Meet the Blogger [Week 1]

I’m very excited to join Sarah and Ashley for their 52 Week Blog Challenge this year! I can be a creative thinker, but to be honest, I like direction. I am most definitely a leader and someone who likes to be in charge, but I also like to know what is expected of me. Obviously, with a personal blog, you are measuring yourself against your own expectations. There really is no right or wrong thing to write about, because it is all up to you! Sometimes I love this freedom, and sometimes I want some direction. So thanks, ladies, for providing that! 🙂


Click on over to get to know Sarah’s blog and Ashley’s blog!


Today is all about the writer behind the blog. So, hi! Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. My name is Kylie and I’m a 24 year old teacher finding her way in the grand ol’ city of Washington, D.C. I’m a city dweller through and through, though I was born and raised in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA. When I started looking at colleges, I was most interested in attending somewhere in our downtown area. I didn’t give much thought to leaving my hometown, and it wasn’t until I met so many different people in college that I realized there’s a whole big world outside of my favorite city. 🙂


My decision to attend graduate school at the University of Maryland surprised most people I know, but it was one of the best decisions I have made so far in my life. It was exciting and terrifying to go to a place where I knew absolutely no one, but the best part was getting to know myself so much better, and I eventually made friends. 😉 Finding National Community Church and becoming an involved member has been such a blessing to me as I navigate this new chapter of my life. I love the pastors and I love the friends that I have made. God is really good!

My parents and my little brothers are my favorite people on the planet. I grew up one mile from everyone in my mom’s immediate family, so spending time with those people has always been really important to me. I also have a special place in my heart for my family’s two dogs, Colby and Amigo. Dogs just bring so much happiness to life!

There’s a 100% chance that you will find me doing or talking about some kind of exercise every day. Running is my soul mate workout and I love to teach Spinning and PiYo classes. I obtained my certification for both group exercise classes in college and it has been the best investment! When I’m not teaching, I’m trying a crazy workout of my own. I’ve run more than a handful of races in the past few years, and the half marathon distance is my favorite. I also received a bike for my birthday, so I’m learning to love outdoor cycling, too! Currently, I’m loving weight lifting and I’m working my way through Beachbody’s new Hammer and Chisel program. While I am a Beachbody coach, I believe that different things work for different people and I totally understand if that’s not your cup of tea. 🙂

If it was nutritiously sound to live on a diet of chips and queso, I would seriously be all in. Mexican food, black coffee, and dessert all have a special place in my heart. As does oatmeal. Which my students find hilarious. 😉 It just really is one of my favorite foods! I don’t especially love cooking, but I do really, really love grocery shopping, so I kind of have no choice in the matter. And baking dessert happens for the sole purpose of licking the bowl. #youknowyoudoittoo

So that’s about it! I hope I didn’t scare you off. 😉 Thanks for reading!

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