In one word, my weekend could be described as relaxing. Friday after work, I stayed at school to work on some projects because I am feeling totally overwhelmed by end of the semester projects.


Last semester, everything seemed to be planned out better…now I feel like everything is all crammed into the last month of school! I am a big fan of getting all my work done during the week so that I can relax on the weekend. That is my idea of keeping the balance! But I spent most of Sunday doing work. Such is life.


I went for a run to clear my head before my roommate made dinner and it felt like the longest run of my life. Ha! Some days are like that. I was also cranky because it was really hot. I think I forget what the sun feels like;) It was just so humid! I stopped halfway through and felt kind of lame so I found a set of stairs and did step ups, push ups, squats, and tricep dips. And then I found the UMD President’s house. I may or may not have taken a photo. You can decide. 😉


This is my face when I wonder why I like running. Hahaha

I was on a mission to find new sandals this weekend mostly because a lot of my summer shoes are in Pittsburgh and partly because I just like to shop. 😉 I was so surprised that the sandals were picked over in almost EVERY store I went into! And I went into 5! But I also have a really big foot so my shoe shopping process is a little different. First, I have to see if they have my size, then I am allowed to look and see if the shoe is cute. Ha! Finally, I ended up at Marshall’s and while perusing the clearance rack (which was in no sort of order #annoying), I found a pair of sandals that I actually wanted in my size AND on sale!


I had a lot of fun getting dressed this weekend. I love the change in seasons because it feels like you have a whole new wardrobe! When fall comes, I love pulling out my scarves and boots, but now I am just as excited about warm weather clothes. Although I feel like I don’t remember how to dress for warm weather. I am either too hot or too cold!


On Saturday night, I went to a bonfire at my friend Dani’s house. She lives with a bunch of roommates and they all invited friends over for a cookout! I love food on the grill and hanging out with friends. 🙂 She is leaving DC soon so it was a fun final get together with her!


We had burgers, grilled pineapple, way too many chips, cookies, and lots of fun drinks! It felt so good to sit outside and just hang out. I love the feeling of walking outdoors and not being hit in the face with a blast of cold air!


I had fun getting dressed again yesterday before church;) Now you can kinda see my new sandals! They are cognac and black and snakeskin and I LOVE THEM! I am also loving the series that we are talking about at church right now called “One Little Yes”…the thing that has been on my mind most is that you can’t finish what you don’t start…and God can’t finish what you don’t start either! So just say YES!


My friends and I always want to go to brunch after church and we are always reminded that the wait at all the nearby restaurants/cafes is an hour or more. Instead, we walked over to Eastern Market, which is an arts and food market that sells a lot of great items! But they also make breakfast and lunch. 🙂 I got chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs…you know I had a good breakfast because after I left, I went to put my hair up and I felt syrup in my hair. So there’s that.


I was SO JAZZED (yes I said jazzed) for the Lilly Pulitzer release at Target yesterday and I was browsing online when I woke up. Some of the items were in store only and some of the items were online only, so I just figured I would go into the store later that day. According to social media, it was a little like Black Friday madness with lines out the door and people waiting all night…when I got to Target at 1 PM, this sign was the only evidence of Lilly ever existing in the store! Target’s CEO released a statement saying when items are sold out they are gone…so now everything is on eBay. OH WELL!


To make up for my lack of Lilly…the above was purchased. It’s coconut pineapple flavor and I was so excited about it! Liked it, but didn’t love it. Notice the past tense. Ate it all already. 🙂

Happy Monday!

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