal is passed from teacher to teacher as they are recognized for their hard work. This week, one of my mentors nominated me and it made me so happy! My students think it’s a combination of weird and cool that I have this little trophy for the week. Ha! Sidenote –> there were two red birds that always used to tap at my Grandma’s kitchen window. After my Grandma passed away, there was a red bird who pecked incessantly at the driver’s side mirror on my car (I parked outside in the driveway every night). When I was hired at this school this past summer, my mom was so excited that I ended up at the school with a red bird as the mascot. Fate, right?

A friend from Pittsburgh sent me a Snapchat of the view from her office window…and I sent her the view from my classroom window. #sigh #whereisthesnow

On the topic of snow, you should know it’s Colby’s favorite. I’m convinced it’s because he was born in November, and therefore he is a snow baby. When he came home with us (3 years ago yesterday!!!) in mid-January, it was also snowy and cold. So he knows no different. He runs and frolics and has a grand ol’ time out there! Amigo, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with that fluffy white stuff and he literally wraps himself in a blanket the moment he runs back inside. Hahaha!


Amigo is also not a morning person. This was my mom’s best attempt at making her bed on Wednesday morning. 😉 You should know that HE knows he is supposed to sleep down at my mom’s feet, and he does, but as soon as she gets up for the day, he gets under the covers. Ha!

Favorite Christmas present –> my Ugg slippers. My brother got me a pair of Sperry slippers for Christmas last year and I was long overdue for a new pair. I wear slippers all.the.time. And apparently I really like name brand slippers, too. Ha! #allcomfyallthetime
Favorite moment –> going to bed at 10 PM one night.
Favorite day –> Wednesday night because I started reading two new books.
Favorite discovery –> I LOVE listening to audiobooks while I drive! Currently “hearing” all about Ivanka Trump’s life. I love it!
Favorite video –> Adele’s Carpool Karaoke (wait until she raps Nicki Minaj. I died. Hahaha)
Favorite Internet find –>


This picture just makes me LOL. 🙂 Get your act together and handle it!

Holla for a 3 day weekend! Happy, happy, my friends!


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Friday Favorites

Favorite Moments

Curling up with my blanket at night

The sweetness of the first bite of ice cream

Drinking ice cold water after I run

Staying up way too late reading a book

Hanging out with a friend or family member and forgetting to take pictures/use your phone

Less than 50 emails in my inbox (save it or delete it, friends!)

Medium hot coffee

Hugging someone you haven’t seen in a long time

Stepping into slippers as soon as I get home

A playlist full of new songs to listen to in the car

Waking up and knowing that everything that’s “due” that day is already completed

Eating a snack while I watch TV

Feeling so hot you have to get in the pool/ocean to cool off

Surprising someone

Walking up and down the aisles of the grocery store with me, myself, and coffee

Waking up early with nowhere to be

Crossing items off my to-do list

The smell of the air as soon as I drive into my favorite beach town (Wildwood, NJ)

A moment in your day that just puts a smile on your face…what is it?!


 fridayfavorites db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d Friday Favorites

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Thinking Out Loud II


Link up with me, Amanda, and other thinkers here. 😉

// I’m a selective morning person.

Listen, if I have nowhere to be, I absolutely love waking up in the 7 o’clock hour to drink coffee and read my Bible and watch Good Morning America. In reality, this usually also includes doing work for summer class and my job (yay for working from home), but hey, at least I’m up and at ’em! However, today I had to teach a 7:15 AM Spin class for someone who is out of town and I started dreading it at 10 PM last night when I set my alarm. NO TO WAKING UP!

// Coffee addictions are real.

So I was never a coffee person. My drink of choice at Starbucks was always hot chocolate or a frappuccino, because hello, there’s no coffee in those. But those drinks also have 29343977 calories and I’m cold approximately 98% of the time regardless of the season, so I started to jump on the coffee train by buying flavored K cups and adding almond milk. This took away that strong “coffee flavor” I was trying so hard to acquire a taste for! Then I started student teaching and oh let me tell you, it was the longest, coldest winter in Pittsburgh in a long time. I was a huge fan of hot beverages every morning to 1) wake up for work and 2) warm up! Now almost a year later, I pride myself on drinking my coffee black (even though I still buy flavored K cups) and I also pride myself on not “needing” coffee. I don’t make it at a certain time every day and if I don’t drink it at all, my day just goes on. But a few mornings this week, I have woken up and started to work on my laptop before realizing I had a headache. I took Tylenol one day and I was annoyed because I get a headache when I look at my laptop screen too long…but this was morning. So I took my contacts out, put my glasses on, took Tylenol, and got back to work on my laptop…because work doesn’t wait. 😉 But now I’m wondering if I was craving caffeine?! Thoughts on this?!

// Spotify Premium

I signed up for three free months of Spotify Premium and I have no idea what I’m doing. I think I’ve listened to Spotify like two times since doing this. I usually listen to Pandora and I just open Spotify when Pandora starts to repeat songs. But I have to take advantage of this deal! Do you listen to Spotify? Should I make playlists? What do I DOOO with this new subscription I have? Hahaha

P.S. The 90’s playlist I’m currently listening to is

// I would never make it as a “real” writer.

I love to read and write and that’s part of the reason I started writing this blog. I always say “in my next life”, I will be an accomplished writer for a magazine or a novelist who lives in New York City. I don’t know why I have to live in NYC, that’s just where I picture myself. Sometimes I joke that I don’t have to wait until my next life to do this, I can do it right now! But the most important paper of my grad school career is called a Seminar Paper. It’s a literature review and I am writing about writing in elementary schools. It has to be reviewed by my professor and my advisor (who happen to be the same person) and two other professors in the department, so it’s a big deal! Here’s the situation I am currently in: it was due in April. I got an A. My professor/advisor gave it back to “edit” before sending it off to the final two professors. I revised. She mailed it back again. I am so frustrated! Now, I have worked as a writing tutor for almost four years, so I recognize and understand the importance of revision. It’s just hard when you think you’ve done your best and then your best isn’t your best yet! I have to fix simple mistakes like verb tense, but it’s 38 pages, so it’s a lot to get through. Third time’s the charm: here’s to hoping! But the frustration I have in editing this makes me think I couldn’t hack it in the “real” writing world. Ah!

// Who said being an adult is hard?

Last night, I made the wonderful decision to have a chocolate cookie salted caramel ice cream sandwich for dinner. 😉 Molly, it was even gluten free! I had to stop eating the cookie and just finished the salted caramel ice cream because the sugar high was getting too real. And my friend and I still stopped for actual dinner on the way home, so I can’t decide if it was a win or not…

// Yeah, I did that…

I may or may not have signed up for a Nordstrom card for early access to the sale because #blardigan. That is all. If you don’t read Sheaffer’s blog, get over there RIGHT NOW. She is a shopping queen, lets Pinterest talk her into new outfit combos, and also writes hilarious Bachelor recaps!


– What are you thinking about today?

Friends + Fruit + Favorites, Oh My

Like Jamie over at The Celebrating Momma, I believe that you should do a little celebrating every day…not just when Friday rolls around. Although Friday usually does bring some pretty fun times. 🙂 My favorite day of the week is actually Thursday because it’s full of anticipation of good times ahead and everyone is usually still super productive. Even ABC jumped on board with their super amazing TV shows. #TGIT

Anyways, Jamie’s post this week really spoke to me. I was feeling all kinds of anxious and overwhelmed about certain decisions in my life and I kept going back to God asking…what are you doing? Why aren’t things happening? Where are you going with this? Why isn’t it happening MY WAY?

I was sort of asking the right questions. But I wanted to be in the driver’s seat of life, and I am not. I should have been saying…show me what I can do here. Let things happen in your time. Here are my fears…you will make them right. I trust you.

Instead of beating myself up for not trusting the Lord earlier, I’m going to celebrate my favorite moments. 🙂

– ONE –


It could be argued that my favorite food is peanut butter, but is that really even a food? 😉 Come summer, I am all about the fruit. Put pineapple and strawberries in the same container and I am in HEAVEN. The juices mix together and taste so fresh and delicious! Last weekend, my mom and I made these fruit kabobs for me to take to the Kenny Chesney tailgate. Tailgates are also my favorite because they usually include chips and buffalo chicken dip, but I’m that friend that shows up with fruit kabobs and a vegetable tray and turkey burgers. Yes, yes I did.

– TWO –


On the note of Kenny Chesney, these are my favorite people. A big group of us tailgated for a few hours before the concert…eating, drinking, playing corn hole and Kan Jam…there was also laying in the grass (as seen above) and ten people in my Jeep Patriot at one point. Ha! It was HOT and sunny last Saturday but there were scattered torrential downpours. Not scattered showers. It would go from sunny to literally WATCHING the clouds roll in…and then it would pour for a solid ten minutes…and then it would get sunny again. An adventure for sure. 😉



If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me geeking out about my succulents the other night. I found these little beauties at Trader Joe’s the other day and I was SO HAPPY because from what I have heard, they are pretty low maintenance…as in, I don’t need to water them 24/7 for them to survive. If this is inaccurate, please don’t burst my bubble. Hahaha

Fresh flowers in my apartment is my favorite, but I don’t like how quickly they wilt and die. Hopefully I have better luck with these plants!

– FOUR –


National Running Day. Need I say more? Running is my favorite. If running isn’t your jam, today is National Donut Day. Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts are giving out free donuts. You’re welcome. 🙂

– FIVE –


Throwback pictures are my favorite. Do you have the Timehop app on your phone? You can link it to your social media accounts and every day, you can see what you posted on that exact day in previous years! I love checking it out every morning. 🙂 This picture was taken five years ago…I can hardly believe it. My little brothers are both 6’5″ so seeing Jake (my youngest brother) looking this little makes me feel all the feelings! Ha!

I remember this was during the last week of school…you know, those days when you don’t want to go because everything of importance is over?? My mom is a teacher so she went to work but I was allowed to stay home because I was a senior and we LITERALLY had nothing to do except practice for graduation! Somehow, the baby of the family convinced my mom he should also be allowed to skip school. I guarantee when I was eleven years old this never would have happened. #babychildproblems But since I was essentially “babysitting” and my friend and I wanted to make plans, we took this cutie to the Pittsburgh Zoo. Our other brother was hanging out with his friends on this day…but we had so much fun at the zoo and we took so many pictures! I hope my brothers both love hanging out with me as much as I love hanging out with them. 🙂

– SIX –


Last weekend, my dad, my brother, and I went to brunch at Eat ‘N Park. It’s definitely one of my favorite restaurants! I love their omelettes, their salad bar, and of course, their Smiley cookies. I guess you could call this a chain restaurant because there are several locations…but it’s kind of a Pittsburgh thing! Randi will know what I’m talking about. 😉

When you’re a kid, this restaurant is the best because you get a FREE Smiley cookie after you’re done eating. Me and my brother Alex definitely tried to pretend Jake was a “kid” for a lot longer than he actually was so we could get free cookies! Recently, I bought a Smiley mug (in Pittsburgh colors, of course) so I can represent my favorite place while I’m at school…but last weekend, I discovered Eat ‘N Park now makes K cups and my day was made. I might have to go back and stock up! I don’t usually like black coffee, but this is so good with just a little bit of Splenda!



One of the first Pinterest snacks that I pinned many moons ago was a such a success that now my mom and I have the recipe memorized. Energy balls are my favorite. Energy balls that aren’t rolled into balls yet are just plain dangerous.



Summer gives me a lot of time to shop. This is not a positive. One positive thing is my tank top from Target was on clearance…so that makes it all okay, right?! Jake is super into brand name clothing. I like nice clothes. I don’t really care where they’re from as long as they’re pretty and they make me look good. Ha! Anyways, when I was in Atlantic City recently, I went to the True Religion store to browse around for him. While my mom and I were sending him pictures of clothes in the store (yes, we were those people), the sales woman was accosting me because all the shorts and pants were $50 off for Memorial Day.

Well. True Religion clothing is expensive and even at $50 off, I am not spending that much on shorts. It’s just not enough fabric to be worth it. Ha! So this woman convinced me that I needed to try on these jeans and really all I wanted to was go shop at the boutique next door. But I tried the beloved jeans on, and as Sheaffer would say, “they’re like buttah.” My new favorite.

Tell me about your week!!!


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Uptown Funk

School is not my jam right now. I am in graduate school at the University of Maryland and I am working on a Master’s in Reading Education…so people look at me kind of funny when I say I’m sick of school. Because due to my major, I will likely be in school forever. 😉 However, there is a big difference between being IN school and teaching school…I went straight from undergrad to grad school. I think I’m ready to teach!

Right now at church, we are talking through a series of sermons called “Trip Around the Sun”. My pastor just wrote a book with the same name. 🙂 In talking about our trips around the sun, Pastor Mark has been talking about our experiences. Because our experiences are what make up all the years of our lives. Apparently, someone did a survey on a group of fifty people who were about 85 years old or older and they asked them what they would do differently if they could do their lives over. They said:

1. Risk more.
2. Reflect more.
3. Do more to leave behind (in regards to their legacy).

Today I am reflecting because I am oh-so-cranky about my blessings instead of appreciating them.

What I have been thinking all weekend:
“I can’t believe I still have a project and a final. I have never been in school this long in my life. Duquesne always ended in April. This is dumb. I don’t care.”

P.S. I felt completely stupid typing that out. It’s like when you say something out loud and you think, woah, that is ridiculous. Yeah. That just happened. But that is what I have been thinking…

What I should be thinking:
I am financially and academically blessed to be able to attend the school that I do. I have a job(s), I have amazing professors, I like my classmates, I have friends, I live in an amazing city…

Pastor Mark was talking about a sunset that he saw last weekend at the lake…the sun was setting on one side, the moon was rising on another…and it was one of the most awesome moments he’s ever seen. So he got us thinking. Not that we have to watch every sunset, moon rise, day break, etc…just thinking: how often are we looking down instead of literally (or figuratively) looking up and experiencing what’s around us?

I am taking “looking down” as “not appreciating”. 😉

Recently I have been getting very caught up in the big picture, which in my case is finishing school and getting a “real” job. I currently have three part time jobs. But I am so concerned with having a real job and “finally having money.” That’s what I keep saying. I’m not really even sure what I mean by that. But, that is not the point of a job, especially my future job. I am meant to teach children, not meant to worry about how much money I am putting in the bank each week.

“Don’t accumulate possessions. Accumulate experiences.”

I’m in the middle of an experience right now. It’s called graduate school. And it’s not my forever, but it IS my right now. And God put me here for a reason. So I’m going to pray on it…and reflect on it…and LOVE it. Because our trips around the sun are made up of the little moments and I’m in the middle of the little moments right now. Professional Development Project, I’m looking at you. 😉

So I am going to find the good in every last assignment, every final test, every last interaction with a professor or classmate…because nobody likes a downer. I’m choosing the positive.


– How have you been feeling lately? Happy, silly, frustrated, sleepy, excited?
– How do you break yourself out of a funk?

If you’re interested, you can watch yesterday’s sermon HERE or listen to the podcast HERE.

Friday Favorites: Spring Is HERE!

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!


Linking up with some of my favorites…Andrea, Erika, and Narci. Blog your favorites from this week and join us! 🙂

– ONE –

We are racing the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler on Sunday in Washington, D.C.! Last year, the race was the first weekend of April and the trees weren’t at “peak bloom” yet. Since the first weekend of April this year was Easter, they obviously moved the race but also hoped the trees would be looking pretty for the weekend. Apparently there are live cameras and the National Park Service is keeping a close watch. Serious business! Pretty pictures here.

– TWO –


Flashback to my drive home to Maryland on Monday. I cannot wait for the weather to be consistently warm because the cold weather sends me to the gas station constantly to put air in my tire. Yes, tire. Not all four. Just one. I took my brother to the gas station with me when I was home so he had to do my least favorite chore. At least I have a car to drive. That is a favorite. 🙂



The little things are the big things. This leather ottoman has changed my life. I searched high and low for one that would match the furniture in my family room and then I spotted a brown leather one right at home in our game room. Thanks for sharing, Mom. 🙂 And yes, I’m an outfit repeater. But I promise the leggings were washed;)

– FOUR –


Studying outside. Need I say more? It was a tad windy, but so worth it!

– FIVE –


I know I pay a great deal of money to be in graduate school, but there is nothing sweeter than an email canceling the rest of your day. 😉 Apparently, a tower in Northern Maryland got messed up and it knocked out the power in ALL of Southern Maryland and DC. I wonder if President Obama got the day off, too?

– SIX –

       Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.55.00 PM

In 2013, Johna and I signed up for The City Spree. It’s a scavenger hunt type race. You get a map with a bunch of different colored checkpoints on it and each checkpoint is worth a different amount of points. If you get there first, you get the most points. As more people go to those checkpoints, the total points you can get at that specific place decrease. Basically you want to run the fastest to the most obscure locations so you can get the most points! And you have about 2 hours to do so. There is no course for the race…it’s just you, your map, and whoever you decide to run with! It is labeled a 5K or a 10K, but when we ran in 2013, we did about 8 miles. Last year, we went to sign up again and we realized we were famous! Ha! They used a picture of us running on their website.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 9.25.55 PM


The checkpoints are always a little hidden, so we do crazy things like take the stairs two at a time and climb through fences to find them;) The other night, one of my co-workers from the YMCA sent me a screenshot of an email she received from LivingSocial about the race this year. We are famous again!


I don’t know why I think it’s so fun that they keep featuring our photo. It’s just so cool! Running is such a fun sport for me and I really love Brooks’ slogan “Run Happy”. I think this picture is the definition of Run Happy. 🙂

“April showers bring May flowers” is in full force but it is supposed to be sunny and 70 this weekend. I can’t wait! Happy weekend to YOU!

Rain Can’t Rain On My Friday Parade

The 10 Day Forecast isn’t showing sunshine until Sunday…but rain can’t ruin a Friday! I have a hot date with my laptop and my thesis so it’s going to be a weekend to remember. 😉 Luckily, my roommate and I are kicking it off with drinks + friends!


The week after a break can be a drag, but I’m happy to report there was no dragging over here. I’m not sure my lovely friend Molly feels the same way. 😉 As usual, I’m linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci to share my favorites from this week! You might think it’s silly or wonder how you could possibly have a new favorite something only seven days apart, but I like to reflect on moments. The little things are the big things. I challenge you to think about your week, too!

– ONE –

This week started off on a high note…we were all kind of still riding the “birthday high” from Jake’s celebrations last weekend and so I was super excited to get this text in my family’s group message on Tuesday afternoon!


Permit in hand, ready to hit the road! A favorite for sure. My mom has let him be pretty adventurous this week behind the wheel. He’s had a ton of practice in parking lots and driveways and cul-de-sacs (I think my Dad taught all three of us how to drive before we were 16;)), so my parents were pretty okay sitting in the passenger seat this week!

– TWO –

I’m a creature of habit in the kitchen. I just am. I am also kind of picky about what I eat, which stems from the fact that I was the pickiest child on the planet when I was younger. Think Kraft macaroni and cheese on Thanksgiving because I wouldn’t eat turkey. My grandparents thought that was ridiculous, just so you know. Hahaha

I am not NEARLY as picky about what I eat anymore but there are a few weird habits I have that have stuck around. Example: I don’t like red meat unless it’s with pasta. I will not eat hamburgers or steak. It just doesn’t seem appealing to me. That being said, I LOVE chicken and turkey. But a diet of chicken and turkey can get a little boring sometimes and I have discovered that not all seafood “tastes fishy”. I’m not sure what that description even means because I didn’t put a piece of seafood in my mouth until I was at least 15 so I was judging with no experience. Except for that time my Dad ordered fish and the fish was delivered to our table with its eyeball still in… #scarredforlife


I have decided I like tuna, some crab, tilapia, and calamari…but really I just like calamari’s fried breading and sauce;) Anyways, I made tilapia and broccoli for lunch this week and it was definitely a favorite!


On the subject of cooking, my roommate and I take turns cooking dinner for each other once a week. I made ground turkey lettuce wraps. So yummy and so easy to make!


This recipe is 21 Day Fix Extreme APPROVED which makes it a favorite for me! A similar recipe can be found here.

– FOUR – 

I have discussed my newfound love for podcasts and I think it is awesome that my church has a podcast where we can listen to sermons if we miss the service or if we just want to hear them again later in the week!


On Wednesday when I was going to meet friends to run, I was in such a cranky mood about something that is not even important. Regardless, I was changing the radio station every ten seconds and then I plugged my iPod in and I started doing the same thing. Add some red lights that stay red for five minutes and green for 20 seconds and I was DONE. So I finally decided to click on the NCC podcast and listen to the sermon (even though I had already heard it) because sometimes you just need a little Jesus in your life.

– FIVE –

These people that I run with, though. Seriously some of my favorites.


There is nothing better than running shoes. 😉

Wednesday was a special night for us because part of our running group is on a mission trip right now. They’re in Israel and Palestine learning about the conflict and reconciliation efforts there and Friday morning, they ran the Right to Movement Marathon in the West Bank. Those of us in DC planned our route so that we could go to both the Palestinian Liberation Organization building and the Embassy of Israel and pray for our friends who are abroad.

On the way, we passed the National Cathedral…


…this entire evening was one of my favorites of the entire week. 🙂

– SIX –

Have you ever bought something, gotten home, unpacked your bags, and then weeks later, found one of your purchases??? No? Just me?!


Painted nails make me feel put together. #needisaymore


Easter is around the corner and I love a good reason to buy festive little decorations for my apartment.



The glitter Easter eggs didn’t all fit in the apothecary jar by my kitchen window, so the rest found a home in the basket on my coffee table. 🙂


I love love love having candles burning when I’m at home. My roommate just bought this HUGE Yankee candle which smells amazing (and is the perfect color for Spring;)). I also always have a candy dish on this end table and when I saw this one, I knew it was perfect. I love that it’s  shaped like an Easter egg and has the little bunny on top. It’s not too much but it still fits the holiday. 🙂



And because I can’t end on an odd number, here’s the new verse that is the new background of my phone. 🙂


Happy weekend, everyone!

10 on 10: March 2015

When I lay in bed at night, I replay my day in my head. What went right? What went wrong? Did anything especially important happen? What am I doing tomorrow? I’m sure we all have our own form of personal reflection, and in those moments, we really do remember how we felt, where we went, what we wore, who we interacted with…but as the days go by, the details fade and you really only remember the big events. Last weekend, I was crossing days off my training chart a few days late and I could not for the life of me remember what workout I completed on Thursday. I couldn’t even remember what I did on Thursday! I knew that I had class in the evening and I came home to watch Scandal, but everything before that was blank. It was probably like any other day. Wake up, workout, eat food, do homework, go to work, go to class…but since nothing earth-shattering happened last Thursday (thank goodness), the details had faded.

I have been reading Mel’s blog for about a year and I love her posts of the tenth of each month when she shares random bits from her day! It’s the little moments that will be the most fun to look back on. I’m linking up with Rebekah to find beauty in the ordinary. 🙂

 Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 10.59.25 AM


Wearing florals because spring! I wanted to wear my nude flats but my feet have not adjusted to the flats life yet. I wore a new pair yesterday that are CRAZY comfy, but after being in boots all winter, my feet need to adjust. I do this with flip flops too. It’s weird and silly and requires me to ruin outfits such as these with Toms but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.


Not the prettiest picture…but worth remembering because I go through phases with meals. I don’t have a breakfast rotation…when I find something I like, I LIKE it. For a long time, I ate a scrambled egg with cheese on an Everything Bagel Thin and a Danimals drinkable yogurt (yes, I know I’m 23) for breakfast. Then I got creative and ate scrambled eggs with PB and banana. Next, the obsession was oatmeal with PB, cinnamon, chocolate chips, and banana. To add a little nutritional value back into my breakfast (read: protein), I started adding protein powder to my oats. The above photo shows you apple cinnamon oatmeal 🙂 Oats, milk, vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, and steamed apples. Current everyday breakfast.


The Vera bag of pain. You will find my laptop, my iPad, my books for class, my notebook for teaching at the gym, electronic device chargers, gym clothes, lunch, dinner, and snacks. I’m gone on Tuesday from 10 AM to 10 PM!


I like to study in a clean environment. My environment was clean, but my desk was not. In other news, I think I got a decent grade on my midterm. 😉


And even if I didn’t get a decent grade, at least my Dad believes in me. Hahaha


Don’t mess with me and my bag. And yoga mat. And umbrella.


It rained for approximately twelve hours today. BYE WINTER!


Walking in the rain. My favorite umbrella is missing. Target saved the day. Late. Wet. Rain boot didn’t do its job.


36 wonderful people came to PiYo class!


Frozen Shakeology and Pretty Little Liars with my roommate to end the day. 🙂