Running Decisions

So, in July, I started talking a big game. I shared so much of my training with you on the blog and then I literally just stopped talking about it because I felt a little bit like a failure. The original game plan –> I was going to start training for my first full marathon! 26.2 miles through the nation’s capital for the 40th Marine Corps Marathon. I chose a training plan, joined a team, and started raising money for two charities: CitiHope International and Give To The World. Once I hit my fundraising goal, I would officially be able to sign up for the race!


Runners World Half – October 2013

I have previously run four half marathons and I love that distance. However, the world of running is a bit competitive, and once you start racing, you tend to build up the full marathon in your mind. It’s almost like if you don’t run a full marathon, then you aren’t a real runner. Saying that out loud and even typing it just now…I get it. It sounds ridiculous! But it is kind of true. Lots of people say marathons are addicting and once you run one, you want to do more. I knew that I wanted to run just ONE full marathon and I thought running for charity would be the perfect way to accomplish my goal and make a difference at the same time.


So I jumped right into my training. The beginning of the novice marathon training plan that I was following felt almost comfortable for me. I was only running four days a week so that I could incorporate other workouts and have rest days. Also, the distances were not too far just yet. But as the weekday distances got longer, so did the long runs. And at the halfway point of training, my body was starting to ache with every run that I did. I was not looking forward to my runs because I was constantly wondering what was going to start hurting next and I was getting slower as the distances were getting longer because I was trying to save my energy. I know that some people are able to run fast for longer distances, but I am not in the right kind of shape to do that, and it was a serious mental struggle to watch my paces get slower and slower as the distances got longer and longer. The last long run I did was actual the half marathon distance, and that workout was a struggle, though I did finish. A few days later, I noticed a sharp, focused pain in my shin. I wrote a little bit about my injury here, but basically I had the start of a stress fracture. I had a tibial stress reaction, so my bone was swollen, but it hadn’t cracked yet…so said my sports medicine doctor and my x-ray.


At this point, I was told to take two weeks off and I was only allowed to use the stationary bike. My doctor said this injury didn’t mean that I couldn’t run the marathon, but I was worried about jumping back into training after these two weeks off. I couldn’t just start where I was supposed to be…because I had missed two weeks of running. And if I went back to do what I missed, then I would feel behind. I was mostly mad at myself for writing all my training runs in my planner in PEN! The first run back after those two weeks off did not go well. I only ran a mile and I should have stopped half way into that mile, but I was so determined to finish.

The more that I thought about it, the more that I realized I was ready to jump back into training. These little aches now were like phantom pains. I could do it…but at what cost? Mentally, I was a mess: I didn’t want to run, my pace was terrible, and I was stressed about playing “catch up” from my time off. Physically, I was not 100%, and my hip was starting to bother me. Two years ago, I started training for the Pittsburgh Marathon and I tore a muscle in my hip (do we see a pattern here with marathon training and injuries?! Lol). That is an injury I have to live with, but when I run longer distances for too many days in a row, it gets irritated again. And that’s what was happening as my training started to get harder. I just felt like I was pushing myself to this finish line when there were 537 signs that told me to stop, take a step back, and slow down.


I want to be able to run for many years to come. I don’t want to push myself through this training and then have to take months off to recover because I had so many little injuries along the way. Running is not my job. It is my favorite thing to do, and it was very quickly becoming my least favorite thing to do. To quit, in my mind, felt like I was letting down everyone who donated to my team, the other people on my team, and myself. I’m not a quitter. But I am someone who makes thoughtful decisions, and that’s what I had to do here. Two times I have tried to train for a marathon and two times I have come out with an injury. That is obviously something that I have to work on, because many people train and complete full marathons without injury, but for me, I could probably do something better to prevent these injuries. I’m not sure!


A friend bought me this shirt a few years ago and it has quickly become my favorite again. Me and half marathons are BFF. Maybe that is the longest distance that I am supposed to conquer in my running career! It hasn’t let me down so far. 🙂 As soon as I decided that I wasn’t going to sign up for the marathon, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest. I felt free. I could run when I wanted. I could rest when I needed to. I could really let my leg heal without fear of falling behind in training. So right now, I am just finding the fun in running again. I am jealous of all my runner friends who are in the middle of training for a fall marathon, because I so badly want to accomplish that goal. But right now is not my time!


And that’s the story of the marathon that wasn’t. Thank you for your support this summer. I so appreciate it. ❤

MCM Training [Week 8]


I would love to show you lots of pictures like this.


But in reality, my last week of training looked a lot like this. Boo.


Let’s start from the beginning.

– Monday –

Scheduled rest day

This is the day that I drove back to Pittsburgh and surprised my family! I shopped with my mom and aunt, then headed back to my Mom’s house to cook on the grill with my Dad and my brothers for dinner. My very favorite hip hop class is called Kam Jamz and while all day, I told myself I really was going to rest on this day, ultimately I decided to go. I’m never in town. I had to! Here’s a short video of the class. It’s awesome!

I chose this video because I’m in it haha! Blue shirt, gray leggings with a purple stripe if you’re looking. 😉 If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, you should definitely get to Faster in Robinson for a Kam Jamz class on Monday night! Kam is the very best. Find her and her schedule on Facebook here!

My right shin was kind of bothering me during class. I’ve been fighting what I thought were shin splints in the past few weeks, but they seemed to have disappeared recently…until this class. All the stomping and dancing was not very good to my leg!

– Tuesday –

Scheduled 3 miles

My training increased in mileage during the week this week. I knew that I had to run 7 miles on Wednesday, so instead of pushing through these 3, I went to the gym and rode the stationary bike. Such fun!

– Wednesday –

Scheduled 7 miles

There was no way in heck I was going to be able to run 7 miles on this day. Now, the pain in my shin definitely didn’t feel like shin splints. It was very focused in one area and I could feel it just when I was standing up. I called my doctor at UPMC Sports Medicine and made an appointment. I figured it was better to be safe than sorry! This was the weirdest day ever…I went out to breakfast with my brother, I went out to lunch with a friend from high school is expecting a baby in November, I got my hair cut, I got my car inspected, and then I went out to dinner with my mom. Needless to say, I didn’t make it to the gym to ride the darn bike on this day. Ha!

– Thursday –

Scheduled 4 miles

Today was the day of my doctor’s appointment. I worked with this doctor when I tore the muscle in my hip a year and a half ago. This doctor is super knowledgeable and he’s a runner so I knew I wanted to see him again while I was home about this shin issue. Side note: my left hip is the one I deal with all the time (and I know how to manage it) but of course this shin problem is on the right leg. Can’t all the injuries stick to one side of the body?! Sigh.


The appointment started off with two X-Rays of my right shin and then I headed in to see the doctor. Dr. Mares is the best! When we looked at the X-Ray, he showed my mom and I that there is a little bump on my bone (the tibia). Basically, that bone is a little bit swollen. When your bone gets a little crack in it, that is called a stress fracture. I don’t have a crack…yet. The pain I am having and the bump on my tibia led Dr. Mares to believe I have a tibial stress reaction. This is caused by overuse, which is SO frustrating to me because I haven’t been running extra miles. I have been following this novice plan to a T!

Dr. Mares suggested that I take two weeks off and said that I am only allowed to bike. More specifically, I am only allowed to ride the bike where your feet are in front of you. Know what I mean!? I should be thankful because with a stress fracture, I would be out for 6-8 weeks. As it is, I am just frustrated because after two weeks, I am not guaranteed to be okay. I’ll be in contact with Dr. Mares again in two weeks to figure out where to go from there. I am so hoping that I don’t have to pull out of the marathon, but I really don’t want to run if I am going to get hurt. I feel terrible because I really WANT to run a full marathon and I also feel terrible because I worked so hard to raise money for Give To The World and CitiHope International, the two charities I am running for. Whatever the outcome, I still raised an amazing amount of money for those charities and if I have to spectate this race, I will. Right now I am just thinking all the positive thoughts! I am praying for a speedy recovery.


And I’m also thinking this. 🙂

After my doctor’s appointment, I dragged my mom to the YMCA with me to ride the stationary bike. What are the chances that the other days I was at the gym this week, I used the exact machine Dr. Mares said I should be on?! It was nice to have my mom’s company on this “ride”.

– Friday –

Scheduled rest day

I drove back to DC and spent 30 minutes downstairs in the gym on the bike! I chose the Intervals program to make it a little more challenging and set the resistance to 5, whatever that means. I hadn’t been on Instagram all day so I was quite entertained while I was riding. 🙂


I also came home to a package full of compression sleeves! I ordered this grab bag from Pro Compression because I was able to get three pairs for only $55! For this brand, that is a great deal. Compression socks/sleeves reduce swelling and inflammation, helping you to recover faster (source)! Because I got the grab bag, I wasn’t able to choose what colors I would receive, but I actually like the choices! I ordered these before this injury and now I am even more excited that I have them!

– Saturday –

Scheduled 10 miles

Derp. I slept in and then passive aggressively liked every single “YAY I DID MY LONG RUN” photo on social media. I usually love those kinds of posts but I was just not feeling the love on this morning haha! In reality, my social media friends did a lot of really great running on Saturday morning so I AM happy for them. Just not so happy for me;) 45 minutes on the bike. One bike was squeaky and one bike was making a ticking noise. I was watching TV but I kept focusing on these sounds. Made a mental note to bring headphones next time ha!

– Sunday –

Scheduled cross training

I charged my iPad, downloaded a new book to my Kindle app, took headphones, and planned to stay on the bike for one hour. Yes, people, today was finally the day I would make it to an hour!


With 4:17 left until the 30 minute mark, I started counting down. And then once it hit 30, I peaced out. AH! I cannot make myself ride for longer than that. I wish WiFi worked in the gym so I could watch TV on my iPad! Watching the TV on the wall just isn’t the same because I can’t choose what I’m watching. #firstworldproblems

So…one week of rest down, one week to go. Lucky for me, Dr. Mares said that the first few days before I saw him when I wasn’t doing so much high intensity exercise could “count” towards my two weeks off. How am I feeling? Honestly, I feel like my leg feels the same. Tibial stress reaction, go AWAY! I still have a full week of “rest” aka biking to go so hopefully I am feeling brand new by Sunday. We shall see!

Thanks for reading my running rambles. Injuries are no fun, but I know I mentally needed this break as much as (apparently) I physically needed it, too. My mom would like me to quit right now so I don’t ruin my body, and honestly, I WANT to be able to race again, so if this isn’t the time for me to keep training, I really will step away from it. In the meantime, your positive thoughts would mean so much! Happy Monday! 🙂

P.S. First day of new teacher training in Fairfax County Public Schools. So excited!!!

MCM Training [Week 7]

My miles are increasing and my body is FEELING it, in more ways than one. This past week, I was set to run 12 miles during the week with a half marathon distance on the weekend. Since I have raced four half marathons in the past, I wasn’t expecting this long run to be too difficult because I thought I knew what to expect. But then, that’s one of the best things about running. You never know what to expect. 🙂

– Monday –

Scheduled rest day

IMG_0201 IMG_0202

I know how to rock a rest day. And a hoodie. Hahaha! I took my car to the mechanic (for the first of three times…) and took some reading material because those appointments are never quick. After waiting for three hours and being told they would have to keep my car (rawr), my friend Kristen picked me up and brought ice cream. What a friend. 😉 It was 74 degrees last Monday and it felt COLD! It’s been 95* and humid all summer long so an unseasonably cold day was welcomed but confusing!

– Tuesday –

Scheduled 3 miles


Last week, my first thought upon having to run 3 miles was, “Really? Only 3 miles?” And now this week as the numbers increase and I only have ONE 3 mile run, I am cursing myself for ever having such a thought. This was a GREAT run. I went in the afternoon after I picked up my car and it looked like it was going to rain so the air was a little crisper (making it easier to breathe!). I even felt fast! But there were a few times where I stopped to catch a breath because I felt like I couldn’t run slow on this day. Every time I tried to pull back, it just didn’t happen. My legs were set on running 8:50 miles. That NEVER happens!


Good job, legs. 😉

– Wednesday –

Scheduled 6 miles

   IMG_0235 IMG_0236

Started off looking like a boss (LOL not) and just had a great morning run. I really love running in the morning because I return feeling full of energy and accomplishment. It seriously sets the tone for my whole day. I am so out of the habit for waking up to run in the morning which is terrible because I haven’t had any incredibly early wake up calls for work this summer! In any case, this was just a fun 6 miles.


I love waving to other runners who are out getting their morning run in and I love passing all the people walking to work. Coffee shops are buzzing and everyone is walking with a purpose, but if you look closely, there are also people sitting on benches enjoying each others’ company, Moms walking with their kids in the stroller, and tourists who woke up really early! I ran through Arlington and Georgetown and DC and ended on the National Mall so I could hop on the metro and get a ride home. 🙂

     IMG_0242 IMG_0245

On Wednesday night, I went to another hot yoga class with Kristen. Down Dog Yoga in Clarendon offers a free hot yoga class every Wednesday at 6 PM. Last week, I was feeling incredibly weak during class because I had a super busy day and became one of those people I don’t understand –> the kind who forget to eat! So during yoga, I was not at my best because the heat was really getting to me. However, this week, I planned much better and I felt so strong during class! I don’t know if I felt strong because I knew a bit more of what to expect since I was in class last week or if I felt strong simply because I fueled my body correctly all day long, but it was amazing! I hit chaturanga (tricep pushups on your toes) almost every time, I did decent in crow pose, and I held a pretty good shoulder stand, too.


Free juice at South Block after class doesn’t hurt, either. 🙂 I tried a new flavor this week, Renew, which is carrot, apple, beet, kale, lemon, and ginger. You could really taste the beet and ginger so I wasn’t sure if I was a fan at first, but I downed the whole bottle on the walk home!

– Thursday –

Scheduled 3 miles


On this day, I hit up the gym downstairs. My hip injury will never truly heal…I will always have a small tear in that muscle. After working with a sports medicine doctor and going through physical therapy, I have re-learned what my body can do as far as running goes. However, my hip still gets irritated from time to time. After stretching in pigeon pose at yoga the night before, my hip wasn’t my biggest fan. Knowing I had 13.1 on the schedule in just a few days, I didn’t want to run 3 miles on Thursday and ruin my long run for the weekend, so I hopped on the elliptical instead. I did intervals: 30 seconds of a regular speed, 30 seconds of a fast speed. I set the machine on Level 8 and just picked up speed every 30 seconds, so it really wasn’t anything special! According to the elliptical stats, I actually did cover 3 miles in 31 minutes, but who knows if that is actually accurate. Usually gym machines are off a bit!

– Friday –

Scheduled rest day


I ate my favorite breakfast and generally relaxed on this day as far as workouts go. Trying to keep on my promise to do more strength training, I did a quick Google search and found this total body workout from Runner’s World. It includes:

Squat and Calf Raise
Push Up + Plank Hold
Lunges (each side)
Plank (30 seconds)
Side Plank (30 seconds each)
Plank (30 seconds)
Single Leg T-Raise
Jack Knife Crunches
Fire Hydrants (30 seconds each side)

Each exercise = 60 seconds. At the top or bottom of every exercise, you hold for 3-5 seconds. So for example, when you do the push ups and you push up, you hold that plank position for a few seconds before pushing down again. Likewise, when you lift your leg in the T-Raise, you hold it up for 3-5 seconds before lowering it to the ground again. Since you only do each exercise for 60 seconds, it’s a quick workout, but I really felt like it was worth it to work this this circuit! Plus, you can do it anywhere since there is no equipment required. I’m actually doing this again today. 🙂 Again, find the detailed workout here.

– Saturday –


Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy.


Rice cake, peanut butter, and banana for breakfast before 13.1 miles. The only rice cakes I had were caramel flavored and the only real peanut butter I had was salted caramel (leftover from my recipe last week). In hindsight, that much sweetness before my run wasn’t the best idea. Ha!


Miles 1-5 were relatively uneventful. Kristen and I started on the Custis Trail here in Arlington and passed a million others out and about for their long run or ride. The Custis Trail is very hilly so it was a tough start to our course, but we figured it was better to get those hills in at the beginning rather than the end! We stopped at a water fountain in Georgetown to eat Gu (for me) and Shot Blocks (for her) and hydrate. Then it was off to the Capital Crescent Trail where all our dreams went to die. I kid, I kid.


At this point, the morning had turned into day and it was starting to get hot. We hated the rocky trail so we jumped down to the paved trail. Our legs felt like lead, nature smelled funny, bikers were rude, and we just plain could not believe we had 8 miles to go. We planned to go 4 miles down this trail and then turn around and do 4 miles back, which would let us hit 13.1, but instead we started discussing different route options that would let us turn around NOW. So essentially, our minds were in the wrong place. There was shade, we were running next to a river, there were a ton of other people out waving and being supportive and generally cheerful, and there were bathrooms and water fountains along the way. I wish we could go back and slap ourselves. 😉 Miles 6 and 7 weren’t so bad, but miles 7-10 were a lot of hating everything about running. We had been running without music until this point so we both put headphones in, let ourselves walk if we needed to, and just sucked it up!


I don’t want you to think we didn’t have fun at all…we definitely did. In between all the complaining ha! I would definitely recommend training with someone who will let you yell at them one minute and take a selfie with you the next minute. 🙂 Three happy moments:

1. Taking pictures by every location sign we passed on the way home: Maryland, DC, and VA.




2. Running into Josh, one of the guys on our training team for the marathon!


Josh was running 15 miles on this day and he lives in Georgetown so we were all headed to the same place. We did the last 3 miles together and it made it so much better!

3. Seeing 13.1 on Kristen’s watch.


Both of us have run 13.1 much faster and much happier than we did this past Saturday, but it’s the challenging training runs that make you stronger and more ready to face the distance you are training for. Or at least that is my personal opinion. 🙂


Overall, I have not felt my best this week. I eat a relatively healthy diet, but I don’t think I am eating enough. I was talking about what I eat in a normal day and it sounds exactly the same as it did before I started training for this race. That is not good because I am running more miles now and if I haven’t changed my eating habits, I’m not refueling properly. I kind of talked about this last week, but it hadn’t affected me so much yet. For most of the weekend, I craved junk food and felt nauseous unless I was eating. When I ate, I felt fine, but as soon as I was done eating, I was back to feeling nauseous. It was very strange. I had a piece of pizza on Saturday night and I had sweet potato fries on Sunday, so I have let myself have some of that junk food that I have been craving, but I don’t think I would feel so ravenous if I just eat MORE of the already good foods that I already eat. Goal one this week: eat more.


A second goal for this week is to keep hydrating. I talk about hydrating all.the.time and I think I have gotten much worse at it…again, at the absolute wrong time to do so! Now is when I need to be drinking SO MUCH water, and I think I am just dehydrated. I drink more when I drink out of bottles with a straw, so that is my first step. Next, I bought fruit punch nuun at the running store when I stopped to buy Gu. You add one tablet to 16 ounces of water and fill your body with the electrolytes it needs without all the sugar of a typical sports drink.


Another side effect of marathon training: exhaustion. Like sit down on the escalator to the metro exhausted. Like take two 30 minute naps and still feel like you got the crap beat out of you exhausted. It’s no joke! I had plans to go out on Saturday night with friends and I ended up staying in and watching The Longest Ride with pizza, pretzels, watermelon, and my friend Sarah. Ha! I was talking to Courtney when we met for brunch last weekend and she has trained for several marathons, so she knows her stuff. She does her long runs on Saturday mornings in the 6 AM hour which has me saying OMG NO!!! and she still makes it through her entire day on Saturday without crashing. Lesson: more food. More water. More sleep. Happier Kylie. Let’s see how it goes this week. 🙂

MCM Training [Week 5]

Well, I’m back…


This is a picture of my mom, my brother, and his friend as we waited in line for coffee and breakfast before our vacation. My other brother, Alex, and his girlfriend were in the car behind us. Six of us could fit in my mom’s car, but then where would we put our stuff?! Anyways, after 8 days in Atlantic City, NJ and Wildwood, NJ, my mom and I drove back to DC yesterday. I left my car at my old apartment in Maryland and I needed to pick up my car and move the last of my stuff to my new apartment in Virginia. Are you tired yet?! 😉 My new bed is getting delivered on Wednesday (hello, air mattress on the floor) and I’m not quite finished shopping for furniture yet, so that’s what my mom and I spent the day doing yesterday. BUT, between all that craziness and relaxation on vacation, I have been running. I swear I have. Because the Marine Corps Marathon is in ONLY 82 DAYS!!! My team and I are busy getting miles in during the summer heat and raising money for two charities: Give To The World and CitiHope. Both send medical supplies and support medical care in underserved populations around the world. I am so excited to run for this team and be part of the 40th Marine Corps Marathon!

– Saturday –

Usually, Saturday is a day to run a longer run…but because I knew I was leaving for vacation on this day, I ran my long run of 10 miles on Wednesday, and rearranged the rest of the days of the week a little bit. So on this morning, I ran 3 miles before hopping in the car to drive to New Jersey!


My town is an old farm town and both neighborhoods that my family has lived in have been right next to farms. They operate on a much smaller scale now, but there’s no shortage of chickens crossing the road (literally) or cows moo-ing as the sun comes up!


– Sunday –

I still had a 5-miler to get in for this week, but since I was at the beach, I was so excited to run these five miles! I love running the boardwalk or running out in the sand and being right along the water. 🙂


First, I started on the Atlantic City Boardwalk and while I was running, I found a race! I couldn’t figure out what it was, because if I knew about it, I would have signed up. I gathered that it was a one mile run and there were people of all ages out there…kids, teenagers, adults, grandparents…everyone! It happened in spurts because there were people running/walking when I started my run and people running/walking when I finished. It was cool to see the different waves of this race take off! I wish I knew the name or what they were running for. 😉


My dad was at home in Pittsburgh so he was sending me text messages wondering if I was out running yet. Hello, Dad, here I am sweating my life off and squinting like crazy because I didn’t wear sunglasses.


I didn’t hit the sand this day because I felt like I was getting shin splints and I just wanted to be done. I wasn’t feeling adventurous. And I had to walk a good .75 miles in the middle of this 5 miles to get it done. But I started with a run, I finished with a run, and I’m counting that as good!

– Monday –


Besides the fact that Monday is a rest day, my family LOVES to ride bikes on vacation. In fact, we wake up every morning and ride bikes before breakfast and beach time. We have been going to the same bike shop for as long as I can remember. My dad found some old pictures recently and I showed the owner of Surf Bikes…she was so amazed! She remembers us every year and we love seeing her every day while we’re away.



Such fun throwback pictures, right?!

– Tuesday –


 I hit the beach for 3 miles, and I found this little friend…


…I see one of these washed up almost every year!

– Wednesday –

I made my smartest decision ever and ran five miles without water in the direct sunlight. Runners are so smart sometimes. 😉 I stopped at a restaurant on the Wildwood Boardwalk to ask for a cup of water and the worker said, “Oh, you want a bottle?” And I said, “No…I want a cup…I have no money.” Another great running decision. Leave without your wallet. Hahaha


This picture was a result of me with my head between my knees in the shade as my Dad texted me and asked how the weather was. Um, Dad, it’s really really hot. We were lucky with the weather, though! We saw no rain all week which is perfect for vacation and laying out at the beach!

– Thursday –

Shin splints. They were real on this day. And I wanted to save my legs for my long run on Saturday, so I did this…


Went on a 3 mile walk. I had to take photo proof with this little walker guy painted on the boards. 🙂 I walked faster than I would’ve if I was out and about with my family and I really did break a sweat! I need to stop knocking “going for a walk” so much. (Note: I hate walking. It takes forever. I prefer running or biking. Even if I am going to dinner…can we drive or bike? Why walk!? Haha!)


So because I was walking, I appreciated the finer things in life…like under the boardwalk. 🙂

– Friday –

On Friday, I did PiYo. I am a PiYo LIVE Instructor but I haven’t taught since May because I taught at my university this past year. Oh my did I feel out of shape doing this workout! Good thing I was by myself. 😉 Then…shopping was my cardio. Every year, the convention center on the Wildwood Boardwalk has some kind of clothing warehouse sale. The past few summers, it has been Delia’s clothing, which makes sense because I don’t really know of any Delia’s stores that exist anymore. I haven’t shopped at Delia’s in years so sometimes I had to really look for something that I liked, but it’s a warehouse sale…so it’s all on clearance times ten…so you HAVE to find something. 😉 #girllogic


This year, the sale was advertising itself as “brand name”, so I was curious. I ended up getting 2 dresses, 3 cardigans, a jean vest, a tank top, a flowy shirt, 2 sports bras, 2 workout tanks, and a pair of pants for $150. Brand names include Free People, American Eagle, C Wonder, and Fabletics. Oh my I was so excited to find Fabletics! I have never ordered from this company because I have heard mixed reviews about their clothes, but I grabbed two sports bras and a tank top for myself and one tank top for my friend, Kristen. Aren’t the patterns fun?! This is the only picture I took of my clothes because I was texting Kristen and asking her if she wanted anything ha!

– Saturday –

7 miles. I woke up an hour earlier at 7 AM to do this run because I didn’t want to get caught in the heat. By 8 or 8:30, it started to get really hot. So I figured if I was almost done at 8 or 8:30, that would be ideal. I went down my favorite path in North Wildwood…


…took a picture of my favorite house…


…and turned around and headed back towards our condo. I hit 5 miles at that point which is what I wanted to do because then I would only have 2 to go. At this point, I was having flashbacks to Wednesday’s run where I was begging for water, so I knew if I was going to the Boardwalk again, I needed to stop at our condo first and get water. My mom threw it over the porch railing, I stretched a little in the parking lot, and then I set out for the last two miles.


Lots of bursts of speed. Not because I wanted to do sprints, but just because I wanted to be done faster. 😉

Things I learned this week:



My Ray-Bans are the only sunglasses that don’t slip off my face while I’m running. Lesson learned. Aviators, I’ll see you after I get my miles in.

2. Caramel popcorn and Polish Water Ice and nacho appetizers are delicious and might help fuel me through my run…but the rest of my body is CRAVING my regular routine of eating. I made sure to try to stick to normal eating habits for breakfast and lunch. Think egg whites, yogurt, Shakeology, banana with peanut butter, etc. At the beach, I snacked on carrots, cucumbers, rice cakes, and Quest bars…but the rest of the day was pretty much free reign. It’s vacation, right?! But I can’t wait to settle back into my routine of eating. I have no desire to eat out anytime soon. DON’T INVITE ME! Hahaha

3. I really really really love the water and the sunshine and this place.